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  1. We are also Human Odyssey fans. The third volume is from WWI forward. There is also another volume for American History. We enrich with biographies and documentaries. I use these texts to teach note-taking.
  2. Thanks so much! I will look into all three suggestions!
  3. Ia there such a course in which students read and discuss without having to write? If you have experience with any particular provider or teacher, please let me know your opinion of the course. This is for a ninth grader.
  4. We started out with Singapore years ago but even though I liked the program, our kids were not retaining the concepts. Now I am using R&S with two kids and CLE with one. I prefer the way R&S is organized. To me CLE feels too all over the place. Both review continuously.
  5. My 10-year old started Just Write. She dislikes writing but now says this is her favorite subject. I do not know how much it will help long-term but just the fact that she is writing and enjoying it seems like a step in the right direction. The book teaches good tips.
  6. Thank you for mentioning tact. It's what I needed to read today. I am just so blunt. I also agree that tact might be what John Holt meant by respecting children. Possibly it is also what C. Mason meant by saying that children are born persons.
  7. Sorry for the silly question but can most of these linked vintage books be downloaded to Kindle for free? I am not tech-savvy... I read all of the posts on both threads. Now I am waiting for the two EFL books to arrive. Thanks for all the insight! This is so fascinating.
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