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  1. I finished How to Live: Or the Life of Montaigne by Sarah Blakewell.


    It's a biography of sorts of Renaissance era writer/philosopher Michel de Montaigne. Written in an interesting question and answer format, it focuses on excerpts from Montaigne's famous Essays.


    I found it interesting and will probably pick up Montaigne's Essays, which I have not read.


    Not sure what I'll start now. I did pick up The Rule of Four from the thrift store the other day, so I might give that a go.

  2. I do not believe in doing any kind of elective body modification on anyone who is not mature enough to have a say in it. My children will be welcome to have their ears pierced once they are old enough (as determined by us) and mature enough (also, as determined by us) to make a conscious decision and care for them.



    This sums up my thoughts/feelings on the issue.

  3. Sadly I've never learned to play an instrument.


    Same here.


    And, I really, really regret it. Weirdly enough, my siblings all had the chance to take music lessons.


    It was very important to me that my children did not miss this opportunity. I made it a priority for them. Between the 3 of them, they play piano, acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass guitar, and drums.


    Music is a big part of their lives.


    And, since it's never too late ;), I have started to teach myself piano using my 7 yo's books.


    The greatest value to AP tests is helping one to get accepted into more selective colleges. Almost all public schools offer them (or IB) and top kids usually have several. Colleges use AP scores to help "compare" students who apply even though they are never "required". It just "happens" because so many students have them. They aren't as necessary for less selective colleges, but can still assist with scholarship competitions.


    As an added bonus, at some schools, you may get actual credit for scores of 4 or 5, but as mentioned above, this will depend on the chosen school and major. Other schools do just use them for placement.




    I agree with this, however, I just want to point out that even an AP score of 3 is enough to earn college credit in select subjects at some colleges.

  5. We are frequent visitors to WDW----there are a ton of non-fast food dining options throughout the parks and the resorts.


    Every park has at least one produce stand. Almost all restaurants, even counter service ones, have a vegetarian option on the menu.


    There are several full-service restaurants in each park. All resorts except All-Star and Pop Century have full-service restaurants with extensive menus--and even All Star and Pop Century have a decent selection of items in their food courts.


    Maybe browsing the menus would be helpful.


    Not only do we love Disney, we love eating well---and we have no problem doing that at WDW :)

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