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  1. Good to hear! I'm planning on taking my son to see it next week. We saw the trailer a couple of months ago and thought it looked fun---and he loved the first movie.
  2. I love it! You did a beautiful job---and your snow looks amazing! I really enjoy my village and look forward to "building" it each Christmas.
  3. Yes!! In all seriousness, I would love to work there when the kids are grown and gone. Just need to move a bit closer...
  4. I've been going to WDW since the year it opened, and it still hasn't lost any of its charm for me. Also, despite my many, many trips to WDW, I always manage to see or do something new while there. I'm thinking I probably won't ever "outgrow" it :)
  5. I've been slowing way down on my reading as I've been switching into holiday mode :) I did, however, finish The Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell since checking in last. An interesting mystery/thriller set at Princeton. I've started Dickens' David Copperfield, but am moving through it at a snail's pace.
  6. So glad to see you back here! I, too, have always enjoyed your well thought out posts. Wishing you lots of happiness and peace in this new chapter of your life :grouphug:
  7. Yes---I just used that same code last night and saved 25.00 in shipping costs.
  8. My 16 yo daughter plays piano, electric bass guitar, guitar, and she took drum lessons, but has not been doing much drumming lately, even though we have a drum kit. My son plays guitar. My youngest plays piano, guitar, and wants to take drum lessons. If it weren't for her, our drum kit would be doing nothing but gathering dust...
  9. 1995 was one of the best years of my life: I had my first child that year.
  10. I'm a bit more than half-way through The Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason. I'm finding it a quick, good read so far...
  11. I finished How to Live: Or the Life of Montaigne by Sarah Blakewell. It's a biography of sorts of Renaissance era writer/philosopher Michel de Montaigne. Written in an interesting question and answer format, it focuses on excerpts from Montaigne's famous Essays. I found it interesting and will probably pick up Montaigne's Essays, which I have not read. Not sure what I'll start now. I did pick up The Rule of Four from the thrift store the other day, so I might give that a go.
  12. The "Nightmare Before Christmas" theme for the Haunted Mansion is seasonal (for Halloween and Christmas) and it's only in Disneyland California and, I think Tokyo---not at WDW in Florida.
  13. Agree with all of this. It's incredibly sad.
  14. Same here. And, I really, really regret it. Weirdly enough, my siblings all had the chance to take music lessons. It was very important to me that my children did not miss this opportunity. I made it a priority for them. Between the 3 of them, they play piano, acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass guitar, and drums. Music is a big part of their lives. And, since it's never too late ;), I have started to teach myself piano using my 7 yo's books.
  15. Yep. The house is all decked out for Halloween/fall. I see a ceramic pumpkin, a wicker pumpkin, a pumpkin and ghost nightlight, resin pumpkin figurines,a tiffany-style pumpkin lamp, a witch wearing an orange dress, and and my 7 yo's pumpkin and ghost construction paper artwork. Orange galore :)
  16. I read Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind and am now reading How to Live, a biography of Michel de Montaigne, by Sarah Bakewell.
  17. Oh my goodness! Sorry you and your son had to go through this, Jennifer! I will say, though---even though Disney seems to take a lot of flack from some people----stories like yours are why I am so impressed with them. They do all they can to "make things right" whatever the circumstances. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Andrew!
  18. I agree with this, however, I just want to point out that even an AP score of 3 is enough to earn college credit in select subjects at some colleges.
  19. I really need to just go ahead and purchase a Vitamix. I have burned up the motors on our last two blenders by making green smoothies :glare: Right now, I am blenderless...
  20. It's definitely a "coming of age" classic, and one that stays with you for a long time. I read it at 12, as did both of my older kids.
  21. The Animal Kingdom Lodge is unlike anything else! It's a gorgeous property with two of the best and most unique restaurants---Boma and Jiko---in WDW. Boma has spectacular breakfasts (with amazing coffee!!). And, Jiko is one of my favorite restaurants for dinner.
  22. We are frequent visitors to WDW----there are a ton of non-fast food dining options throughout the parks and the resorts. Every park has at least one produce stand. Almost all restaurants, even counter service ones, have a vegetarian option on the menu. There are several full-service restaurants in each park. All resorts except All-Star and Pop Century have full-service restaurants with extensive menus--and even All Star and Pop Century have a decent selection of items in their food courts. Maybe browsing the menus would be helpful. Not only do we love Disney, we love eating well---and we have no problem doing that at WDW :)
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