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  1. Hi!! Are you Kendra's Mom?

  2. Hi! We are going to a Colonial Faire and Muster this weekend here in Savannah. It will be at the Wormsloe Historical site. You can google it and go on the website to find out about the property that one of Savannah's original famous people lived. I actually live about 5 minutes from there.

    We are going to see a children's production of Annie Friday morning and then we are suppose to start horseback riding lessons that afternoon for both my girls. My ds18 is working at a Feed and Seed store about 25 minutes from our house and said that they just received baby chickens today. We are suppose to go visit a friend sometime Saturday between the Colonial Faire and look at her chicken coops. We live in a suburban neighborhood and our neighbors think we are the crazy people on the block. My son has 2 12x8 boxes filled with organic mix that he is starting an organic garden as soon as our seeds get here.

    I hope you are having a great week!

  3. Hey, that canadianmum chick is back...speaking of conspiracy theories :)

  4. I was just wondering who Canadianmum is. Ya know, 3 posts, jumping into a possibly controversial conversation, just makes me wonder if that chick who was banned in 3 different aliases has shown up again!

  5. I am stalking you!! :)

  6. Where are you?? hope you read this before I deleted it!!.

  7. Hey, where have you been and why aren't you my friend anymore???

  8. I don't know what happened to her. I had not noticed she was not my friend anymore. Happens all the time. I offend everyone!! :) I am glad you are not banned anymore, that was a crazy reason. Wow, you have over 7000 posts and 68 friends. I am impressed. I have been on here since 07 and still have less than a 1000! slacker is what I am!

  9. WHAT?? what do you mean you were banned? Like permanently? That is ridiculous. I will complain.

    Go to Creation.com and just search the sight, enjoy the proof. Search for Carbon 14 and you will get the whole mind boggling mathematical equations put in layman's terms. That thread is amazing. almost 18,000 views.

    so spill, what did you do to get banned and please tell me it is temporary.

  10. I can't believe it, my post was deleted!! It wasn't even a political one. It was just a rant on some reporter who said most Americans would cringe if we heard our politicians interweaving religion into their public speeches the way the Founding Fathers did. I emailed the moderator and asked what I did wrong but she probably won't answer. I wish she would so that I would know what I said. Maybe it was a reply to my thread and I didn't read it, oh well....touchy touchy these days!

  11. Hey, Miss you, but I have been really busy, personal things, pray for me. I hope to get back on this board soon. I still haven't forgotten the questions on the doctrine of election for you and my other friends. Stay out of trouble, I see Tammy in Germany got banned. I liked her. talk to you soon.

  12. Beans, I am coming back to the board soon! Between migraines, college applications, scholarship applications and peeing and pooping puppy I have been slammed!! I have the answers to the questions on Election I am just too tired to write it all down right now! I am so slack, forgive me I will do it in the next couple of days , I promise!

  13. I know I have been gone alot and I am just checking in for any urgent messages. I have the answers to the question from my Pastor and I will post them but I am just so tired I have to go to bed. We have Skate Day with the homeschool group tomorrow morning. I have been so tied up with college applications and scholarship research this week and last I have neglected my favorite people! Yall!! I wil return with my saucy opinions soon!!

  14. I hope you wake up without a headache. I hate them! I am going ice skating with the kids today so I will talk to you tonight!! Happy New Year!!

  15. Oh Man Beansprout's!! I am too tired to try to say anything with any reasonable hope that it may be understood!! I sent a quick email to my preacher, if I promise to talk tomorrow in depth will you forgive me for bailing tonight? I can see clearly in my mind what I want to say but my fingers refuse to type it right!! :>}

  16. I will have to ask my Preacher on this one. I know that I believe in the doctrine of election based on scripture study and that in my understanding it is not one of well "I choose you, not you, yes you, and you but not you..." sort of thing. It is that God knew from the beginning (total sovereignty with no limitations) who would be saved and for them he died. But He knew who would be His from the beginning and that is where the controversy comes in. But I always tell people, this is not a salvation issue. I do not think that if you believe in free will (I have never been able to find that term in the Bible), and are totally against God's election of believer's, I don't think that you will go to Hell. The thief on the cross didn't need to go to seminary to get in to Heaven, he just asked that Christ remember him to His Father in paradise that day, in other words he believed that Christ is the Son of God. I think that is the criteria. Understanding the deep things of theology sometimes should be left to the Martin Luther's, Calvins and John MacArthurs!

    Just remember, we are Dark Sider's Baby!!!! We can be it and not understand it!!! :}

  17. I am so sorry for your neighbors loss. If it is not too nosy, what happened to that precious child?

  18. thank you, I hope it helps her. I cherish my teenager!

  19. thank you, I hope it helps. I cherish my teenager.

  20. I too long for that kind of marriage. I think that most women do. It is a reflection of the relationship we will share with Christ. But it seems so unfair that some find it here on earth and will continue it in Heaven. Sending you cyber hug.

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