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  1. I have a bunion and 90% of my shoes are Keens. They’re great!
  2. If you want your backyard to be a kid Mecca...plant lots of special plants. Have 2 dogs that like to poop right where kids like to walk. Have hard surfaces, dangerous tools, and a small brick-lined pond that they can try to throw things into, and then make sure you yell at them. That’s my backyard and the kids are constantly over here. Drives me crazy. The kid next door has a lovely backyard for playing. My neighbor and I are constantly trying to get the kids to go over there. No luck.
  3. That sounds great. I did my student teaching at Kensington Parkwood Elementary. Great school (I know you homeschool, but still, good indicator of the neighborhood). I hope you really enjoy your time there.
  4. My left eye is legally blind whereas my right eye is almost perfect. Never had a lazy eye or anything like that. I wear glasses for reading and computer work so my good eye doesn’t get tired. I have 0 depth perception because of this, supposedly. I’m supposed to wear glasses when I drive and I do bring my glasses, but my right eye is just used to correcting and doing all the work. Interestingly, my mom has this exact same issue. Same eye and everything.
  5. Cast iron- we have a skillet and then a ceramic coated Dutch oven. Both Lodge. We use these for the majority of our cooking. We have either Wustof or Henckels knives- don’t feel like going down to the kitchen to check, just know they cost an arm and a leg. But we’ve had them for 14+ years and they are still great. For our stainless steel pots and pans we do have all-clad, but really, cast iron is SO much better. Finally, large wooden cutting boards.
  6. I would look at Takoma Park. Maybe some of the farther-out parts of Silver Spring. Germantown?
  7. My daughter and I spent most weekends with my grandfather before he passed, helping to care for him. This was when she was 7 or 8. She has never expressed any negative feedback on this. We talked a lot about what was happening to him and how his impending death was affecting us. She knew it was important to me to help care for him, as a sign of love and respect, and I think she kind of took on that belief as her own. I guess it’s important to note that she helped my husband care for me when I was having major surgery and chemo, when she was 4. So she already had a context for some of thi
  8. I haven’t read the rest of the replies, but my brother decided at about that age (maybe a little younger) that he wanted to be a doctor. My parents did nothing to encourage or discourage him. Our GP at the time was a family friend, and so my brother did ask to volunteer/intern in his office throughout high school. And my brother was always very gifted and especially interested in maths and sciences, so the school pushed him along in advanced coursework. So yes, some kids really do follow through on their early career dreams, and from my sample size of 1, what you do or don’t do to help t
  9. Regarding cameras, I teach at a special education school with many nonverbal students, and we do have use of seclusion as a behavioral intervention. Every seclusion room, classroom, hallway, common room, etc, has cameras. Parents are NOT able to watch video. However, administrators check them throughout the day just as an overview, and the recordings are pulled up and thoroughly reviewed if anyone (teacher, staff, kid, parent) has a complaint or question about something that happened. As a teacher, this actually makes me feel safer. I like knowing that if someone unfairly accuses me, it
  10. We live in a circle of townhouses, so our neighbors are really more like family. There are a lot of kids and everyone knows each other really, really well. The two kids next door are basically siblings to my daughter. A lot of my friends are also neighbors. On weekends and in the summer, everyone just kind of flows in and out of each other’s houses. I think it seems overwhelming to friends and family when they come visit, but I really like it.
  11. It bothers me enough that they evaluate K-12 public school teachers like this. But they do it like that at college too?? Where you teach actual adults? That’s crazy.
  12. You state that your son has paid out of pocket for a previous door ding on his car, and that he was going to get these scratches repaired, regardless of the lawnmower man’s involvement in paying. I would be really hesitant to reinforce this behavior- I would be concerned that he could eventually end up in credit card debt from maintaining such a fastidious lifestyle. Your son could be learning some important financial, educational, and independence lessons here if he fixed it himself, or if he went to multiple shops to get multiple quotes, or if he decided to let it go, or if he found a friend
  13. I can’t use bully sticks because one dog has a very sensitive stomach. That same dog won’t chew on anything plastic. After much trial and error, I only buy deer antlers and elk antlers. They last a long time and both dogs enjoy them. The unfussy dog is a Chihuahua, and the antlers don’t mess up her teeth, so I can’t imagine it would be a problem for anyone except maybe a senior dog.
  14. Our super sensitive dog eats Petcurean go! Usually the salmon formula. I have no idea if this qualifies as “good†food, but it keeps her stomach calm.
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