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  1. Thank you, everyone. It is kind of fun! Sometimes I don't think my face is wide enough to hold all this grin. :D



    Just as an aside, so you know, there are many scholarship opprotunities through the military for your son to go to college and then join the service upon graduation from school. It isn't the best choice for everyone, but the option is there and is a way to both serve your country and have a financially debt free college degree. It also opens many doors for jobs that are not available to those without a college degree (and closes some doors for jobs that he could do if he didn't have the degree) Just wanted you to know that college doesn't have to be out of the question if he wants to join the military.


    Actually, they've spent most of their time talking about just this very thing. It isn't either/or -- so I'm pretty happy about that. :001_smile:


    Some people have very closed minds, IMO.


    On the one hand, I understand it, because 'round here we definitely have our share of homeschoolers who were home, but not schooled. As a matter of fact, my neighbors are sending their kids back to PS this fall after having them home for almost a year and a half on "vacation."


    But, in my limited experience, that's the exception, not the rule, and I'm hard-pressed to think of *any* other group that could be acceptably singled out in this way, i.e., "Oh! You're one of those? Then you have to be better than everyone else!"


    It was quite an emotional roller coaster for a bit. This has been my "job" for almost five years -- making sure that he could do whatever he set his mind to. And the realization that this door might have been slammed in his face because of the choices I made was pretty heartbreaking. I'm just glad that feeling didn't last long. :D

  2. What a great young man! You are right to be so proud of him. :patriot:


    Kris, thank you for sharing such an uplifting post. :grouphug:


    Thank you, Ladies! I can't believe I forgot the best part -- the big smile and bear hug I got when he found out his test results, and the "Thanks for homeschooling me, Mom!" :lol:


    Congrads on the new grandson, Polly!

  3. A lot of really kewl things have happened the last couple of months, and I thought of these boards. So here I am to brag on my son and thank those who were so helpful. My husband and I were just talking today about how homeschooling my son was the absolute best decision we ever made, and now we are reaping the rewards in a big way. I'm getting a lot of pats on the back from friends and family for doing such a good job, but it definitely wouldn't have been possible but for all the information and feedback here. This was my only resource for learning about how to do things and what was available -- except for TWTM and TWEM books, of course! :D


    Jann in TX -- Thank you for all your patience while we got his math program straightened out. He has literally been flying through math ever since, working independently with no hitches or glitches. It breaks my heart to think we wasted so much time with Saxon insisting that we could "make it work." We'd probably still be fighting that beast if it wasn't for your help, and it was greatly appreciated.


    He has -- finally! -- decided what he wants to be "when he grows up." He's never had a plan before, other than "I want to go to college." But why, or what he wanted to do -- not really. And we were always worried about how to pay for it. We are all dead set against him graduating from college with a huge pile of debt.


    He decided he wanted to check out the Marines, and after talking to them, he was sure that was what he wanted to do. But, of course, as soon as the recruiter found out he was homeschooled, he wasn't very optimistic. He told us my son had to score at least 50 on the ASVAB because he's homeschooled. Since neither of us knew what that was or what it involved, both my son and I were concerned that, now that he'd finally found something he *really* wanted to do, the simple fact that he was homeschooled was going to ruin the whole thing. When we asked if he could take the GED, we were told that was even worse than being homeschooled.


    So we were very proud of him when he scored in the 80s. :001_smile:


    He was so far behind when we pulled him out of public school, we spent extra time catching him up before he "officially" started high school. So, technically, he has only done high school for two years, but he does have 15 credits. We had planned on two more years, but he has told me he wants to work extra hard this year and finish high school in three, rather than four years. I think it might be three years and a couple of months, but he's definitely motivated. And even if he changes his mind this year and decides he wants to do something else, he'll be finished with school and ready to move on to whatever that is.


    Since we aren't a military family, I couldn't figure out where this came from. But in talking to him the past few months, he has really thought this out. Some of you may remember how quiet and introspective he is -- there's a lot going on in there, but most of the time I have no idea what it is. We've discussed his decision, of course, almost to death -- and every time we do he only makes me more proud of him. All the stuff that we have been working on -- all the stuff that I thought was so important -- has actually, really and truly been "getting in there" and he's using those thinking skills now.


    Of course I'm worried that he's chosing something that's so dangerous. But I've always said it was my job to make sure he could take care of, and think for, himself. And he is definitely doing that. He really doesn't need me anymore! 95% of me is really happy about that. :001_smile:


    Thank you so much for helping me with the tools and encouragement (directly and indirectly) to raise and educate this fine, outstanding young man.

  4. We live just outside D.C. and I think it would be cool to go this historic Inauguration. Unfortunately, the idea of D.C. with a crowd of 3 million people terrifies me, especially when there's going to be virtually no way to drive in. A crowded metro with 3 small kids is horrible! Well, that and below-freezing temperatures. Still, I'm feeling a little bit wistful about it....



    I understand your reluctance. I wouldn't want to have to deal with all of that either. That's why, when we lived near San Francisco, we stayed home and watched the football games on TV. Better seats and no traffic. :001_smile:

  5. No, you can't. One of my major reasons for homeschooling is that I just cannot tolerate fools (or foolish thinking) gladly.


    I'd rather work...anywhere else.


    That about sums up my thinking on it, too. Ridiculous. There is foolishness everywhere -- like the time . . . Oh, never mind. :lol:


    But this whole thing just makes no sense at all, and for them to get snarky with Joanne is just icing on the cake. "Anywhere else" is right.

  6. So Soph, how did or do wild dogs ever survive?


    Thank you, Peela -- I wanted to ask the same thing but couldn't figure out how, and then forgot. I don't understand how this diet could be unhealthy for dogs since that's what they were eating before "dog chow." I was actually going to try to find out when bagged dog food first started being manufactured but, like I said -- I forgot.

  7. I think you've got a great idea, except for stocking the fridge. My son wouldn't mind scarfing down on that stuff one bit, and probably wouldn't even notice I wasn't cooking. Put stuff in there that they have to cook -- and not nuke 'ems, either -- and that might get their attention.


    I'm having a similar issue here right now and I'm 'bout ready to throw him out. He did something last night that just floored me -- and when I was upset I basically got, "Well, there's nothing I can do about it now."


    So I'm probably not the one to be answering this thread, because at this point I'm thinking a roof over their heads is too generous. :lol:


    I'm sorry you're hubby isn't supporting you. That's got to add to the frustration tremendously. At least mine is on my side -- he's just not here. :D


    Good luck to you!

  8. I recently attempted making my own and was not happy with the laundry results. It was easy to do, made a bunch and would have lasted a REALLY long time. (I still have about 4.5 gallons.) BUT, my husband is a machinist and has really, really, really dirty, greasy clothes. The homemade version (Fels Naptha, borax, washing soda--liquid version) just didn't clean very well.


    I went back to Tide. It might seem to cost more, but it cleans the clothes!


    I haven't had any problem, so far -- and actually old rags that i thought were stained forever are getting cleaner. BUT I put a load in the washer around lunch time and just let it soak until the next morning, when I wash it. So that's probably why I don't have any problem with the powder dissolving, though I use cold water. I'm also using vinegar for fabric softener and a spray on spot treatment (I'm too lazy to go look at the bottle to see what kind it is).



    I'm very, very happy. The old thread about stinky towels as soon as they got wet set me to experimenting, because I had the same problem. My clothes now smell like nothing, and my washer isn't stinky anymore, either.

  9. I checked "other". I make our laundry detergent powder. To make sure it dissolves, I put the powder in and run warm water before switching to cold. Otherwise, I wash clothes on warm and rinse in cold.


    Powdered Laundry Detergent - Recipe #4


    2 cups Fels Naptha Soap (finely grated - you could also try the other bar soaps listed at the top)

    1 cup Washing Soda

    1 cup Borax


    * Mix well and store in an airtight plastic container.

    * Use 2 tablespoons per full load.




    I run it all through my food processor. It takes longer to clean the food processor than to make the detergent. It probably takes me at most 15 minutes to gather and measure the ingredients, run them through the food processor, store it in Rubbermaid containers, and clean the food processor.


    I use Spray & Wash on clothes that are stained -- usually just on DD's & DS's white hoodies, though.


    That's the recipe I use, but with Ivory soap instead of Fels Naptha. I made a batch the beginning of November and still have over half of it. I love it.

  10. Kris, where's the little icon that takes you to the first unread post? I'm sure I need that in my life!


    Yeah! It's pretty handy -- I'm not sure how to do this, but it's this little guy right here:



    When you pull up the list of threads, it's first on the title line if you have unread posts in that thread. I can't think of a better way to describe it, so I hope you can find it!


    Most all of the little icons have "tool tips" when you mouse over them. I guess I spent too much time doing that one night. :lol:



  11. Linear for me, but once in a while I opt for hybrid, so I can see who someone is replying to.


    Same here -- I'm linear unless there's a post that's just kind of "hanging out there" with no quote and I can't tell what they're responding to. Then I sometimes switch to figure out who they're talking to. Other than that, linear works fine, especially if you click on the little icon that takes you right to the first unread post -- then you don't have to go through all the ones you've already read.


    I'm sure there are more bells and whistles that I haven't bothered to figure out -- like hybrid.

  12. Your friend, if she wants support, needs to sue for support. This guy probably isn't going to get custody, though he will almost surely get visitation. If she doesn't want to sue for support, that's her choice. It would be really nice if the guy would have just offered to pay costs of pregnancy and support without being court ordered to do so, but it's not at all unusual. Most child support is court ordered.


    And if it isn't, I wouldn't pay it either -- not after our "learning experience" with the California child support system. All money -- thousands of dollars in rent, utilities, cash -- paid to the mother before child support was ordered was considered a "gift" by the court.


    So much for doing the "right" thing.

  13. Is a deadbeat dad better than no dad at all?


    No, I really don't think so. While I agree with Joanne that non-payment of child support isn't the only consideration, I think it does show a level of responsibility that is less than ideal.


    It breaks my heart to see kids who think Dad is just a great, misunderstood guy, but he never calls, never shows up on "his" weekends, doesn't remember birthdays -- doesn't keep his promises. They think he's wonderful because he's a ghost. He's never around to be the "bad guy" -- sending them to their room or making them eat their vegetables.


    I don't think the connection should be completely broken, though. When the kids are older, they can make up their own minds about him. So when they ask, "Why did you never come to see me? Or pay child support?" and he says, "Your mother wanted a baby, I didn't" -- that will pretty much clear it up for them.

  14. I started to post this on the other thread, and it just seemed like a thread-jack. So I'll start a new one:


    I honestly believe that this is how they were meant to eat.


    This makes sense to me -- especially after seeing the "snacks" Puppy brings home. Lordy! And the dogs that I've had, and our neighbors dogs, that went after our chickens never suffered any ill-effects from eating chicken bones. ;)


    But the cost just scares me to death. I'm having trouble just feeding our people right now. I've tried different foods with our "kids" and everything seems to upset their digestion except Purina Lamb & Rice -- and I am *not* a Purina fan. I'd really rather feed them something else!


    Right now, the four of them (two big ones and two tiny ones) are going through about 70 pounds of food a month -- but I'm hoping that will slow down once Puppy isn't a puppy anymore? They are also, with the exception of Puppy, just a *tad* overweight.


    Anyway -- my question is -- I'm thinking of starting the two little ones first to see how the cost goes and if I can even find a cost-effective supply around here. But my new buddy -- the little Chihuahua who was abandoned -- has some major issues, like a heart murmur and almost no teeth! And the vet said in not so many words that we shouldn't spend too much money on him -- he's pretty old. He has one fang on the top and a few teeth on the bottom. I thought we might have to get soft food for him, but he turned up his nose at that and went after the Purina the "big dogs" were eating, so he just gets that. Actually, he'll eat almost anything -- I shudder to think what that means when I watch him basically vacuuming up the floor. He even ate the bird seed I spilled on the floor the other day. He's quite handy. :D


    So -- I'm wondering if he'll be able to eat the chicken wings, etc., that are recommended for the little dogs?


    I don't even have to ask my vet if he would support a raw foods diet for our dogs. I've known him for ages and I already know the answer is "No!!!!"

  15. I talked to someone about one of the foods that have no grains, and she mentioned that was for dogs that are very active. That doesn't fit the description of my very overweight and not very active cocker. She said that she didn't think it would be good for him because he would probably gain more weight. That is something that he does not need to do. He is blind and doesn't like to exercise.



    She said a food with *no* grain would make him *gain* weight? I would expect it to be the other way around -- that very active dogs would benefit from grains. Is she a vet?

  16. I really loved the craft of this movie, and I think Heath is a shoo-in for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. But it was creepy, disturbing, extremely dark, and very violent. Even tho Heath didn't commit suicide (although there were suspicions of such), he did comment that he had a hard time shaking this role. There was only one point in the movie when I could even see "him" and not the Joker. His posture, his voice, his subtle and not so subtle mannerisms (the licking lips thing...creeepyyy), his death wish ("Come on, hit me!")--he makes the movie. I thought it was excellent.


    No way would I take a 12 yo.


    We just saw this last week. We all *loved* it but it was *so* creepy. I had forgotten Heath Ledger was in it and spent half the movie trying to figure out who The Joker *was*! Amazing -- just amazing.


    I don't think my son, at 12, would have been old enough to watch this movie. I'm not so sure I'm old enough now!

  17. I was not impressed!

    I saw a couple of things...milk and broth that I was a good buy, but other than that, it was the same (some higher) price as where I shop.


    And here I was expecting another Aldi's convert!


    I've only recently started shopping at our local Aldi's. Though I hate to do it, I do shop at four or five different stores now to save money, but *only* because we only have one Main Drag in this town and I have to pass by all those stores anyway. If I had to go out of my way at all, I wouldn't do it.


    That said, not everything at our Aldi's is cheaper, but it's not more expensive, either. And I don't shop there every week. I've gone Commando and plan our meals and my shopping around the weekly sales. I don't know how it is in other places (maybe someone can indulge in a *slight* hijack and answer this question?) but we don't get an Aldi's flyer every week. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure we even get one every month.


    But I was really pleased with the sale price stuff we got. And Sweetie is taking a lot of stuff on the truck with him to try to keep expenses down -- soup and the like -- and the Aldi's brand was usually cheaper and he likes it just fine.

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