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  1. I'm doing an independent study this summer. I'm working on 12th century English forest law and there are a tons of sources to read through, both primary and secondary. This will help me get a head start on the fall. I'm reading through the Latin with my former Latin instructor, who has become one of my good friends, so it's been a blast so far.
  2. Academia is fraught with instability and tenure track positions are challenging to find. I'm in the history field and my understanding is that you need a PhD to be considered for tenure track positions, not just the JD. I do know a few American history professors who do have their JD and in addition to PhD, but opted not to go into law or are wanting to get out of the legal field.
  3. I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 that I paid about $180 for a few years ago. I prefer Android. I've had Samsung phones before and had good success with quality. I tend to text and use wi-fi more than data. I don't load a huge number of apps, but all run fine. The only issue I had was a few weeks ago when the battery drained super quickly. It was easy to get into the settings and determine which apps were sucking the battery. I've not had an issue since.
  4. ((hugs)) I know what it's like to feel invisible, I'm sorry.
  5. If you have a TJMaxx or Marshalls near you, they generally have a wide variety of luggage for affordable prices. I opted to go wheeless for my carry on. Last time I flew, everyone with wheeled luggage had to gate check theirs, my backpack was not even noticed. It is this model, 38 L. I bought this one as a trial to see how I liked the backpack only. I've since added a Tom Bihn aeronaut 30 (30L) to my stash, not cheap and not for a one time deal. It's also 30L, so great for a weekend or very careful packing for longer trips.
  6. I'm having a hard time with shoes. I find some are good for walking, some good for standing, and some only last a season or two. I like Skechers but they don't offer enough ankle support and mine only last about 1 year before they're worn out. I have a pair of Teva boots that are the most comfortable shoe I've ever owned. I've had them for about 4 years and still could wear them all day. Sadly they don't go with all my summer outfits. I've had hit or miss with other styles of Teva shoes. They're sandals aren't bad, but the newer ones were not as comfortable as the pair I bought in 2009.
  7. I TA for a college history course and proctor the exams. It's amazing how many students do not understand put your phone in your backpack. We make them take off baseball hats, watches, and nothing but drink containers on the table (even allowing that one is questionable to me). They also have to leave extra seats between them when we test in the lecture hall. By nature of the exams, it's harder to cheat, but you can sometimes see who studied together when grading. Plagiarism on papers is my nemesis. 🤬
  8. Have you considered Costa Rica as well? It's so gorgeous. It's been years since I went, so I couldn't recommend specifics. We went to the Pacific Coast.
  9. Karma sometimes shows up in the form of a judge.😏 May your testimony hit him like that door he wouldn't hold open for you. signed: the woman who made it through the dark tunnel of divorce.
  10. What led you to homeschool? We couldn't afford private school tuition. We committed to 3 years of homeschooling starting in 1st grade, then we'd reevaluate. After 3 years we realized that homeschooling fit our lifestyle, committed to three more, then from there decided to go all the way through high school. In early elementary ds' grade level material spanned several grades. He was a delayed reader, but understand content and math quite readily. Homeschooling allowed him to stay on pace with subjects while remediating his reading. How was your child homeschooled in the high school years? (Did you use WTM as a guide? Did your child take out of the home, online classes, or college classes?) high school was a mix of classical with a world focus, student led, and chaos. Budget was still an issue, so ds never took outside classes. My ex-dh and I separated when ds was 15, the end of what was supposed to be freshman year. I started college that fall and did school online the first year so we could continue homeschooling. We realized once I started commuting to school (30 minutes each way) that homeschooling wasn't working and graduated ds a year early. We pieced together materials, I'd loved putting together courses. Math was/is my nemesis and that's one reason we graduated him early, to get better math instruction. We studied some subjects together, like Japanese and literature. He self-studied computer science and a few other tech courses. He basically unschooled those credits. I arranged his transcript by subject and pulled a few courses from 8th grade that were high school worthy. My inspirations for high school came very much from the people on this board. I used WTM and Latin-Centered Curriculum as models yet tweaked them for ds' interests and our situation. What did your child do after graduating? What is your child doing now? Ds will be 22 this fall (wow, he was 10 when I started posting on here). He's a senior in college. Ironically, a math major who does computer programming. He's been doing programming work with one of the professors for the last two summers. He is also a bit frustrated with school. The department is changing and he's frankly ready to be done. Homeschooling was good in that he found out that learning is not just a classroom activity. The bad part is that he hates 50 minute classes and feels like that is learning in bite sized pieces. He's toying with the idea of taking a year off to work and then finish his degree at another school. He's been considering this most of the year and then 3 weeks ago his dad (my ex-dh) died. It was sudden, yet not completely unexpected. They did not have a good relationship, Ex-dh never realized that ds grew up. I am so proud of the man ds has become. He was a rock for me after my separation, then for my mom and I as my dad fell ill shortly after my separation and died in 2015. Ds and I have a strong relationship and I believe homeschooling was a big part of that. Our homeschooling journey didn't always go as planned. We plowed through, ds enjoyed the flexibility and being able to focus on what he wanted.
  11. I'm a lifelong pet owner, but I don't think a landlord should be forced to allow it. We once rented with 3 big dogs, we had to find the right house, thankfully not out of the price range. At my house with my mom and son, we have pets, but when I moved to school I specifically looked for apartments that were no pets. 1. I don't want to move into a place that smells like cats, I know how hard it can be to get rid of the odor completely. 2. I miss my pets when I'm at school, seeing others have them makes me sad. I'm at school too much to bring my dog and the cats are bonded to each other, so we don't want to separate them. We had to rent houses for years because most apartments wouldn't take dogs over 30 lbs. I see a lot more options for large pets owners lately.
  12. Library/music room. Which is the plan for my current house. We have two living rooms and right now my mom and I each get one. Down the road, I want to turn mine into a library (which it almost is anyway), maybe put in a baby grand piano, and house some other instruments.
  13. Mold, agreed, I can smell it even if it's not visible. Closet space and if there are lights in the closets. # of outlets in a room size and condition of electrical box. Is there room to expand, are things labeled correctly. Where is the main water shut off valve. Is it accessible in case of an issue age and condition of heating and cooling units. Where are the vents in each room. Age of water heater - is there any rust around base. condition of outdoor areas of house - like the areas around a garage door and foundation - looking for water damage or other signs of rot. Light fixtures - do they match in quality in color somewhat. Not a deal-breaker, but I like my lighting to be similar throughout. Sometimes I will add to the budget. I hate it when some fixtures are really dated, but only one room is updated. Flow of the house. Is there a good way to arrange furniture in the living/dining areas. In one house we lived in there was so many entrances into the living room that it made furniture arrangement a hassle. Ample kitchen cabinet space, including pantry area. location of laundry room. I love having a laundry on the second floor. Windows - do they open, are they in good condition outside lighting - are there motion sensor lights around house - streetlights Ample parking for guests. For instance cul-de-sac homes can make having a lot of guests problematic for parking We never asked for allowances because ex was a carpenter - we wanted to do our own thing, but that was also reflected in the price of houses we were looking at. The house my mom and I bought a few years ago was a similar thing, it was priced pretty much as/is, although move in condition. We did not ask for allowances for the few poorly dated items (like carpet) because we needed extra time for closing and really wanted this house. The owner waited nearly an extra 45 days for us to close. I moved into houses where we slowly worked to remodel to our taste, and I've had a house where we did all the work before moving in. Generally, unless it's major repair, I prefer to do it myself once we move. I don't trust those last minute type of remodels to be done completely up to my standards. A roof, yes, I'd want that done.
  14. Did they check the lug nuts on your tires? I had my tires changed and then a noise started that only happened on the highway. The lug nut must have flown off because the noise stopped and all the lug nuts had been intact when we started the trip.
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