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  1. Maybe it's just a formality? That since her daughter has been in the foster system for X amount of time, they have to at least try for child support? Once she shows that she really doesn't have it, maybe they'll move on.
  2. We use Faith & Life as well, but supplement with the Baltimore Catechism, liturgical year study and saint study. I second going to the 4Real Forums. You'll find lots of options there.
  3. Our house is on the market and although we've already left town so it's not an issue, our realtor had told us to always give ourselves 15 extra minutes on top of the 15 that the appointment center tacks on and if for some reason we do actually run into the people coming to see the house to never, ever say anything to them. Just smile and leave. That there was lawsuit potential if we did actually say anything to them. I suppose I should ask her why that is. Unless it's a FSBO, I can't imagine the owners being there when you go see a house for sale.
  4. "My one year old has a library card." That pesky 25 items per card limit gets blown through regularly, necessitating back-up borrowers!
  5. Classical Conversations and the other programs out there that I know of like it all started out as "kitchen table" groups. Like-minded homeschoolers got together regularly and did something that worked for them. I don't know what kind of market there is for a secular CC, but the only way to find out is to create something that works for your family and make it available to others. Good luck. :001_smile:
  6. We just moved to Colorado. We registered with an independent school (Home Life Academy) and while we do report grades twice a year, we are exempt from all testing, portfolios, etc. Very easy! A lot of people here send letters of intent (or maybe they are "letters of notice" I can't remember) to the local school district (and you can send it to any district you want, which I find odd). I haven't heard of any problems. I think most people do it that way so their children can participate in a program that's remarkably popular, called "Options." It's a once a week "enrichment" program run by the public schools for homeschoolers. Each one offers different classes, which I'm sure someone else can tell you more about. There are a lot of things to do in our area (Denver) and we have found it to be very homeschool friendly.
  7. 4 entirely indoor cats. Once upon a time we had 10. 10 indoor cats in a two bedroom apartment. It was a bit much. :D We're down to 4 now and it's much more manageable.
  8. I'm sorry, I double posted this. My computer froze up and when I got back online I couldn't find this post. Now I see it, after I posted another one! I'm amused by the differences in the two posts, asking the same question. :lol:
  9. What kind of learning style might my girls have if they love Rod & Staff English and Spelling Plus? These two programs are new to us this year and huge hits. Not only are there no tantrums, fits or sudden disappearances at school time, but they're actually retaining the information and it's working! My girls are very different: one runs on the clock, schedules, lists and routines, the other thinks that "time" is some artificial imposition that's crimping her non-existent plans. What I really want is to know what unites them so I can capitalize upon it since they're so close academically. I'm completely stumped by this! Help me, all-knowing Hive!
  10. What kind of learners might my girls be if they love and are doing really well with Rod & Staff English and Spelling Plus? Okay, maybe "love" is taking it a little too far. They don't complain about doing it, throw fits or suddenly have to go to the bathroom or, well, you get the idea! I know they are very different: my older one runs on a clock, routine and schedules while my younger one clearly defines "time" as something of an imposition. I'm just trying to figure out what is uniting them! I know that being with them all the time I'm the one who should be able to figure out what their learning and processing styles are, but in this case I think I'm just too close. Can the all-knowing Hive help me out here?
  11. I must be confused. I thought that the dual enrollment with Bryan College was designed with 11th and 12th graders in mind. Are you saying you enrolled your 7th grader in it?
  12. In our former state, the place in our wills where we specified guardians for our children was, in the words of the lawyer, just a suggestion. Our wills would go to a judge who would actually make the decision. As long as there were no objections from family members and the couple we chose accepted it, the judge would most likely rule for the terms we set in our will. We chose non-related dear friends to raise our children and therefore felt it necessary to inform our family now so we had time to deal with potential objections, for our childrens' sake later. There were a few very uncomfortable conversations, but it's water under the bridge now. I'm sorry, OP, that the original guardian is likely to make this into a great big deal. Sounds like it might be best to not say anything, unless your state is like our former and he might have input with a judge. If many of your other family members back him up, your kids might not go where you want them to.
  13. A way to copy and scan things at home (we have an all-in-one but I know many who prefer a laser printer and a separate copier) as well a a good laminator. Expensive, but worth the investment around here!
  14. Just search for "Leigh Bortins Core" on this forum and I'm sure you'll find many threads that will tell you more. FWIW, The Core is a book by a woman named Leigh Bortins, who founded Classical Conversations.
  15. Would the Critical Thinking Company have things like that?
  16. From a fellow first day survivor, congrats. :D Ours was pretty rough, I hope yours was a breeze!
  17. It probably is time for a new one since this iphone is two years old. I haven't had good experiences with my dh and his "free upgrades." They haven't ever cost me less than a couple hundred dollars and an increase in monthly bill. I'm trying to hold out just a little longer here. :D
  18. Dh took it to the Apple store last night and they just told him to do the things mentioned before. They assumed it was your normal battery drain. The phone is out of warranty and a new battery will cost $80. Ugh. I sent him your suggestion, Denise, and he'll get it when he gets back into his office later (now that he doesn't have a smartphone with him, he doesn't get my messages immediately!:glare:). Thanks for the help, we need it!
  19. My husband's iphone suddenly won't hold a charge for more than 3 hours. He's turned off all the apps, he's stopped the pushed emails, he dimmed the screen. He unplugged it from the charger at 7:00 AM, has made no calls and received no texts today. By 10 AM it was done for and actually turned itself off from lack of battery! This isn't a slow decline, this just started two days ago. I can only assume that something is draining that battery. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it some kind of iphone virus? Please help!!
  20. I'll admit to being a mom who didn't know the sippy cups with straws came apart and therefore didn't thoroughly clean them for about 6 months (yes, all while using them). I was at a friend's house one day and saw the pieces of a similar cup come out of the dishwasher and asked if the dishwasher had broken it. She set me straight. :001_smile: I went home and threw ours out after taking them apart...couldn't fathom how to get the mold out. Now I know about bleach and the wonders it can do! All that to say, having it pieces on the counter after being cleaned and having her wait while you put them back together and toss them into the bag might be all the hint she needs. I like that suggestion very much!
  21. Being Catholic, I wish the Catholic schools where we just moved from would accept the Catholic kids first and then non-Catholics. But then, that would require the schools to actually be Catholic. With the way the parochial schools are where we just left, a startlingly high percentage (in some cases, more than 90% are non-Catholic) of most of them are non-Catholic students because honestly, the schools just aren't that faithful to the Magisterium. They're a business. It's first come, first enrolled, regardless of their family's faith. Not really any different than the other private schools, just more affordable. Therefore, many non-Catholics send their kids there because they know that no real catechizing is going on and it's better than public school and cheaper than the other private schools. Sad, but true. On the other hand, there was an Episcopal school in the area that had top notch, fantastic academics and if we could have afforded it, I would have seriously considered sending our girls there (back before I went crazy and started homeschooling :D), even as a Catholic. So I can see how great academics and a welcoming environment might outweigh doctrinal differences.
  22. Lunchtime. Hands and mouths are busy. I snack while fixing their lunch and then eat a "real" lunch after they've gone down for resting/reading time in the afternoons. I'm one of those crazy moms who doesn't care how old they are or whether or not they want to sleep: everyone goes to their bed and stays there quietly. The older girls read they own chapter books or plays with their little bitty dolly toys and the youngest sleeps. Anyway, I read to them from longer books (right now it's Dr. Doolittle, next up is Little Britches) during lunch and sometimes during an afternoon snack.
  23. Thanks for all the replies so far. I did notice the first night that there was a $50 discount for signing up that day. The next day the discount had gone down and I'm sure by the time we actually DO sign up it will be gone. :001_smile: C'est la vie. Has anyone ever used their Snapshot discount? It seems like a good thing, if you're not an aggressive driver. Has anyone actually every gotten the discount from using it?
  24. We have homeowner's in our previous state because we still own our home there and are comparing renter's insurance rates in our new state as well as auto. With State Farm the renter's insurance was fairly cheap, but Progressive's renter's insurance (same coverage limits) was 4 times as much! SF's auto is 50% more expensive than Progressive for us. So, I'm going to call SF back tomorrow and get a renter's only quote. It's definitely an odd thing, but maybe having the policies from two different companies is the way for us to go. Thanks for contributing your positive experiences so far. That gives me much greater confidence in this possibility. All I've ever known about Progressive is from their commercials!
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