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  1. I tried to give blood not long ago. I am 4' 10" and 103 pounds. I am 30, but regardless of height or age they won't take my blood. It is because their collection bags are pre filled with anticoagulant so they cannot take a smaller amount of blood (messes up the ratio). The minimum weight around here is 120.
  2. Essentials tutors have had access to the CC Portal, that might be what is changing. Foundations tutors have never had "real" access to the CC Portal, like the pp said. If you're a Foundations tutor you will need/want to subscribe to CC Connected. It's not that expensive ($3/month sounds right), but it's not free.
  3. I voted other. You don't drive, so it doesn't make any kind of sense to have two vehicles. If you know the old van will need a new transmission soon, and the cost of the new vehicle isn't all that much more than the cost of the new transmission + labor it does make sense to me to go ahead and buy the newer van from the boss, but only if you sell the old one and get a little bit for it. However, if he does get the promotion it might make more sense to just save the money for now. That way, you can save as much as possible until the old van dies (or needs more repair $ than it would cost to buy another vehicle) and when it does, you'll have less debt and he can have the fun of picking out the new-to-you vehicle. My dh is a spender, he hates having to buy the bare minimum product when something for just a little bit more would get him bells and whistles that he really wants. We struggle with that, let's just say. :D So it might be a nice compromise for you to save it now, wait on the promotion and if he gets it, he also gets to buy a vehicle (within a budget, of course).
  4. Yes, you could probably get by with just the syllabus, but the DVDs really are worth watching. There's so much more than is in the syllabus. Maybe you could buy them with a couple of other moms (one of whom has the ability to burn dvds) and split the cost. It's a very simple but effective method that you can use with whatever curriculum you're already using, it will add discussion time, but not "work" to your schedule.
  5. No, the dictation book does not throw unknown/surprise words at them. We've used Spelling Plus & Dictation for about a year and a half now and are very happy with it. We started with my girls in K & 1st, but they were both fluently reading when we began. Not sure if that would make a difference in how effective it is. I have many friends who use and love AAS but it's not a good fit for us since my girls don't seem to need quite that much for spelling (they pick up the rules quickly and SP gives them enough for mastery).
  6. My dh follows the homeschool one devotedly ("it's like they're in my head!") and since he works for the Church, I forwarded this one, too. Too funny!
  7. Would two separate coolers help? One for drinks and the other for food? You might also find some kind of grate (roasting rack, dish dry rack, small shelving extension) to put across the bottom of the food cooler so that condensation and melt stays under the level of the food (the food would be at least 3 inches above the bottom of the cooler). Even with ice packs it gets wet in ours eventually.
  8. Is there a neighbor's house he could go play at for one hour a day (afternoon when school kids are home or morning to play with a slightly younger child) while you work with your older son? Maybe a grandparent that could come a couple times a week for an hour or so to play with the younger and then stay for a little longer after the older is finished? It wouldn't give long stretches of time, but maybe enough for you to do an hour of direct instruction with your older and then he can work independently someplace quiet for another 30 minutes. There might be a local rec center that has classes (active stuff like tumbling or messy art) that would give you a little one on one time with the older a morning or two a week. You might even be able to stay on site in an unused room to make the most of the time. Good luck. My friend is in the same spot with her boys. Her really active ones are still young enough for parent's day out, which she utilizes twice a week for direct instruction time with the olders. One of those boys is really destructive if not supervised at all times. Maybe there's a small church program nearby that would allow your technically K'er to attend once or twice a week? Don't give up yet on your desire to homeschool both. Maturity will come to the younger (eventually) and you can help the older find a way to cope in the meantime. Headphones, maybe, for when he's just sitting and working but you and younger brother are in the room? I remember in school we had these huge folders that we'd put on our desks to block our view and keep us focused on what was in front of us. Would that help your oldest with sensory overload?
  9. Sometimes the CC website isn't updated quickly, so if you're really interested you could email either the Support Manager or the Area Manager for where you are. They keep lists of contacts in each locality and will come do an info meeting for you if there's at least a couple of families wanting to know more. They might also be able to hook you up with a newly formed community that just hasn't made it onto the website yet, or even just another family in your town.
  10. Repetition, duration and intensity are the keys to long term memorization. So yes, definitely review those poems! Just find a system that works for you, for example working on a new poem every day until it's learned, then review it every other day for a week. Then go to every three days. Then once every four days, so on and so forth. That way (or on a similar schedule) they'll be learning something new all the time and cementing the ones they've already learned. I bet if you searched for memorization schedule on this forum, you'd find lots of suggestions.
  11. Teaching the Classics is a how-to lead Socratic discussions about literature guide...I don't know that I would call it a high school level literature course. You could definitely use it as your discussion method for literature that she's reading in other subjects and for pleasure, though. I suppose you could call it a "literary analysis" class where it doesn't matter what she's reading, just how she's analyzing it. Isn't high school lit class usually a survey of a particular time period/geographical location/type of literature? So for example, a high school lit class would be a survey of British literature up to a certain year with Socratic discussion being the main method of analysis. I don't know, clearly my kids aren't there yet. I own the dvds, though, and have gone through it a few times myself. I'll be interested to hear other responses, too.
  12. I'm glad you're not falling into the "trap" of buying too much house! That's one of the many factors that led to the US housing market crashing...just because you CAN do something (take out a mortgage 4-5 times annual income in this scenario) doesn't mean you SHOULD. I'm sure that applies to many things, but particularly with money. :tongue_smilie: Most financial planners will tell you that a comfortable, not under/over invested mortgage is 2-2.5 times annual income. Good luck, OP, I hope you get the right house for your family!
  13. It might depend on what part of the country you're in, too. We pay $100 per year per family for our co-op at a church. We meet 26 times a year. We just moved here, and back where we came from we paid $35-50 per student per year at local churches for about the same number of times we met. Any way you can convince them to move to a fee per student model?
  14. My husband has had two lithos for kidney stones. They used general anesthesia for one and twilight for the other. The twilight was at a hospital and it was insanely expensive. The general anesthesia was at an outpatient clinic, a fraction of the cost and he received wonderful care from the staff. We paid 15% of both procedures, over $1500 for the hospital one and about $200 for the outpatient clinic (which was a satellite of the same hopsital!). He was sore for a few days after both, had some pain meds but was fine within 2 days. At the twilight one, he felt like someone was snapping his back with rubber bands, but he was numb and it didn't hurt. Neither involved a bath of any kind, but he did have to remove clothing. :001_smile:
  15. Eastern, Middle and Western TN are all totally different, just FYI. Memphis and Nashville are going to be better for jobs simply because of size. Knoxville is much smaller. There are lots of bugs throughout, like another poster said you put hot and humid together and you get lots of buggies! Never seen anything but small garden-type snakes, but we've never lived way out in the country either. Tons of cockroaches! For overall culture, just know that Memphis is the blue in a sea of red, politically speaking.
  16. I can't give you a recipe for it, but I've eat gluten-free, dairy-free lasagna and lived to tell. :D It really was fine. It didn't taste the same, but it was still good! There was tofu involved and I want to say they were brown rice noodles. Good luck!
  17. Couple questions. The website for Land Between the Lakes says they have bald eagles. Have you seen them? Is this actually a good reason to go there? And have you camped there to have an opinion on the campgrounds? Hillman Ferry, Piney, Wranglers, or Energy Lake? We've always stayed off Kentucky Lake in a primitive campsite. Can't beat the sunsets. There are showers, restrooms, etc all within a short drive. I don't really have a preference regarding Piney or Hillman, sorry. Someone else mentioned the Homestead, they have reenactors there sometimes. Yes, we've seen the bald eagles cruising around. I wouldn't count on wildlife, though, they're notoriously unreliable when you go somewhere specifically to see them! I'll have to look at the aquarium it sounds fun, but then dh heard Atlanta has a new, bigger one. And I'm a little concerned we could spend too much time driving. The TN Aquarium is actually pretty neat. I've been to many aquariums and it's worth the money and time. Could take all day, but you could get through it in half a day if you wanted. Ok, I'm looking at it. I didn't realize the River Gorge is there. Is that the one you're supposed to hike to see the mushroom rocks? And have you done the boat ride thing shown on the aquarium website? Crazy? Do something different? No, we've never done the boat thing. Don't know about mushroom rocks, either. I'm not really much help, am I? :tongue_smilie: .
  18. We've always like the TN Aquarium (Chattanooga). There's also Land Between the Lakes (between Jackson and Nashville off I-40). We've enjoyed that many times. No particular hike, they're all pretty. Some harder than others, of course. You might also look into the Natchez Trace, which you can start off on I-40 near Nashville. It's 444 miles total, going south to Natchez, MS. Lots of nature and history, even just the TN portion.
  19. All snug here...just waiting now. It's our first big storm since moving here and I must say: I'm kind of excited. :hurray: No plans for tomorrow, but hoping we'll make it to ballet on Saturday late morning. Safe travels to all your husbands who aren't home yet.
  20. Thanks! I just couldn't figure it out in the picture. :001_smile: Does anyone else have a chair pocket/pouch thing they love? Or one they hate?
  21. It's not the immersion I mind; I mind the beating-over-the-head with it all the time. Every single thing has to do with being Catholic. We can't just trace a "c" and sound out words like "cat," "couch," or "cab." We have to see pictures of chalices and churches, and sound out "Catholic," "communion," and "Creator." In my opinion, it goes to such great lengths to make everything related to religion that it dulls the senses. I also think it reaches a bit too far sometimes, considering that if the kid is learning how to write the letter "c" they probably can't sound out "chalice" just yet! Also, I think Seton is blatantly anti-Protestant. I don't care for curriculum that bashes Catholics, and I don't like curriculum that bashes Protestants, either.
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