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  1. Our oldest daughter turned 14 Saturday. Her sisters and I were supposed to be in VA, visiting friends from when we lived there, and going to a bridal shower for my soon-to-be daughter-in-law. We were all so sad that weekend didn't happen. Instead we made homemade doughnuts (a first for us, but it was really fun and took up a lot of time, with the glazing and everything), which was special. She picked her birthday dinner, and we made these strawberry tart things, since she doesn't love cake. Then we did a zoom meeting with her grandparents while she opened presents. They had dropped theirs off earlier. Fortunately I had already ordered the presents off Amazon because I had a present idea early and just acted on it! Usually I am rushing around on a time crunch, and that wouldn't have been an option this year. I got her a crepe pan and crepe tools, which she loved. She's already made crepes twice, and the tools make it a lot easier than it used to be for her! It wasn't the birthday she wanted, but it was okay. DS#5 is turned 9 next week (super excited, and we weren't planning anything big anyway). He'll pick food, pick his cake design, and open presents on zoom with grandparents as well. My dad's birthday is April 29, and I'm sad we won't get to do anything special with them. Another daughter turns 13 May 1, my husband's birthday is May 2, and we have 2 more birthdays in June. The way sadder thing is that our oldest son and his fiancee just canceled their wedding ceremony/reception scheduled for May 23. They will get married in VA sometime in April, and I guess we'll facetime it. I can hardly think about this. 😢 If there could possibly be a date in June or July, if things get lifted, where they could have a bigger ceremony with family, then they would do that, but they leave July 31 to drive to CA for their first duty assignment (he is graduating and commissioning in May), so it seems unlikely. It's all been pretty devastating, and in light of that, no one has really been complaining too much about birthdays around here. 😟
  2. We went to a wedding with food trucks for the reception. There were 2 of them--Mediterranean and Mexican, I think--and people could pick which one they wanted. Someone came inside where we were all sitting at tables and told us which tables could go when, so it wasn't like people stood in line for forever. And there were munchies/appetizers on tables inside the reception hall for people while we waited, so it wasn't like we were starving while we waited. It was fun! I thought it was a great idea!
  3. We spent time in prayer for all affected. We just heard that my brother in Seattle has been exposed--a close co-worker just tested positive. He has been working at home since March 4, so maybe that's enough time past that he won't be affected. This afternoon we made cut-out cookies, since we never got around to do that over Christmas break. I have to say--I am enjoying a breather from all the driving around I have to do on a normal day, I know I'll get tired of it, but for right now . . . I'm enjoying it. I'm also trying not to worry about what's going to happen for my oldest son and his fiancee, who are supposed to be getting married May 23 in VA. 🥺
  4. Ugh, I don't know, but we are in a similar boat. Our oldest ds is planning on getting married May 23 in Richmond, VA. I don't even know what to think. They will definitely be getting married--they aren't sleeping/living together, plus ds is commissioning and has to be at his first duty station the beginning of August, so she needs to get in the system. But I have no idea how all this will change things. I'm so sad for them!
  5. I made 2 chicken pot pies for dinner, and 2 chocolate pies for dessert!
  6. Until it smells/looks bad. We have iron stomachs around here. Definitely more like a week if not longer. For what it's worth, I am the official smell-tester though, and people ask me what I think before eating. But no one has ever gotten sick from food that we know of (and we are pretty much never sick).
  7. I have that upper respiratory thing others are talking about right now. I've run just a low-grade fever, but for several days I felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest, and I've been coughing for about a week so far. I'm not going to see a doctor, and so far no one else in my family has gotten it. I'm washing my hands like crazy (and everyone else too!), but there's no way eventually others here won't get it. Sigh.
  8. We watched the Mall fireworks several times from the Iwo Jima Memorial/Carillion area, like 1shortmomto4 mentioned. The last time was before our 10th child was born, and she's 5 now, so we always had lots of kids there. We always went with several other families, parked in Rosslyn in a parking garage, and brought picnic blankets, food, etc. and made an evening out of it. We always told our kids once it got dark, they had to stay in our little area of picnic chairs/blankets, and no one could use the porta potties after dark. We never had any issues at all, but I won't lie--I was always very glad when the evening was done, lol. We all casually strolled back to our cars and planned that the drive back to Loudoun County would take over an hour. At least we were on this side of the bridge though! Some years, if the cloud cover is really low, then all the smoke will not dissipate, and you can really only see the first fireworks clearly. After those, it looks like a war zone. Then it is totally not worth it to be downtown! I think the summer I was pregnant with #10, it was a rainy day, and that's why we stayed home. We watched them at our friends' house and had a nice little party. And we continued doing that every year since, because it was just so much less of a hassle, lol. Plus the view from the TV is unobstructed! So my advice is to probably find more local ones to watch. It is truly a sea of humanity in DC on July 4. Crazy!!
  9. I just mix one tablespoon in a smallish cup of ice water and drink it down. I find the ice water to be key. When it's very cold, it's not terrible. I use Braggs generally, but I've also used the Costco brand bottles. You should mix it with water before drinking so that the acidity doesn't harm the enamel on your teeth.
  10. We love Trier too! We have pictures in a lot of those same locations! Dh and I went there on our honeymoon back in 1991 (we took a military space-a hop over to Germany and toured around for 2 weeks), way before I learned anything about Latin, the Romans, etc. from homeschooling, lol. I missed out on so much that trip! Then we took another military space-a hop with our family to Germany in Feb. 2018, and we revisited Trier. I got so much more out of it that time!
  11. Our good friends rescued a Havanese/Shih Tzu mix, and their highly allergic son has been fine with him. He is such a sweet dog! If I ever had to get a small dog, it would probably only be a Havanese mix. They really don't bark, and the insane yappiness of most little dogs is something I could not tolerate at all. Plus, he's just so chill! Not neurotic at all. I guess I have a really bad impression of most small dogs, lol.
  12. I am so, so sorry, ArcticMama. (((((Hugs))))) May you feel the Lord's arms surround you with peace that passes understanding. Praying for you and your whole family. I'm so thankful for the hope of the resurrection.
  13. Ha, that looks almost exactly like the sleeping mask we got our 4th son for Christmas (not purple!)! It has the same cushy eye pockets, and DS has RAVED about it since he opened it! I'm getting one for one of our college sons for his birthday in February. I think the sleep mask and earplugs are absolutely brilliant for hospital stays. Praying for continued good sleep!
  14. Praying for you and that little bean to stay put for longer! As much as forced rest sounds like a dream, I know it would drive me crazy after about a day, so I will definitely be praying for your peace of mind, and that your kids at home will be able to occupy themselves productively while you are gone!
  15. You and me both. This is exactly what I do and have done for many years!
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