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  1. I was an accountant and my husband is an engineer - we are "mathy" people and want our kids to have solid foundations in math. I've been using CLE math from the beginning with my oldest. He does very well with it and gets math concepts super quickly. My middle child is completing 1st grade and is also doing CLE. She does ok with it, but it definitely does not come as naturally to her as it does with my son. I was looking at math from TGATB and it really looks like something she would ilke - beautiful, colorful, with stories and hands-on activities/games. I was impressed watching the vide
  2. I am super curious about this as well after reading about it in the other thread. SOTW isn't working for us. I really like the Core Knowledge "What Your _____ Grader Needs to Know" and the way history is covered in them (both world and American). I felt like I needed more to go with it though, maybe this is the answer!
  3. The lessons in AAS are going fine. He does seem to remember the rules and the key cards. I haven't seen it translate to things he writes and it definitely didn't seem to help on the standardized test. But maybe it would be that way with any program at his age?
  4. My son is 7 (almost 8) and just bombed the spelling portion of his CAT test. No biggie, but I'm wondering how to proceed. He is not a natural speller. We are on level 2 of AAS. We love AAR but for some reason we don't like AAS as much. I haven't seen much progress with AAS. I'm contemplating Spelling You See. I know it's a different method for teaching spelling, but maybe that's what he needs - seeing and copying words spelled correctly, instead of memorizing rules? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hi everyone. What is your best advice for juggling the teaching of multiple kids of elementary age? This fall I'll be "officially" teaching two kids for the first time - 3rd grader and kindergartener. Plus a toddler. I've been teaching my oldest for the last few years and it's gone great, but I'm nervous about adding a new student. What curriculum do you like to use for teaching multiple grades at the same time? What curriculum has your 3rd grader (age 8) been able to do somewhat independently, if any? When you work with one kid on math, for example, what does your other kid do
  6. We are in the middle of 1st grade science right now. Started the year with Nancy Larsen Science, which sadly I spent a lot of money on and it just did not work for us. We switched to Evan Moore Daily Science and it has been great. Fun little workbook and it's based on standards. Very simple but gets the job done, great jumping off point for discussions and could be easily supplemented with library books. I have also been buying Magic School kits on Amazon and we do one experiment a week (not related to the EM topics). I think it's been a good introduction to science. Supplemented with lots of
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