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  1. Thanks everyone who replied to my question. After hearing the experiences that Minivan Mom related, we will definitely go full time.
  2. My student will be a senior next year and is only 1 1/2 credits short of having enough to graduate. I've been thinking about having him take 3-4 credits next year instead of the usual 7 credits, but have the courses he does take be AP or honors classes. Has anyone done this before? Will colleges have an issue with this? I'd appreciate hearing any advice or experiences.
  3. Hello everyone, I have a special needs student who is 12 years old. She has PDD-NOS and moderate dyslexia. We've been homeschooling since day one and while she knows her phonics rules VERY well, she just can't put it together and actually read beyond a 1st or 2nd grade level. We've are using MP's Simply Classical Level 2 right now. Over the years, we've had tutors to help with her reading issues, but they all emphasize phonics, and she already knows all the phonics rules. Her reading is halting and she often has to be coached like: What is the rule for two vowels?- and then she knows immediately what the rule is without being told. At this point, we are both so frustrated. I've read online about a non phonics program called "Read Right" that is supposed to help struggling readers. Has anyone here had a child use the program? Was your experience good, bad, or indifferent? Anyone have any suggestions at all? She's a pretty sharp kid but we just can't seem to make any progress reading. Laura
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