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  1. I used to disinfect just about everything that came through the door, wash produce before storing,quarantine packages, etc. I did not venture out to a shop for many weeks, staying up till 2 AM when delivery slots became available to reserve one. I still get delivery for most things and only go into shops for small things like fresh bread, but I no longer disinfect packages or groceries. I wear a mask outdoors when it's not possible to be pretty far away from others, but I don't typically wear one when I go for a walk in the neighborhood. I walk early, and I see maybe one or two people, and someone crosses the street to distance. In that sense, my immediate area is still reasonably good, but I am starting to see more masks below the nose, which is concerning. Our area was fairly stable for a few weeks, so we went to the beach 3 times - arrived there before 7 am and left around 9 am. There were very few people around. We did use the bathrooms because it was nearly empty, but we have a little camping portapotty that we carry with us. I put clumping cat litter (don't get light weight, that doesn't work very well!) in a double-lined garbage bag, and the setup works well in emergencies. We have a truck with rear seats that can be folded up, tinted rear windows, and it is doable for an adult to use the portapotty in the passenger area with reasonable privacy. We also carry a big water jug and soap. Now the cases are starting to go up again, and I am becoming more diligent. We have outdoor dining here, and setup varies widely. Some places faithfully put large distances between tables, but many have nearly no distancing. As we drove past some restaurants recently, my husband said that it's basically the same as eating inside, chairs back to back, very crowded. We got some takeout, but we will not be going to a restaurant that offers outside dining, even for takeout. I don't see enough compliance for my own personal comfort. Also, we haven't been back to the beach. Even though the area is capped at 50% and cars are being sent away after that (single entrance/exit with parking beyond), I am not comfortable right now. Maybe later in the season, very early in the morning when it's too cold for most sunbathers. We'll see.
  2. This is my kitty, lounging in the morning sun.
  3. My favorite is the Vicks Pediatric SpeedRead thermometer. It's digital, and our whole family uses it. I think retail is around $15, but as all thermometers they have been difficult to find. I actually had to replace it recently and found it in stock at a local WalMart for order pickup at around $8.
  4. That really depends on what your son will need to do on it. Some applications need a fast processor, or a lot of memory, or a large hard drive to store all the files. I know that many students in high school and college use ChromeBooks, but again it really depends on what is needed. For my teen we bought this HP laptop, but I don't recommend it. It has a very weak (slow) wireless card, and we had to buy an an external wireless card that plugs into it to make wireless work. This laptop is fine for things like writing papers and doing class on Zoom, but now my daughter wants to learn 3D video game graphics design, and the laptop will not be able to run it with any success. It's just too slow for that. We may have to buy her a desktop computer that is more like a higher end gamer one, not for gaming, but for learning how to make video games.
  5. I'm not sure if this was already posted. Newborn tripplets in Mexico tested positive for the coronavirus - tested on the day they were born. Mexico City — Mexico's novel coronavirus cases mounted and added their youngest infections Monday, when triplets tested positive for the virus on the day they were born. Monica Rangel, the health secretary of the northern state of San Luis Potosi, said the triplets were born May 8 to a mother who was also positive but asymptomatic. Rangel said the triplets were not believed to be in danger. She said the case was being studied to see whether the triplets were infected before or after birth, but said it appeared improbable they could have been infected outside the womb so quickly.
  6. Coming back to say that Zoom does not work on Windows S. Supported operating systems macOS X with macOS 10.9 or later Windows 10 Note: For devices running Windows 10, they must run Windows 10 Home, Pro, or Enterprise. S Mode is not supported. Windows 8 or 8.1
  7. No, no, no, stay away from Windows S mode! Windows S computers are typically cheap, but the hardware is usually not very good. But, even more importantly, Windows S is locked so that you can only install apps that are available through the Windows App Store. What this means is that if your son needs to use some non-Microsoft application for programming or anything else, he will not be able to download or install it. So, no Adobe Photoshop or the excellent free app Inkscape for graphics, no RStudio for R programming, no Python, no free word processing LibreOffice, etc., etc. Oh, and no Zoom either unless Zoom is available from the Windows App Store. If he will need to use anything that has to be installed on the computer itself that does not come from the Microsoft Windows app store, he will not be able to do it.
  8. Thank you! This post made me check the SmartCare hand sanitizer I bought this morning at a local pharmacy (U.S). Although it's not on the FDA recall at the moment, it is on the Canadian recall list along with many other hand sanitizers. I miss Purell. Summary Product: Certain hand sanitizers made with industrial-grade ethanol Issue: Health Canada is advising Canadians that certain hand sanitizers are being recalled from the market because they contain industrial-grade ethanol that has not been authorized for use in hand sanitizers in Canada. What to do: Stop using these products. Consult your healthcare professional if you have used any of these products and have health concerns. Report any health product adverse events or complaints to Health Canada. See the additional information on buying health products safely in the links below. Issue What you should do Related AWRs Media enquiries Public enquiries What Health Canada is doing Affected products Product Contaminant Recalling Company NPN or DIN Lot numbers Expiry Date Date Added Eltraderm Hand Sanitizer - 70 % Ethyl Alcohol Ethyl acetate Eltraderm Limited 80098540 0217 April 2022 June 6, 2020 Hand Sanitizer Ethyl acetate Contract Packaging Distributions Inc. 80098453 8613026 8613042 8613048 8613055 8613057 8613058 8613061 8613064 8613066 April 2022 June 6, 2020 Gel 700 Hand Sanitizer Ethyl acetate Methanol; ethyl acetate Nature's Own Cosmetic Company Inc. 80100166 118 mL format L00521024 L00521025 L00525006 236 mL format L00527003 L00528001 L00530003 L00525016 L00526003 L00526011 L00527001 L00528011 L00530002 L00531002 3785 mL format L00515003 May 2022 June 10, 2020 Gel Antiseptique Pour Les Mains Ethyl acetate Mégalab Inc. 80015567 5135 5137 5138 5139 5142 5144 5149 5151 5152 5160 March 2022 June 22, 2020 Germzero Ethyl acetate Flash Beauté Inc. 80099604 243601 November 2022 June 22, 2020 Sanilabs Hand Sanitizer 70% Ethanol Ethyl acetate Sanilabs Inc. 80098769 6069 April 20, 2022 June 6, 2020 6075 April 28, 2022 Walker Emulsions Hand Sanitizer Ethyl acetate Walker Emulsions Ltd. 80098678 209638 Not printed on the label June 6, 2020 Hand Sanitizer Désinfectant pour les mains Ethyl acetate Walker Emulsions Ltd. 80100040 210061 Not printed on the label June 6, 2020 Protectenol Hand Sanitizer Liquid Ethyl acetate Applied Lubrication Technology 80098373 20-070 20-083 20-366 20-367 20-368 20-369 20-370 20-371 20-372 20-373 Not printed on the label June 10, 2020 Tidol Hand Sanitizer 70% Ethyl acetate Tidol Corporation 80099632 7080 April 2022 June 10, 2020 Tekare Instant Hand Cleanser Gel Ethyl acetate TEKPolymer Inc. Unlicensed (no NPN or DIN on the label) HG200320 (not printed on the label) April 2023 June 22, 2020 Aktif Antiseptique instantané pour les mains Ethyl acetate Laboratoire Hygienex Inc. 80098088 189665189574 May 16, 2022 June 10, 2020 Smart Care Ethyl acetate R&D Technical Solutions Ltd. 80099110 005154 005155 May 2022 June 10, 2020 X-Pure Vert-2-Go Gel Ethyl acetate Wood Wyant Inc. 80013648 109832 309132 408732 208732 109732 109232 April 2022 June 10, 2020 Dash Vapes Hand Sanitizer Ethyl acetate DashVapes Inc. Unlicensed (no NPN or DIN on label) 1258969 April 10, 2021 June 11, 2020 Isogel Ethyl acetate Lalema Inc. 80098996 5900 0004 May 13, 2021 June 11, 2020
  9. Oh, so much this. We live in a very diverse municipality, both income-wise and race, culture, country of origin, etc. My immediate neighborhood sees police probably at least weekly, sometimes more often than that. But here's the thing - I know my neighbors and I know that the neighbor (white) whom police visit the most calls them himself. Sometimes there is a full contingent of a fire engine, several police vehicles, and one or two ambulances - all for him. He has some very serious issues, which I won't go into here for privacy reasons, and sometimes he calls police to have them come and talk him down, which they do. I think everyone from dispatchers to EMS to every police officer knows him, as this has been going on for at least as long as we've been living here, which is now nearly 20 years. If someone just moved into the neighborhood and started seeing this, what would they think? What if he wasn't white? There is another family in my neighborhood, a family of color. They have police visit them every few weeks. Again, that's because the family calls for help, not because anyone reports them for anything. Now I know this also - there is an ongoing domestic dispute with an estranged family member who won't leave them alone. This person becomes very easily agitated, and police come and talk him down before he (usually) goes with them in an ambulance. If someone was out there watching, I'm pretty sure the situation could easily become escalated because this person is clearly quite disturbed.
  10. I think the split units are great, but I think the OP is in a rental. Split installation requires cutting holes in the outer wall and in some cases pouring a concrete slab or installing a bracket or something for the unit to sit on. It's a fairly permanent installation with electric wiring work required and has to be done to code (inspections, permit, etc). Also, in my area these are rare. People are not used to seeing them. So if a house goes up for sale, the look of the split unit inside a room, no matter how small, can be a negative for a buyer in my area because these are not the norm around here. It's mainly central air and window units in older homes.
  11. I would say it is very difficult to adapt it to single student use. I used the workbook with the teacher's guide, although it was for a younger grade (grade 3). I had to add a significant amount of extra materials such as a body atlas and other activity books (Scholastic and the like). I remember looking at higher grade books and deciding not to use it again.
  12. Last year we bought two portable units because our window AC was too loud. We found them quieter, but very inefficient. We insulated the vent ducts and did everything our Google search results suggested, but our electric bill was nearly double its normal amount last summer. This year we have small GE window units with "quiet mode". They do indeed run pretty quietly, but we found that they freeze if we use quiet mode for any length of time. I mean, if you removed the front grill where the filter is, you would see a thin sheet of ice. Google told us this is because there is insufficient air flow inside the unit because the fan runs low. We are still using these, but now they are on Medium, e-save. It's louder than quiet mode, but not as loud as our previous window AC used to be.
  13. I would tell my newbie homeschooler self not to join. I did join a local group my first year of homeschooling and attended a couple of meetings. I did not enjoy them because I quickly discovered that there was an unspoken hierarchy with number of years homeschooling being the top qualification to speak. Newbies such as myself were deemed to have pretty much nothing to contribute and were expected to smile, nod, and absorb the wisdom. I did not go back. This board has been a far better place for me. I've been a lurker for years and have learned nearly everything I know about homeschooling here. There are many points of view and we are all very opinionated, but as a whole, this board has been a place where ideas are welcome and one's "status" or years homeschooling or whatever is not a barrier to discussion.
  14. I cut things up in the hand, toward the thumb/toward self most of the time. If I have a large amount of cutting to do, I use a cutting board, but my in-hand cutting is faster and more controlled in terms of size and thickness. When I was growing up, watching people do this terrified me, but now I don't even think about it. I am not at the level of skill I observed as a child though. I have a memory of watching a neighbor cut tomatoes and onion paper-thin in her hand for salad. It was a work of art. Now, here's something I haven't seen mentioned in this thread yet. I have a memory of (mostly men) cutting a loaf of bread, hug-style. I tried to Google images or videos of this, but wasn't successful. Basically, you grab a large crusty loaf, either a round one or an oblong one, wrap your non-dominant arm around it so it is anchored by your arm against your chest, and then use your dominant hand to cut a thick slice across, toward your body. You stop while the slice is still attached, but nearly cut through with maybe a quarter inch left. Then you pull the slice from the loaf. I only have this memory from childhood. I don't remember seeing anybody do this as a teen or as an adult. This would be a more rural community before the super widely available presliced bread in the shops. ETA I do use a vegetable peeler, but I am faster and more efficient at peeling with a paring knife.
  15. Same here! I've actually gone back and forth thinking I should cancel because we've done fine as a family without a freezer. My husband made a very good point that we are more likely than not to lose power and that it is better to have shelf stable food on hand. I just want both. lol. It's only a small freezer anyway. I think I'll be happy to have one if it does come, but I'll also be fine if it doesn't.
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