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  1. Could it be a variant of a common razor clam (Atlantic jacknife clam)? they are more of a rectangular shape. Try looking at pictures of those, there are many different color and shape variants.
  2. Eggplant spread - place a whole eggplant (holes poked with knife first so it doesn't explode) on a dry, hot, cast-iron skillet on a medium to high heat - cook on one side until charred, turn, cook on the other side until charred and "deflated" - it looks flat basically, no longer round - let cool, cut in half length-wise, open and scoop out the flesh - mash cooked eggplant with fork until fairly uniform and no longer stringy - add finely chopped onion and garlic to taste - optional - add finely chopped fresh tomato - season with salt, pepper, and a little oli
  3. A friend of a friend was sick with mild covid symptoms back in April/May or so. She's had a positive antibody test since. The main symptom was loss of smell. Now she smells something burning pretty much all the time, even though nothing is burning. Apparently it's a thing and some of the people she knows have similar issues except that everything smells like rotting garbage. In comparison, burning smell is an improvement. 😞
  4. OP, I'm so sorry this happened to you! Please, please don't leave. This place will not be the same without you.
  5. Not in our experience. My daughter is taking Lukeion classes including Latin, and any free-form answers are marked "pending" by the computer. The teacher goes through those manually. Something like an extra space would be given full credit. The same goes for answers that have different capitalization, or include an article such as "the." She sometimes gets partial credit if the answer is very close, like a synonym.
  6. What are you feeding him (or what are you eating if you are nursing)? In my kids it started at about 2 months of age. For my daughter who was nursed, I was able to change my diet, but it was very, very limited. I was down to boiled chicken, rice, a few vegetables, and yeast-free bread/crackers (i.e. matzoh like stuff - no leavening at all). For my son, this was not enough. He had to be formula fed - we tried just about all types of formula until we finally settled on the very expensive Similac Alimentum. If you end up here, you want the little pre-mixed cans, not the powder. A
  7. I teach college courses, so this post is from that perspective. My courses all require APA formatting - these are technology classes. As an undergraduate student, I had to use MLA in the freshman English composition classes only. All other classes required APA. In graduate school, all my classes required APA only. Many of my students who have learned and used MLA keep formatting their papers that way even when I give them resources, templates, and require them to make appointments with our writing coaches. They tend to ignore formatting comments and grade deductions and keep making t
  8. I am not sure about the email address. In the past, I have not received any confirmation that my registration was received, but the kits still came. There is no schedule that I am aware of for mailing them out - I guess it depends on the number of volunteers they may have available to put boxes together and mail them out. Here is the link to the top of the page where the button to register is rather than the direct link to the form as before: https://www.physicscentral.com/experiment/physicsquest/index.cfm I can now see teacher's guides and explanations for all experiments in the 202
  9. The 2020 Physics Quest is open for registrations. This is a free kit for homeschoolers as well as schools. It usually takes them several months to assemble and mail out kits, so they may not arrive until perhaps next spring, but they are really nice. We've gotten them for the past four years and are looking to this year's installment! Some household items may be needed, but the kits usually have most needed items. I think I heard about it first here on the boards some years ago. They are usually geared to about middle school level, but younger/older students can also participate.
  10. I find it helpful to explain it to people like this. Imagine you have a bucket with a little drain hole in the bottom. You keep pouring things into the bucket, sometimes little things, sometimes big things, sometimes medium. Sometimes it goes in slow and drains out without ever becoming full. But some days the bucket is so close to the top that even a tiny little thing will make it turn over and spill everything, making a huge mess. I can take quite a bit of noise on a regular basis, but I need time to let my bucket drain out - time of utter quiet, peace, and without people in my per
  11. I used the Astronomy The Self Teaching Guide for astronomy - in 7th grade. There is no way in my opinion that it can be used alone to fulfill a high school science requirement. My 7th grader (at the time) finished the book in less than 6 months. The way I scheduled it was very simple. I looked at the page count with content, not including titles, etc., and divided so that my student read about 20-30 pages per day. I don't remember the exact number of pages, but it was something like that. That work was not time consuming for my student even though we did outlining and note-taking/summariz
  12. If I tried to do that (place letter to be sent in, on, around, or anywhere near the mailbox), it would be completely ignored. If the letter carrier actually came, they would simply add mail to whatever is already there. Assuming that the mail was actually addressed to us in the first place. In the last two weeks, we have had mail delivered exactly 3 times. Our next door neighbor has had no mail for 5 days, then received one day, and now - nothing since (3 days). I finally actually saw a letter carrier two days ago and asked about our mail. No sorry, he doesn't have anything for me. Neverm
  13. If you are looking for a kind of printer you have at work, you may wish to look into workgroup printers. These are going to cost more money, but they may have the functionality you want. I have something like this, but Dell brand, which they no longer sell. This one prints up to 30 pages per minute in color and black and white, has automatic duplex, and also comes with a scanner, copier, and fax (I don't use fax). When you look at printers, look at their max monthly capacity. This particular model can handle up to 50,000 pages per month. If you need to print more than that, you will have
  14. Dear TKD Owner/Manager, Please be advised that as of 8/18/2020, A LastName and B Lastname will not be attending their TKD lessons due to a virus exposure. It is possible that the exposure took place at the TKD facility since they do not engage in any other activity outside the home and nobody else in the household has been exposed to a known virus source or has experienced any symptoms. A and B are currently symptompatic and are awating their Covid-19 test results. A and B will resume their TKD classes once they are asymptompatic and their test resutls show Covid-19 negative status.
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