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  1. Thanks everyone . I think I will just go ahead with MCT for my 3rd grader and do it one on one.
  2. A friend of mine uses it and says it's for an advanced 3rd grader or grade 4.. my sons isn't advanced . Also I have another son that will be in grade 2. If I wait then maybe they can do it together in grade 3/4.
  3. I know I keep posting on here but I keep reading forums and reviews and changing my mind . My son will be in grade 3 in September . We are using AAR and AAS. He will do WWE level 2 in grade 3. I want to start grammar with him . We used FLL 1 and it went okay but we both weren't really fans of it. I want to use MCT but I might wait until 4th grade . People say if they have some grammar knowledge MCT will be easier . So I thought for grade 3 of maybe doing Winston grammar because it looks hands on and that aspect from AAR has really helped my son. Should I just back off and start MCT in grade 4
  4. Can people list of maybe 5-10 books for a 3rd grader to read. I want good books like charlottes web .. not magic tree house ;)
  5. I have the first book but I didn't want to start now because this is our first year .. they came from public school so we are getting into a good routine of math and reading and language arts . I also have 4 year old and 22 month old plus one on the way. I plan to read them books about history .. we have some of the reading lists books that SOTW recommends . We have a living science book we are reading and our read aloud so I'm not sure about adding in SOTW as another read aloud. When my boys are in 4/5 I will have a K and grade 1 and then a 2 year old ;) so thinking all 4 of them could do it
  6. Has anyone waited and just started SOTW in grade 5? My boys in grade 1/2 are doing Canada my country from Donnaward. 2/3 I thought we would do native studies and 3/4 do Canadian history . So 4/5 - 7/8 we would go through SOTW with the activity book .
  7. I like that idea but would it not take a long time to get through beast doing it that way ?
  8. Thank you ! That is helpful :)
  9. My sons are currently using CLE math. I love grade 1 for my 6 year old , he has a hard time catching on to math so the review is great for him . When a topic is introduced it takes him about 10 days of lessons of reviewing it before he gets it. My 7 year old is using 200s and he gets things right away . So for him I was thinking of using Singapore or beast academy for grade 3. I heard someone say that CLE is easy and Singapore or beast are more challenging . But I don't want to just switch because I have 3 other littles and I want them all to just use the same math programs so I save on money
  10. I just want to know the flow of things .. because it seems like so many programs overlap ... but I guess generally you do fll 1-3 and then can go into MCT . Then for writing do WWE 1-3 .. then do W&R 1-4 .. then maybe think about kilgallon ?
  11. That is the thing . He completes a CLE math lesson in 15 minutes on his own . And he mostly gets 100% of everything right . We haven't even started multiplication yet but he can multiply up to 5 and 10s just by asking him what is 6 groups of 5.... and he can add 135 and 126 in his head. So I want something a little more challenging .
  12. I am trying to figure out a plan for writing and grammar. I want to use WWE, treasured conversations, W&R and kilgallon. Then for grammar use FLL and MCT. Would you do . WWE 1, WWE 2, WWE 3 and treasured conversations, then W & R 1 and 2 and start kilgallon sentence composing , then W&R 3 and 4 with paragraph composing. Then start WWS (about grade 6)? Grammar do FLL 1-3. Then start MCT island, then story grammar, then town and voyage?
  13. Ok thanks everyone . My son is very good at math and is doing CLE 200 very easily. I've just heard that a lot of people use it, so I was wondering . This is my first of 5 kids.. my next two are not math oriented so I may just stick with CLE so all my kids can use it :)
  14. My son is currently doing CLE 200. He is just finishing 205. I was wondering about switching to Beast Academy in grade 3. But I have been reading that a lot of people do CLE 200 and BA 3A and 3B together. Will BA be too easy for him if we complete CLE 200s first? I don't want to do both programs because I just feel like that will be a lot of work. Is BA a full math program if we switch? Or should I stick with CLE?
  15. I have been wanting to combine but my youngest needs AAR 1 and I bought it and looked through and it's too easy for my older guy
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