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  1. I'm supposed to be a tough old broad. Why, then, do little animals always find a way to get in under my armour?

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    2. Reflections


      :) Which animal is not well?


    3. Audrey


      It's our oldest house cat.

    4. melbotoast


      :( So sad when our animals are sick.

  2. My plan for world peace = everyone gets a kitten. However, my cats' plan for world domination = everyone gets a kitten.

  3. Darn! All out of newt toes.

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    2. aggieamy


      Oh, is your friend coming over for dinner? I didn't think that newt toes would be on her list of acceptable foods. :)


      (Hope I'm thinking of the right story.)

    3. Audrey


      All newt is good newt, Chuckie.

    4. Reflections


      One of my cats might be able to hook you up! Do you mind if they are slightly chewed on?

  4. Thanks for the extra pm room, and welcome! :)

  5. Hi Rhonda. Saw your post. For various reasons, I don't do pms on this board. What did you want to ask? :)

  6. Thanks for your kind thoughts! Happy's acting like himself today (which means much mischief!), and no recurrence of whatever was bugging him yesterday.

  7. Hey Parabola. Oh, it's cold up here, too. Colder than a witch's... oh wait. No, mine are actually kind of warm. :lol:

  8. I'm very serious, beans! Cream of cr*p soup is noxious. :ack2:

  9. Approved, and welcome! :)

  10. Hey... I can admit I went a bit out of line in my post, but it was mainly mimicking her attitude. Sure, mine needed to be deleted, but so does hers. I can take a hand slap. I deserved it. Yet, a little consistency would be nice.

  11. Just have to say... on the National Review thread -- YOU GO GIRL!

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