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  1. I'm supposed to be a tough old broad. Why, then, do little animals always find a way to get in under my armour?

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    2. Reflections


      :) Which animal is not well?


    3. Audrey


      It's our oldest house cat.

    4. melbotoast


      :( So sad when our animals are sick.

  2. Darn! All out of newt toes.

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    2. aggieamy


      Oh, is your friend coming over for dinner? I didn't think that newt toes would be on her list of acceptable foods. :)


      (Hope I'm thinking of the right story.)

    3. Audrey


      All newt is good newt, Chuckie.

    4. Reflections


      One of my cats might be able to hook you up! Do you mind if they are slightly chewed on?

  3. oo... ooo... witchy woman...

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    3. MelAR05
    4. freeindeed


      ...see how high she flies...Love The Eagles! I saw them in concert twice. :)

  4. There are few problems in life that can't be remedied with a good shovel.

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    2. Erica in OR

      Erica in OR

      Read that as "a good novel." That works for me...

    3. ErinE


      To bury the evidence?

  5. Wishing it were warmer.

    1. awisha.


      It was 39°c/100°f here yesterday. It's 29°c today. You can have our hot weather!!!

    2. Audrey


      It is -20°C here tonight. I'll split the difference with you. :)

    3. SunnyDays


      Should I tell either one of you it's supposed to be 60 degrees F here this weekend?? :)

  6. Grow up and get yourself some big girl panties already.

    1. Dana


      Would that be a thong? ;)

    2. Stacia


      Now I have the song "These Boots are Made for Walking" running through my head, lol.... ;-)

    3. suzybluecheese


      Are you saying I should start wearing panties?

  7. I have come to realise that decluttering never ends. :-(

    1. RootAnn



      But it does make cleaning easier & organizing more helpful!

    2. Critterfixer


      Think of it as weeding. Weeding never ends either.

    3. Stacia


      I know. I've been ignoring it in my house lately & I can tell.... :-/

  8. Ah, lentils...

    1. Stellalarella
    2. Audrey


      French green, Puy, to be precise. :)

  9. Well, it's a marvelous night for a moondance...

    1. Jen in NY

      Jen in NY

      are the stars up above in your eyes?

    2. besroma


      A fantabulous night to make romance...

  10. I have pink pants!

    1. Isabella


      Cool! I've been seeing bright colours all around the shops here.

    2. freeindeed
  11. Fifteen years. Are we really that old?

    1. freeindeed


      Anniversary? If so, you are definitely NOT old. I know this because hubby and I celebrated ours last December. And we are young, oh so young! :)

  12. My plan for world peace = everyone gets a kitten. However, my cats' plan for world domination = everyone gets a kitten.

  13. Why do people not show up when they say they will?

    1. freeindeed


      I know. It is so frustrating!


  14. Remember when trolls were just ugly dolls with crazy hair?

    1. swellmomma


      Well at least those were not restricted the the elite...unless you count bingo addicted grannies to be the elite.

  15. Attitude is your best accessory. Rock it.

    1. swimmermom3


      Especially when you have teens.

  16. "Instant classic" is not only an oxymoron, it's also a moronic marketing tool.

  17. How many licks does it take to get to the centre of a Tootsie Pop?

    1. Chris in VA

      Chris in VA

      3! One, two, three...CRUNCH!

  18. Thanks for the extra pm room, and welcome! :)

  19. The apple pie was worth the trip.

  20. Ah, so THIS is what it feels like when ice cubes cry.

  21. All the good ones go too soon. :(

  22. Lots of little sunshines today.

  23. Hey Parabola. Oh, it's cold up here, too. Colder than a witch's... oh wait. No, mine are actually kind of warm. :lol:

  24. Approved, and welcome! :)

  25. Love the new Chat Board. :)

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