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  1. My son is doing 8th grade here at home this year. I am utilizing Writing with Skill Level I and would like something for grammar. I am not looking for anything complicated and I really don't want anything with diagramming. My son hasn't had any formal grammar, just literature and good spoken english in the home. I think it would be good to do some basic grammar this year. I would like it to be easy for him to do on his own as I work full time and will look it over, but I won't be there to teach it. Any recommendations? I am open to anything that is easy to implement and learn. 

  2. 20 minutes ago, Lori D. said:

    Wow. Completely opposite programs. 😧

    Tapestry of Grace is a massive program with a focus on discussion, analysis, writing. It is pretty parent-intensive time-wise, and can be a pretty heavy load student-wise. Since you like the look of Build Your Library, why not go with that, and just add in some titles to it. Use the ToG booklist, and ask here for other ideas that would fit in with your theme.

    JMO! BEST of luck, whatever you go with. Warmly, Lori D.
    PS -- and, nice to "see" you again on these boards. 😉

     You aren't wrong. I would use TOG lite because I do like the different topics explored. But I think you are right, it is easier to add than subtract. BYL might just be the ticket. Thanks for the welcome back!

  3. I would like my son to study the civil war and continue working through the civil rights movement this year to tie it in with whats been going on with our world lately. I have found Build your library level 6 to be very appealing and looks easy to use but I wonder if I would like more book choices I could get with Tapestry. I believe I would start on Y3U3 in tapestry. Any thoughts. My son will be in middle school.


  4. 56 minutes ago, Mbelle said:

    Welcome back!

    I did love Sonlight Eastern Hemisphere for my older 2 dc.  I plan to do that one with ds 3, but he's only heading into 2nd grade.  I don't know about the other curriculum.

    Dh has Crohns ( currentyly in remission!) and plenty of people in his family do as well.  He missed 3 months straight of schooling in high school.  It's too bad homeschooling wasn't much of a thing back then.  


    Mbelle, did you notice my user name? Funny! What did you love about Eastern Hemisphere specifically? 

  5. Well it has been a few years since I have posted but all is good. I am a nurse now and 3 of my 5 have graduated. Actually #3 is graduating tomorrow from PS. My 4th daughter is in high school in PS and my son has also been in PS. Next year I am homeschooling him because he missed 21 days of school this year due to flare-ups with his Crohn's disease. So, I am going to have him do 7th grade at home. I am an RN Case Manager and I visit patients in their homes so I my schedule is very flexible. I'll be able to monitor his progress every day. 

    So I would like some opinions. I have decided to use either Sonlight Eastern Hemisphere https://www.sonlight.com/FC5 or HOD Revival to Revolution https://www.heartofdakota.com/revival-to-revolution-packages.php. I would love opinions on these two programs in particular and also your opinion on the book choices in each. It is good to be back ladies! 


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