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    Not really homeschooling anymore. Going to school to be an RN.
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    <p>For those that embrace Charlotte Mason's teachings or philosophy and practice them in their homeschool journeys.</p>
  • Public Club

    <p>Sharing ideas of planning, scheduling, and projects for Tapestry of Grace.</p>
  • Public Club

    <p>Looking for a good book to read to your children? Let's talk about what our children are reading, or what we're reading to them. Anything goes, all genres of books are welcome to be discussed.</p>
  • Public Club

    <p>Open to all ladies (and gentlemen!) who are looking to lose weight! Looking to form a cheering section and recipes, ideas, etc.</p>
  • Public Club

    <p>Are you a pastor's wife, a ministry wife, or in "professional ministry" yourself? This group is here to provide a safe place to discuss issues related to "life in the fishbowl."</p>
  • Public Club

    <p>For those using or interested in The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading - The Bridge to the Latin Road and The Latin Road to English Grammar.</p>
  • Public Club

    <p>For those attending, or interested in attending, the 2011 Midwest Homeschool Convention</p>
  • Public Club

    <p>Didn't see a group for those of us using Sonlight as our main program. Join if you are using any core!</p>
  • Public Club

    <p>This is a group for those of us who have hit that 35+ mark and need new ideas for losing weight. We can post our meals, tips, exercises and results here. It is also a good place to get a good kick in the butt to get off the couch.</p>
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