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  1. My child is in fourth grade this year. Up to this point we have used Writing With Ease, after first grade it was a struggle and lessons usually ended in extreme frustration-there was a struggle with remembering dictation. We switched to Memoria Press' Intro to Composition this year and he's already doing better. My question is should I use it for a year then try Writing With Skill for fifth grade? Or stick to Memoria Press and try to accelerate to have him in the correct level by fifth grade? (Intro is technically third grade level). Anyone else have experience with this?
  2. We started Saxon Math 3 this year and child is frustrated and bored by the repetitiveness of it. (Saxon worked well last 2 years). Child loves math and is pretty good at it. Based on Singapore placement test it looks like we'd have to go all the way back to level 1b or 2a, is this normal?? Also does anyone know if the math recommendations in Well-Trained Mind have changed? I have an older addition so I wasn't sure.
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