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  1. All of Amazon's best deals listed here plus a few other sites. Coupon code for $4 off Dash Buttons and lists the best Fire deals.
  2. Haha, what I meant was outside is UGH, inside is nice and warm thanks to my amazing littler personal heater.
  3. You are set on Python? Definitely check out https://www.codecademy.com/learn/python
  4. ¡Hola!

    1. HomeMum
    2. Slache


      Gatos son alimentados por energà a solar.

  5. Please ignore, do not look, simply quoting for future reference.
  6. No problem :blushing: :blushing: :blushing: :blushing: :blushing: I can't believe I only just now stumbled upon this thread by accident :willy_nilly: :leaving:
  7. Just an FYI, the very first link is broken.
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