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  1. We are defenitely Charlotte Mason style! I just am never sure how to do it with High School Science. Thank you so much for the link! She is in 10th grade and also is doing a few classes at the local Tech college. She has an idea of what she wants to do, but being 14, that of course can and most likely will change. :) We will defenitely be checking into a few colleges in the area that she is interested in! Thank you so much for your replies! These were much needed ideas/thoughts for me to look into!
  2. Hello all! Question for you. I am thinking on our plan for our 14 yr old. She is wanting to go into the Science realm, but more Biology related. So, my question is, does she NEED Physics? We are planning on her doing Chemistry of course, but she is not doing well with Algebra 1. Right now she is getting about a B- average. So we will be redoing some of it so that she gets a proper understanding. Also, if she needs Physics, what kind of program would be best? We are very literature based. Thank you SO much in advance! Becky
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