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  1. In choosing three to five selections from this time frame, I'd probably go for the major classics, like: Gilgamesh Homer's Illiad and/or Odyssey Virgil's Aeneid Beowulf The Canterbury Tales Check the great books list in WTM for a more complete list to choose from, if these aren't to taste. HTH
  2. We use Hake, and we do use the writing program. I think I might be the only one out there who does. Yes, it's dry. Yes, it's "formulaic", but as a thorough skill-builder, it's what I was looking for. Lots of practice writing a variety of different kinds of short essays. It also covers outlining, creative writing and responding to literature. For us, it worked far far better than Writing With Skill.
  3. Can you specify which time period in world history you're covering? Or is it the entire world history in one survey course?
  4. My oldest is starting 9th grade this year, so my high school plans are still in formation, but here's what I'm thinking: 9th: World History to 1500 10th: World History 1500 to present 11th: US History 12th: American Government/Economics Geography will be incorporated with each year's focus. Folding my younger dd in at the appropriate time, her history schedule will look like: 9th: US History 10th: Amer. Gov't / Economics 11th: World History to 1500 12th: World History 1500 to present That's my tentative long range plan. We'll see how it all plays out. :)
  5. Omg, I forgot all about that! Lol.... I agree, the Chat Board can be extraordinarily toxic. I used to come in here and lurk just for a break from it. Now that my oldest is starting 9th, I feel like I have a more legitimatized refuge here on the high school board. Enjoy your new journey. :)
  6. We're celebrating here! My 12yo made sure she had all the colors of the rainbow on her clothes/jewelry when she got dressed this morning. Lol.... raisin' 'em right... :D
  7. I'm probably making this way too complicated for myself, I know, but.... When looking at a long term high school plan for my rising 9th grader, I'm not sure what the best science sequence should be. I'm probably going to have her do Biology next year (either Miller Levine or CK-12, with corresponding lab kits) but then, what should I do for 10th grade? Go right into Chemistry, like I did in high school? Do a year of Astronomy, like WTM recommends? Or should I do a year of "physical science" like I've seen in programs like Bridget Ardoin or Pearson, etc? And what, exactly, is Physical Science. It's not Physics, I'm assuming..... And, to make it more complicated, some of these websites recommend doing Physical Science in 9th grade and then progressing into Biology and Chemistry in 10th and 11th grades, leaving Physics for 12th grade. My dd is more arts and language interest-led. I doubt she'll pursue a STEM type career, so I'm not looking for super-charged AP level science. But I want her to have a proper, secular, and complete high school level science education. So, what sequence would be best for her? She is just finishing up Saxon Algebra 1 this year and will start Saxon Algebra 2 next year for 9th grade. For science this year, we did CK-12 Middle School Physics (but without a lot of lab work... the labs she did at her enrichment program were more biology based). What would you recommend for a 4-year science sequence for us? TIA. :)
  8. We use Saxon, and will continue for high school, and yes, we show all work. I have them start by copying the original problem onto their paper and then showing each step on subsequent lines. We go through a lot of paper each year, yes, but it's important to keep the steps organized. I tell them it's in their best interest to show their work, because that way, I can award partial credit for answers that are only off by a small calculation error.
  9. It really depends on each situation: your relationship with the person on hospice as compared to your relationship with the family. We actually just got back from a trip like this. RegularDad's dad is dying and lives 2,000 miles away. In this case, his dad specifically asked us to come visit him before he gets too sick to know we were there. So we went and spent a day with him. When it comes time for the funeral (and if there is one, it will be very small) RegularDad will probably just go by himself. I'm sorry for you situation. These things are difficult.
  10. My older dd has an early September birthday. We waited the extra year. Well, actually, we just went very slowly in first grade and took about two years for that material, IIRC. No regrets here at all. She's an older 8th grader now, and she's doing very well. My younger dd has a late spring birthday, so she's on the slightly younger side of her grade. I can see the difference between the two of them in terms of how they've handled their school material over the years. I've learned that extra time to mature is often a very good idea.
  11. We use Hake, and it has worked very well for us. Thorough, not too expensive, and virtually independent.
  12. We moved about 7 months ago, and we're still adjusting. We're busy, and we're out and about and doing lots of things with people, but it's not the same as really knowing the people you're doing things with. We have tons of acquaintances here, but it takes a long time to make deep lasting friendships. It can feel lonely. But on the plus side: we're doing more as a family, and we're able to stay home and get work done more than we had been before. So, there's a trade off, I guess. I find it takes us a good 5 years to feel REALLY settled somewhere. Sadly, it seems like every time we hit that 5 year mark, we end up moving again. We try to stay put, but RegularDad's job is the kind that you need to move with sometimes. This time... we're hoping it's the last. :/
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