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  1. Well my next step is getting a car, getting a job, all while studying for a few CLEP exams. Maybe even an AP exam if that's possible.
  2. I got my license. Apparently the woman at the first DMV didn't know what she was talking about. I'll carry on, sorry for sort of breaking down on here (and resurrecting an old thread) it was a really bad day.
  3. Thank you. And yeah, I did the full course through a driving school. It cost over $500, which is the main reason I'm trying a different DMV. My sister is 32.
  4. A Small update: My sister looked into things, and nowhere online does it say you need anything education related for a license in my state if you're 18 and above. Unless the law literally just changed and the websites aren't updated with the information yet, it's very possible that the woman at the OMV might not have been completely familiar with how things work. My sister printed out what it says on the OMV's website so that she can show it to them when I go up there again on Monday. 50/50 chance it works, but it's better than the 0% chance I have just staying at home. If it works out, then I won't give up. If it doesn't, I have no choice.
  5. I can't enroll in public school, my parents would be sent to jail for never enrolling me in school.
  6. Louisiana. I told them I was 18 but they still said I'd need a GED, diploma, or a letter from whatever company I was home schooled through.
  7. I'm writing this here so that more people will see it. I've spent the last few weeks going through driver's ed, I passed, and I went to get my license earlier today. Apparently they won't give you one without some type of letter from a school. I'm technically a truant, so I have nothing to give them. Without my license I can't get a job and I can't begin to work on everything I had planned to. I'm writing this basically just to say I've given up. I can't take this anymore. I can't take the constant failure and depression anymore. Thank you guys for all your help, but I guess it was all for nothing in the end.
  8. Just thought I'd give an update: I've read quite a bit into the SAT US History book I bought and the SAT and CLEP tests (at least in this subject) seem to be similar enough that I don't need the official CLEP book. I've made it up to John Adams' presidency so far, which may seem slow, but keep in mind that I read each chapter twice to make sure everything sticks. But the main reason I'm writing this is to ask for a little more help: Can anyone give me any tips on taking notes? I'm sitting here with a cramped hand and a nearly-full notebook filled with notes on just the first 125 years of American history, I feel like I'm doing something wrong.
  9. I went ahead and read through a chapter in the book and there isn't a huge emphasis on writing essays. It seems to be a pretty straightforward history book, honestly. I did see the SAT book at the store earlier, I'll probably pick that one up soon. Thank you.
  10. I'm still studying for the CLEPs, what I'm asking is if the information in the book I bought, despite being for a different exam, would be useful in the CLEP exam?
  11. So earlier today I picked up a book called "Cracking The AP U.S. History Exam" I know it's for a different exam, but I would imagine that history would be pretty interchangeable between exams. Should I trudge through this book or return it and get something else? Thanks.
  12. In case you missed it, I'm the guy who started the "I'm 18 and Never Attended School" post on here about a month ago (which to my surprise has over 5K views on it...Damn.) I've basically decided to forego a GED and instead take the CLEP exams instead. According to at least one comment in my old post, if I do a years worth of college-level work at my local CC they will actually grant me the equivalent to a high school diploma, which would allow me to kill two birds with one stone; getting my HS diploma while also grinding away at college-level work. I picked up a book yesterday called "CLEP Official Study Guide" but it turns out that the book just has sample questions in it, it doesn't actually teach anything. So what I'm looking for in this post is basically just advice in general for doing the CLEP exams. What books to read, what courses to take, etc. Anything at all would be much appreciated, thank you all.
  13. Hey guys I'm actually gonna start a new topic like Garga suggested, this one's way out of hand at this point.
  14. Phew...this is gonna be a tough one. I've played so many video games it's hard to really say. I don't watch many movies, but I have watched several documentaries on World War 1 recently, and when I was little I watched countless History channel documentaries. I didn't do boy scouts or 4H, but I do know how to play the guitar though. I've done some very light construction work with my father before, but I've never built models. I can cook a few things, it's actually something I want to learn more about. I love food, haha! But I don't do the other things.
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