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  1. I worry that he's picking up on my anxiety. He definitely stutters more with me than his siblings. Maybe we should drop the homework until we talk to the therapist, because both his stutter and my anxiety are the worst during this.
  2. Thanks Laura and Helen for sharing about your kids. His stuttering is minimal, no more than most people's this morning, even though I can hear efforts around his articulation goals, so I feel a little better
  3. I really fear the stuttering will persist into adulthood. This kid hopes to be a lawyer when he grows up, and of course that's likely to change, but it breaks my heart to think that he might not due to stuttering
  4. The stuttering was worse today, and I'm kind of freaking out about it. We don't see the SLP until next week: they aren't even open until next week. The worst was during Thanksgiving dinner: maybe it was feeling nervous about talking in front of relatives we don't normally see now that he's more aware of his speech. I don't know, but I'd say that he stuttered around 5% of his words. It was better when we got home and was just playing with a sibling (though worse when talking to me but not as bad as during dinner). I'm reading some pretty scary things on the internet about how school aged children are much less likely to recover from stuttering. My ped office is open this weekend: should I call?
  5. How sure are you of that due date? My second and third both came eight days after their due date. With my fifth, I had an estimated due date that put conception at a time where I absolutely knew was impossible. WIth my care provider's blessing, I did take castor oil at 42 weeks and had the baby the next day, who showed absolutely no signs of postmaturity and in fact looked a younger gestational age than my second and third kids.
  6. Once a kid has a firm diagnosis, yes, we share it with kids. I don't share medical information with my kids. They are very young. They don't need it for medical histories yet. I suspect I will share more as they get into their teens.
  7. We did a little school: some math, some spelling, instruments, some nature study. Less than I hoped, but the kids are so wild with excitement about their uncles and aunts in town... I am having a minor freak-out about how we are almost a third of the way through the school year and less than a third of the way through all I hoped to accomplish...but, we are making progress, slowly!
  8. Fitbit allows you to enter stuff like that, if you are so inclined
  9. My husband has a trade union job. The union publishes its wage scale on its website, so anyone who cares can have a pretty good idea bout how much we make.
  10. Oh, I like this idea, other than keeping up a few toys for the baby!
  11. Right now, the kids have sneakers, boots, and dress shoes upstairs. The dress shoes will go to the basement after the holidays, when all the recitals/performances/etc... end, but we have a bunch between now and the new year. The kids don't wear house shoes, just barefoot or socks.
  12. Where are your kids doing independent work? Are you teaching them all together? Right now, I teach at the kitchen table and then kids have their own work at their desks. (We only have two desks right now: the youngest kid only works with me.) I'm not sure how school would work without a quiet space to work.
  13. Oh, I really like the idea of elevation cups to put storage under the bed. The boys and I already fight about them keeping stuff under there that should go there... it'd be great to block off that space. Or attic is not really usable right now, but we are storing off season and hand me downs in the basement.
  14. No tv. I need to look into the bench idea! My spouse feels the same way
  15. Oh, that's a pretty table! I don't know how I'd make something work like that. We have a picture window on one wall. One wall has our fridge, sink, and cabinets. The other wall has our stovetop (with cabinets underneath) and oven (with cabinets on top). The last wall is the wall with the entrance into the kitchen from the stairway that leads into our house and the exit to the kitchen into the hallway...there's no free corner or even really large empty wall space except for the wall with the picture window
  16. I'm not sure what you mean. He is still wobbly when he sits, so I'm having a hard time imagining him sitting in a chair like you'd put up at breakfast bar, but maybe I don't understand you.
  17. Right now, I am doing 2-3 loads of laundry a day. The idea of making the laundry situation more intense seems unworkable. Maybe when the youngest is out of diapers...
  18. I go back and forth about our table. This table has been in our family for over a hundred years, so it has this huge sentimental value and I know I won't get rid of it, even if I took it out of the kitchen... I have no idea where I'd keep it, though.
  19. It's dry, but the floor is pretty uneven. It feels weird (and dark and depressing) to be down there. I'm not sure how to fix that without finishing the basement.
  20. I've talked to my spouse about giving the three boys the master bedroom, but he's pretty opposed. I've also talked to my husband about splitting the master bedroom into two very small bedrooms, which he also doesn't like. I will have to take a look at Ikea again, though for mold purposes, I really want mattresses off the floor. We store out of season/hand me downs in the basement. Do you store day-to-day wear in the laundry room? With our third kid, we tried a high chair that clipped onto the table, but it didn't feel very sturdy. Maybe there's a better brand. Anyone have one they love that doesn't destroy your table?
  21. One kid currently has a loft bed. We tried putting the dressers underneath it, but the loft is so low to help with the low ceilings that everyone hated it. My older son hated crouching under the bed to get clothes out of his dresser. I hated crouching to put clothes away for the younger child. The younger child is young enough that I need the furniture up against walls to anchor them. We are currently using the closet to store the toys, which I think take up more space than the dressers, but I'm not sure...
  22. If I didn't already have cloth pads, I'd probably do one of those period panties instead
  23. My small home constantly feels cluttered. I'd love some help troubleshooting. We are a family of six in a three bedroom ranch. We have a small eat-in kitchen, a single bathroom, and three bedrooms. There is a basement, but it it unfinished with very low ceilings. If we finished the basement, the ceilings would be less than six feet tall.The eat-in kitchen feels really stressful: having a table large enough to fit all of us and a high chair makes it really hard to move around the kitchen without constantly moving the table to have space. In the living room, we have a piano, a futon, and a school desk for one of the kids, plus book shelves for books and mostly school stuff. My only daughter, a tween, gets her own room. I have two boys sharing a small bedroom: it is always very cluttered, because just having two beds and two dressers looks really cluttered. I don't have room for their toys and stuff in the living room, so it goes in there, too. The ceilings are too low for a bunk bed. Right now, the baby is in our room, but I'd like to move him out of our room in the next year. Even if I got rid of all the toys from the boy's room, I don't know if I could fit three beds and three dressers in that room. I would strongly prefer my tween daughter not to share a room with a brother. I know the previous owner managed to raise six kids in this home, so it must be doable... I just don't know how. How do other larger families make small homes work?
  24. I have a kid who just started speech therapy. We had concerns about stuttering earlier in childhood, but he seemed to outgrow it. However, now that he has started speech therapy, it seems to have come back, especially when working on his speech homework. I plan to ask the speech therapist about this, but is this normal? I really think that his speech sounded more normal with the articulation errors than it does with the stutter coming from focusing on correcting the articulation errors!
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