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  1. This. The placement tests online do not give a good idea of the depth and difficulty of the pre-A program. It's worth it
  2. Does your kid have other copywork/narratinon/dictation experience? If so, I'd start at two. Otherwise, I'd start at one.
  3. It's cold. One of the kids is sick. I'm so glad that at least the cold fell when everything is on break and we don't have to leave the house often.
  4. Many places will do a free screening. Pick someone who specializes in fluency issues.
  5. I would avoid having adult teeth pulled if at all possible, so I would rule out option one right away. With the hassle of the third place, I'd pick the second.
  6. Both. I wish I could pay outright for it, but that's not a possibility. My kids will have to find a way to fund the majority, but we will try to make a sizable dent in it.
  7. Tomorrow is my birthday, but I have a lot to do to prepare for hosting Christmas brunch...
  8. There are things I can bake well, but if it involves rolling stuff out, forget it
  9. I was vegetarian from 14-23 and vegan for seven years of that.I gained weight during that time. I ate a lot of grains and beans. I remember the first time I had eggs cooked in butter after seven years of veganism, and it was the best thing I've ever tasted. I was pregnant and nursing at the time and had craved it for months.
  10. He talks a lot, and very quickly. His SLP says that children at eight who still have articulation disorders will score very low, just because all of their sounds should be in by now. She also thinks that he has some anatomical issue causing the articulation issues, especially possibly a tongue tie. I took him to the dentist, though, and the dentist couldn't find anything. We have an ortho consult coming up. On the official treatment plan submitted to insurance, it estimates therapy taking about six months. In conversation, she says that she think speech therapy might b needed as long as the unknown anatomical issue exists. I am in the process of scheduling a second opinion, but I'm feeling pretty discouraged.
  11. I was under the impression that in young children it had to be done under either general anesthesia or sedation, but if we waited the kid might grow into his ears or that if he still needed it, it could be done under local anesthesia.
  12. I would not be completely against doing it when he's much older if he's still upset about his ears and old enough to do it under local anesthesia, but I'm also hoping that this will get better on its own
  13. We tried it... It felt like busy work, honestly.
  14. If you had a school-aged kid who got teased for protruding ears, did the teasing and/or your kid's feelings about his ears improve as he got older? One ear protrudes more than the other.
  15. Child is eight. I did not get an intelligibility %. I just don't notice anyone ever having trouble understanding the kid, and I don't have problems, either. The SLP did not run anyting for ASD or anything: just recommended that I get a consult for an ortho earlier than later (dentist wanted to wait until more adult teeth came to see if the spacing issues resolved.)
  16. My kid is intelligible. People understand him. He was recently diagnosed with a severe articulation disorder: the gfta-3 placed him in the lowest .1%. He had his hearing tested at birth and as a preschooler, but it came back normal. He can play music by ear. He tests at the top 1% on standardized tests. However, given the severity of the articulation disorder, I've asked to talk to his pediatrician about underlying causes. Is there anything in particular I should want tested? Has anyone else been through this?
  17. I don't like being cold. I feel even worse in lots of layers. I complain about the cold while refusing to put more clothes on. What I really want is a better heating system
  18. IME (of union plumbing in a place where the union is very strong), most older plumbers get out of the most strenuous work by making it up to foreman, but they are still in the field. Some become estimators, project managers, teachers at the union hall, or engineers. Many at least try their hand at opening their own business, but... a lot of these businesses fail.
  19. Both. For a kid who doesn't know what to do and might be signing up for a world of debt while they figure out what they want to do? I think they'd be better off at least starting a paid trade apprenticeship instead of rushing off to college. For a kid who is gung ho about working in the trades? I'd counsel them to look at how hard that has been on their father's body and to make sure they have an exit plan.
  20. I still haven't figured out Twitter - bad millennial - but I love love love this series and definitely read it to my kids a few times around this time of year.
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