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  1. Thanks. Looking up Thinkwell now, and I'll search other online classes too. I'm very tight on money so I'll look at Homeschoolbuyerscoop as well. I've definitely had plenty of encouragement to push me forward :) Thanks for the link. I don't know if my library system offers that. They don't have much on their website as far as I can tell, but I will be going to the library soon to see what I can find. I appreciate it. There is one, in fact, reasonably close. That's something I'm going to explore when I have my own transportation! Thanks :)
  2. I looked around after reading your reply and found this: http://mycareertools.com/ged-online-classes/ It looks promising, but I'm not one to judge. The prospect of taking actual physical GED prep classes isn't very likely anytime soon, but at the very least this might get some practice under my belt until I'm in a position to where I'm able to do that. I'll check with my state requirements. Thank you for time and help! I'm inspired. Edit: Upon further investigation, the math section of that site I linked seems a bit confusing and cluttered. Maybe I'm just not ready for it yet and need t
  3. Wow. That's overwhelming, and in a good way! Thanks for taking the time to provide all that info; I will bookmark all of this and save it so I can access it whenever. I will show my mom the Abigail site as well.
  4. Thank you, that's very helpful. I will look those up. Khan Academy will certainly make things easier too, when I am able to work through the videos. I did in fact get a test prep book last night; I haven't had a chance to take the pretests yet, but I'm excited. Even if I get all the questions wrong, it's nice to know I have something solid to work off of! I'll look into my local library too, if only for a place to study at, though I'm sure they'll have a wide range of material I'd like to check out.
  5. Thank you, that is encouraging. :) Yes, I do have regular internet access, fortunately. I've never heard of that website. I will have a go! Thank you for the help!
  6. Hello, I don't want to get too much into personal details, but to make a long story short, I was never put into a public school, and wasn't really "homeschooled" either. There were no records kept or anything like that. My mother taught me how to read and write and basic math (multiplication, addition, subtraction, some fractions and some basic division), really without any structure, and then after the age of nine or ten, nothing. My dad was pretty much absent when it came to anything to do with schooling. I didn't understand what a diploma or GED was until I was around nineteen. Anyway
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