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  1. HI, Has anyone successfully combined any of the Apologia Zoology series...Flying, Swimming, and Land in 1 school year? Or is there another curriculum choice?
  2. If you belong to Scribd, they have all the fairy books under documents that you can download.
  3. DS10 will move up to 5th Math: GoMath 5, Singapore based Teaching Textbooks Grade 5 Science: Apologia Physics and Chemistry History: US History using Time Travelers from Homeschool in the Woods, including geography, state study and president study; Living Book based history with projects and some lapbooking Spelling: Spelling Workout E Literature: The Sign of the Beaver, The Last of the Mohicans, The Matchlock Gun, Thumbelina (fairy book), 20,000 Leagues, Let It Begin Here, Johnny Tremain, Treasure Island, Little House in the Big Woods, By the Dawn's Early Light, The
  4. I used Homeart Studio for 3rd grade. The cd was very reasonable. However, the supplies ran about 150 bucks. My son is very picky and enjoyed some of the assignments and others he hated. I also would have like to see more of an art lesson vs a craft how to. I tried a co-op class for art but its mainly a social time. I am trying Meet the Masters and the Kitchen Table Classroom. The Meet the Masters is 34.95 and the other Kitchen Table Classroom is 24.95 with 40% off. Meet the Masters is for 5 lessons and the Kitchen Table Classroom is for the year. Both curricula cover art instruction and
  5. I think at this age you need to explain to your children how and why this is inappropriate and learn that this is not a behavior we want to imitate. The teachers behavior speaks volumes of hos insecurity and inability to articulate his expectations. As far as you saying something, it will only come back on your child. been there done that. AND hell hath no fury than a challenged teacher. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  6. We do a lot of our own because DS has Dysgraphia and I have to modify almost every part of the curriculum to reduce writing. Most work is completed orally, just learned I am using the Socratic method, flashcards, and extremely tailored worksheets when needed. Love Saxon Math Intermediate 3 although he tested into 5/4, dysgraphia again causes so many issues. Above expectations. I also added Sunshine Math (free) for more word problems and conceptual ideas. In NC we have to test, so I gotta cover the bases SOTW--I like it but use History Odyssey with it. I like SOTW1, but all the books had DS r
  7. Saxon for sure. Take one of free middle school tests. Based on what the score says use that level. Saxon reviews basic math facts, 1 concept at a time, and gives a spiral review to reinforce. Google about John saxon and read about how and why this program was developed. We do the whole program and do not skip. Math is a cross between art and a foreign language for many it takes work to learn it, very few are gifted mathematics. Also, do pick up manipulative items that pertain to book you are studying as you are able to find. They made a big difference. My DS8 is younger than yours but this pro
  8. I teach it all, the good, the bad, the ugly. I agree that finding a text is very difficult as most have been rewritten to exaggerate certain topics and avoid others. Much like science, I have come to realize that I will have to cobble together multiple sources to put together a history of the United States that is more in balance with historical events. I kind of have a plan for the coming years... Elementary Years using SOTW/CHOTW --concerned about the quantity of US history in this series. Middle School Years probably the History of US or stick with SOTW for 6th and History of US for 7/
  9. I would use the free online, printable placement tests for Saxon Math and use Saxon based on her testing score. I find Saxon's introduction of 1 concept at a time with a review of previous concepts a wonderful way to keep reviewing every day vs saving review time for a specific date. I use manipulatives with Saxon 5/4 for my 3rd grader all the time. See a picture of money or want to emphasize a concept, I pull the ten rods and cubes, clocks, etc. I find that the ongoing review means I am not spending a lot of time on review or quizzing to prepare for exams. At 120 lessons per a year, if a
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