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  1. HI, Has anyone successfully combined any of the Apologia Zoology series...Flying, Swimming, and Land in 1 school year? Or is there another curriculum choice?
  2. If you belong to Scribd, they have all the fairy books under documents that you can download.
  3. DS10 will move up to 5th Math: GoMath 5, Singapore based Teaching Textbooks Grade 5 Science: Apologia Physics and Chemistry History: US History using Time Travelers from Homeschool in the Woods, including geography, state study and president study; Living Book based history with projects and some lapbooking Spelling: Spelling Workout E Literature: The Sign of the Beaver, The Last of the Mohicans, The Matchlock Gun, Thumbelina (fairy book), 20,000 Leagues, Let It Begin Here, Johnny Tremain, Treasure Island, Little House in the Big Woods, By the Dawn's Early Light, The
  4. I used Homeart Studio for 3rd grade. The cd was very reasonable. However, the supplies ran about 150 bucks. My son is very picky and enjoyed some of the assignments and others he hated. I also would have like to see more of an art lesson vs a craft how to. I tried a co-op class for art but its mainly a social time. I am trying Meet the Masters and the Kitchen Table Classroom. The Meet the Masters is 34.95 and the other Kitchen Table Classroom is 24.95 with 40% off. Meet the Masters is for 5 lessons and the Kitchen Table Classroom is for the year. Both curricula cover art instruction and
  5. I think at this age you need to explain to your children how and why this is inappropriate and learn that this is not a behavior we want to imitate. The teachers behavior speaks volumes of hos insecurity and inability to articulate his expectations. As far as you saying something, it will only come back on your child. been there done that. AND hell hath no fury than a challenged teacher. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  6. Yes, I have had that problem with Math Mammoth. Honestly, it gave my DS9 fits. However, I used modules last year to shore up math learning. DS scored 5th level in 3rd grade and his level of understanding math is excellent. To help with the mental math issue, I teach it as another method of solving problems. We are in 4th grade and pretty hands on. I continue to model how I would solve it mentally out loud. Slowly, DS has come around. It will take time but I find that if you look ahead to the test (even if you dont give) you can see how much emphasis the author is requiring and adjust according
  7. Thanks for the reassurance. I do not want to turn this into a hate but i want him prepared enough for life. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  8. Yes, his eyes have been checked. His older brother had tracking issues so I was all about making sure this one was checked too![emoji1] Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  9. Do check out Pandia Press, they came out with Astronomy 2. We are doing their Chemistry this year and love it. DS9 is thrilled.
  10. DS9 is between 3rd and 4th. His spelling is superb. He is able to read very well. His comprehension of reading material is good but I think he could do better. Our state requires a test and he scored 5th-grade level in math and 3rd-grade level in language arts. On the language arts portion, he played a guessing game and finished the entire test very quickly because he did not think it was worth his time. His words. HE ABSOLUTELY HATES READING. Yes, I have done ALL the hacks, tricks, and traps to raise his interest/love of reading. But this boy will not be a bibliophile. I am at the point o
  11. Pandia Press offers level 2 history that corresponds with SOTW, you could purchase the same time frame for your 7th grader, say Ancients that you are doing for your youngers. This will give your 7th grader the workload he needs but he will be on the same topics as the youngers. Go to the Pandia Press website they have a lovely try before you buy sample that goes through the first 18 lessons I think.
  12. We are using Bitsbox, DS8 almost 9. He likes it. It is structured and builds upon itself, he can go at his own pace. I believe it is Javascript. I would like to check out Udemy for Python, since for his birthday he is getting a Cozmo and it can be programmed with Python.
  13. My DS8 almost 9 is a natural speller. I do not spend a lot of time on spelling. I chose to let this be a more self-guided class for DS. We use http://spellingclassroom.com/ The tricky 450 words by grade. Each list is broken in weeks. There are word introduction flashcards, games, puzzles, quizzes, and of course the test. This is his one and only online class. My rules go at your pace, min of 3 modules before a test, the test must be passed with 90% and above before going to next week's list. As a teacher, I can monitor his progress on the games and tests. The cost is $24.95 for monitoring. Fre
  14. Treasures. You can buy the grade level anthologies very inexpensively on Amazon. Then, google treasures and you should see all the workbooks for free or try here http://readingspecialist-ihm.weebly.com/treasures-reading-resources.html . They include On level workbook, grammar, spelling. There will also be spelling lists that differentiate between below, on level and above level. These programs do a really good job teaching skills such as main idea, supporting details, inference, cause and effect, problem solution. However, the reading material is substantially lower than most homeschool select
  15. I have been very dissatisfied with homeschool science curriculum and based on the boards so have many. I have also seen where it is the one area homeschool falls short. So, I have taken to making my own science programs. For Earth Science I picked a main book for each topic as a spine, supplemented with projects and worksheets from enchanted learning or made my own. Sometimes I used freebies from TeachersPayTeachers. The subjects I covered for Earth Science where Astronomy, Geosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere and some Biosphere. Yes, it was a bit of work putting it all together but the resu
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