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  1. I keep checking to see if any more recordings are up yet. Has anyone else accessed sessions 2 and 3 yet, not to mention 4 (Inferno)?
  2. I also read the whole introduction before starting the Epic itself - I guess out of habit. I read the epic viewing it as an insight into pre-Christian and pre-western thought and found it very interesting and moving. I found some things to be very beautiful. I couldn't help but receive it in the light of actual history and wondered what actual events were precursors to it. It seems human nature has always needed to form a narrative.... I felt there were lots of seeds of potential good in a moral sense that were twisted by the pagan culture that it is set in. For example, I was moved by the role of the temple priestess Shamhat and by Enkidu's becoming human through their intimacy. My own sexual experience found correlation surprisingly enough even though I was a virgin with very little sex ed in my home schooled life and am now happily married to my only lover. The priestesses are described as giving 'their bodies to any man, in honor of the goddess' (pg.77) and later she 'held nothing back and showed him what a woman is' (pg.79) I wrote in the margine, "I give my body to my husband in honor of our Lord" We also rejoice in being male and female, a mystery that reflects Christ and his Church. I found all the graphic descriptions of the poem quite intense and yet I think the way it is presented is closer to what is true when compared to our current cultures clinical and selfish views on sexuality. Another spot I resonated with was the mothers prayer on pg. 99-100. I know my mother heart has prayed with similar feeling for brothers, husband, father and sons. I also was touched by aspects of friendship of Gilgamesh and Enkidu. I have had many acquaintances in my life but sometimes you just suddenly become very close to someone; C.S. Lewis writes about Phileo love in his book The Four Loves and that is what I am thinking about. I have to go make dinner so maybe I will come back later and add more things I found had good roots.... The recording was great! I liked all the history that Susan filled us in on! Hannah
  3. Me again :) I let my eagerness get ahead of my checking my email! Blackboard is resolving a glitch :( Anyway, won't it be fun to watch it when it does get up ;) Blessings, Hannah
  4. Hi, Am I the only one not able to find the recording of the first class? I keep checking and wonder if there is something wrong with my server (Chrome).... Please let me know those of you who are taking the recorded segment. Thanks, Hannah
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