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  1. Happy Birthday, The Reader. Hey are you having to prepare for flooding?? I got an alert about Hurricane Pamela which is hitting the Pacific side of Mexico but is expected to cause flooding in parts of Texas as it moves through as not a Hurricane but as a massive rain event.
  2. In July, I think, I saw this video of a former Medevac helicopter pilot who got his first Moderna shot in Jan but got COVID, a few days later. He believes he was already infected. This man who was in his later 40s looked like he was in his mid 60s or older. He couldn't walk, he was so thin, and I have no idea if he will ever be able to be a pilot again. He was urging people to get the vaccine to not turn out like him.
  3. Also, if you have a lot of so-called UTI's, get them investigated. About 7 years or so ago, I was getting what I thought and doctor thought were lots of UTIs. They weren't. After ultrasound (checking for kidney stones), etc, I was referred to a urologist. What I had was autoimmune interstitial cystitis, which feels like a UTI but is not an infection at all. Fortunately, as I have gotten my other autoimmune diseases in better control, that interstitial cystitis got in much better control. Oh and the symptoms of it are frequent urination of little amounts, lower pain, and sometimes even a little bleeding.
  4. Good morning! Today I have to call to reschedule my surgery for the following week. That is because I didn't realize that I have a football game I am going to on that Saturday and I would not be allowed to travel so far, or go to it or anything. Also, take meds call coumadin clinic after I reschedule surgery to schedule appt for managing coumadin and Arixtra and everything with the surgery Pack presents not sure what else right now
  5. I has esophageal spasms and they apparently feel just like heart attacks. And the treatment is the same as for angina- nitroglycerin pills. I got the esophageal spasms after about 12-13 years of prescription NSAID use.
  6. This is what I told people- it wasn't death that I feared as much as further disability. I have seen videos of people coming out of the hospital after COVID and so many look so very sick.
  7. I have this issue- though not because of stress but because of nerve issues and I keep Dmannose pills to take when i have had this issue. Since I started doing that. I have no UTI. I also always urinate after tea,
  8. Delware doesn't surprise me. A boy I knew in college came from Deleware and had a southern accent.
  9. That is stupid. Southern Appalachia is definitely the south. The mountain folks in Al are southerners, just like the mountain folks in Tn, Ga, Nc, VA, etc. I consider Arkansas to be the south for sure. Grow cotton, SEC and not new additions, southern accent, southern culture, etc
  10. We are back in town. We had a great time at the Bird Festival in southern AL. First up, were 2 MRIs - one of my neck where at least one of my discs is slipping out of place and the second of my lower back where my L5 is totally out of alignment. Now waiting for second appointment w orthopedist. I brought dh in to wait w me since I want him to understand what are the things wrong w me Later not sure now
  11. Why I now carry scissors. I refuse to injure my joints in opening stupid packages.
  12. Yes, and most doctors just test Rheumatoid factor. I was considered to be seronegative RA until my newest rheumatologist actually tested my anti-CCP and I was positive on that. Still always negative on Rf if anyone tests that.
  13. Oh could you tell me about Elevation== my future daughter in law is watching this, I just realized.
  14. Burner phones are easy. Our governor who resigned and took a plea and he was old, knew how to get them.
  15. Most of my family had RSV in later September. They got tested for COVID, and flu, and had neither. But since the main symptoms were coughing and nothing else, and RSV was going around a lot- I am sure that is what they had. Why I, on so many immunosuppressants didn't get it - I have no idea. But I didn't get it even though I was sleeping right next to dh who had it. It took about 2.5 to 3 weeks for them to stop coughing.
  16. How nice that you met ds's GF, Amy! Over here. make breakfast stretch laundry read my book I don't know what else
  17. DD1 didn't get the HPV because it can cause blood clots and she is high risk for blood clots. DD2 isn't high risk for blood clots so she did get it.
  18. I am so very happy. I think that is also why my dd2"s offer was accepted also- they liked the agent and also knew the loan officer as being a very responsible loan officer who got things done correctly. In fact, I think they had used the same loan officer, And about the item highlighted- either FHA or the bank needed a letter from dsil2 that he is able to work from home- because he is moving an hour and a half from the office. However, he is working for a company that handles water treatment and sewage treatment plants and what he is a person who goes out and handles the computer programs that run the machines, etc. So that means he travels often and the places he travels are going to be most of the time in a better place for him since he travels up to the Nashville area and down to Montgomery. And he has been travelling to Nashville area more than south of Birmingham area and other places he does work will be actually closer to his new home.
  19. Yes, that is correct highly-gifted kids are always not like others. Not because of any disabilities- just that they have different interests a lot of times, have great vocabularies a lot of time, and are just so ahead of others that we are all 'weird' to others. Both dh and I have had this told to us so many times even as adults. It is why I love hanging out here in the hive. No one puts anyone down for knowing things. It isn't that we think we are better than any other people---in fact, I am super non elitist---like the aspects of some campaigns that bother me so very much is when they denigrate working class or others denigrate urban lower classes as all deadbeat welfare idiots or any other group as a whole. Because all of us in our family have been different in many ways as being different from others-not just highly gifted intellectually= but also disadvantaged by medical issues like severe allergies that are uncommon, rare diseases, etc- we tend to look at others as individuals and not as groups. As to whether they could have been in schools- my youngest was the one who may have done the best- however, she was dyslexic and really was served very well by me not rushing reading and writing. I mean she learned to read fairly early but was not comfortable reader until 10 or 11 when she read Harry Potter book 3 times to understand it and after that she was a good reader though slower. Plus she was the one with the most medical issues so there would have been a lot of absences and her severe allergy to citrus fruits even made co-op harder to do let alone a school. My son may have done well in a specialized school later on, but wasn't doing so well in first grade private but not advanced school- meltdown every afternoon. My middle, a daughter, may have also done well in a specialized high school too but she was the one with the most social issues and may have been hurt by going to regular school rather than co-ops. But we were a military family and were moving a lot. We moved here to Al in late July and school was starting within 2 weeks. The high school that would have worked for dd2 was a magnet technology high school that you needed to apply by February and we didn't even know we were moving here until late April. It was a school you needed to start at in 9th grade and that was the grade she was in when we moved here. We had similar types of problems in other places. When we lived in Belgium, there was a great school that would have been perfect for dd2- the Canadian school which was multigrade and much like what I was doing in homeschooling but trying to transport her back and forth along with what I needed to do for the two older-it didn't make sense for her to go. And even more than other places-in Europe, we did so many things during the times the schools were in session--- lots and lots of trips and field trips plus co-ops, etc.
  20. Okay I get it. My kids didn't care that they were different--like my son;s boy scout troup was astonished when he said that Geometry was his favorite class. I can still remember the trip to the GB (we lived in Belgium for 3 years) with the girl scout or brownie troop (can't even remember which daughter it was, but the trip was to get familiar with unfamiliar fruits and vegetables- except the dd was familiar with all of them- more than the leader was. None had issues really- they were just a lot more mature and a lot more knowledgeable than their peers. I mean, at times it was a bit of an issue but it really had nothing to do with homeschooling---I can remember when my 6 or 7 year old son was playing war outside in the playground with other kids around his age. One of the favorite shows he liked to watch was Victory at Sea. And he has a fantastic memory as does my youngest so he remembers basically everything he watches. He had decided to play Midway Battle and was rattling off things and some of the kids didn't even know about WW2, let alone the battles and the enemies. But no fights or anything. My one child who did have issues making friends would have had even more issues if she had been in school. As an adult, she has plenty of friendly aquaintances- none I would consider her having a close friend but then I haven't formed one here in AL either and I have lived here now 10 years. My issue with friendship are different than hers-- she has extreme ADHD and some autistic characteristic but doesn't meet criteria for autism. I am not autistic but yes, ADHD- moderate, not severe, and also very rational and tend not to want to be friends with people who are not pretty rational. But I made friends in a lot of the places I lived- just got too disabled once I moved here.
  21. I forgot I had my cleaning service coming. I wanted them to clean the craft room/medical room so I ended up doing a lot of organizing. And I wanted them to dust under my bed, and also I want to put fall clothes out even though most can't be used right now. But we are getting cool nights now so yes, fall clothing is appropriate to be out. I am not putting sweaters out yet. However, since I went down to almost my normal dose of steroids, I am not doing well right now. Oh and I don't think I told you all that it looks like I may very well have to have a few surgeries-- My neck has vertebrae that one definitely is impacting my nerve and another that is just about to impact my nerve. Then in my lower back, L5 is out of place and affecting my nerve too. I want to have my visit w Mayo Clinic first I think but they haven't called yet. I am getting 2 MRIs, one of my lower back and one of my neck and then a visit with the spine surgeon after that on Columbus Day. I can't call anybody right now-- too tired and brain fogged.
  22. And cats also take more by weight. My former cat-dd2 took her away as an emotional support animal to her final year in college and it is was, I was found to have developed an allergy to cats very shortly after that--- took the same dosage of amitriptyline (10mg) for her OCD that I take for my nerve pain. And she weighed 8 lbs there. It has to do with their much higher metabolism, I think.
  23. School systems got a lot of money- and I really mean tons of money, like high hundreds of millions, from the feds and a lot of them have no idea of what to do with the money. What all of them should be doing is greatly improving ventilation-- but in my area, I have heard only one school district that is doing this and it isn't mine. In Alabama, by far the largest portion of the state budget is for schools. For whatever incentive reasons or tax reasons or ????, Al has the biggest school building funds that I have ever seen in any state, I have lived in a number of states and traveled to all states except HI and AK, and never seen the proportion of brand new school buildings like here in AL, All the school districts seem to keep replacing old school buildings with new ones. Unfortunately for the children, almost all of the new school buildings have few windows (because our normal, greatest natural threat is felt to be tornados, not COVID,. however, in reality, infectious diseases do actually kill more students than tornados). And that gets to a point that people who are familiar with how statistics and studies are used by people know very well-- people remember the school that was destroyed and the students that died there and tornados make a much bigger impression of threat, than the occasional death of students from meningitis, flu, RSV, etc. But buildings can be built and retrofitted with good ventilation systems even if the windows are sparse and can't be opened. After all, airplanes do have windows but those don't open and yet, after COVID and the steps they have taken, they have one of the very best inside environments with regards to airborne infectious diseases which are most of the ways we get sick. One school district in my viewing area did decide to use their jackpot of money mostly to improve ventilation.
  24. Well there is a group that is immune to bad COVID but I really doubt almost anyone knows if they are in that group--- it has to do with genetics. Genetic researchers have found a few genes that make COVID especially bad and a few genes that make getting symptomatic COVID a lot less likely. But again, I do not believe that the people who claim they aren't going to get bad COVID have any idea whether they have good COVID genes, bad COVID genes or just no genes that confer any danger or any resistance to COVID at all. It is especially tragic that men claim they are not at risk. The statistics bear out that being a male, and I mean being born a male-regardless of what gender that person adopts, is a major health risk for COVID. For whatever reason, CDC and other health officials keep ignoring that elephant in the room. And I do not know if males or females are more likely to be vaccine refusers but the male vaccine refusers are making the loudest outcries.
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