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  1. Your post made me cry. Especially the elderly cancer patient and the elderly women who fell and couldn't get anybody to show up. And all those children who are going to miss their parents because of their idiotic views.
  2. I always thought that one of the reasons people can sweats at night is leukemia.
  3. I have had both. My rheumatologist told me to get both and my pulmonologist and my primary agreed.
  4. I had them call me. And after many tries, I called them back. I had no idea what they were asking me. I think I may have had a mild headache after I got my third shot---I am on strong immunosuppressants. But I get mild headaches often enough that it isn't even clear that it had anything to do with the vaccines. In the reporting, I always have joint pain-- I have four forms of autoimmune arthritis-so my joints hurt to some extent every single day and have been hurting for decades.
  5. There have been a lot of pictures shown here in my state of people who died from COVID and a lot of them are not elderly at all.
  6. Also, you may try levalbuterol. I got this prescription because albuterol was raising my blood pressure too high but the other affect is that it is also much less anxiety producing. I actually have two people monitoring my asthma- my allergist who put me on Dupixent which has made a huge difference for me and my pulmonologist. He orders special tests, and prescribes my advair and montekulast and my Dymista too. My allergist is who switched me to Levalbutorol.
  7. Oh the coroner will be announcing the results of the autopsy of Gabby today in a little while.
  8. Actually it isn't in many, many cases. The latest research on weight has shown that the worse situation is gaining then losing then gaining weight--- up and down is the real threat. Furthermore, as more research is done, it seems like in many cases- and I am talking about what is called obesity- not morbid obesity- is not actually a bad health risk overall. For many diseases, having some extra weight improves survivability- including having blood clots.
  9. Miss Manners would say that insisting that people eat things they are allergic to is extremely rude, not to say health threatening. All I know is that I have a lot of people in my family with allergies that I have to accommodate. My son has the tick-borne mammal meat allergy. DD1 is allergic to pineapples. DD2 and DS are both allergic to strawberries. DD2 is super allergic to citrus fruits. Now a new one is that very soon to be step granddaughter is a vegan---I am really unsure of how I will deal with that at all. Oh and DH and DD2 are also have peanut allergy. I am allergic to limes and dragon fruit- which is usually easy to avoid. But I am also on a Coumadin equivalent which means I need to be careful how much cruciferous and dark green veggies I eat along with avoiding soy in any form and canola oil. But why I say that trying to make anything vegan is difficult, except something like a salad or maybe vegetable- is my main way to stay healthy is to use as most as I can less processed and natural foods. Which means, I do not want to change baking over from using butter to using shortening. I figure she can eat it or not when we have a dessert. I also have no idea yet which if any holidays,, she will be over for. I have no idea what vegans eat for holidays. In fact, I have no idea how you keep healthy being vegan.
  10. Yes, to both of you. I watch a lot of true crime and this has to be one of the most complicated cases I have ever encountered. Yep= no two hour movie will be enough for this drama.
  11. I really miss cats but I cannot have one anymore- I turned allergic to them a few years ago. And my asthma is bad enough, that I cannot make an exception.
  12. My dd2 took the cat that I had adopted upon dd1's urging back in 2012 to college as an emotional support animal. Now Tiggy (short for Antigone- which is her real name), is a black Oriental mix- very oriental. And while I had two Siamese before as an adult and a black Siamese mix as a child, all of those were males. I hadn't realized that Orientals have a 20% chance of having OCD. And yes, she has that- big time. Now when she was living in our house, I was medicating her to stop the OCD- with amitriptyline. DD2 took Tiggy when she moved out after college and last year, she rescued a starving kitty she found in TN ( along with a starving dog - some people nearby where she found the two took the starving dog). The OCD affects Tiggy by having her chew on and possibly eat all sorts of bad things-papers, wires, cords, etc. Well because she wasn't treating Tiggy what happened is that the kitten who was very young, decided to mimic the much older Tiggy. And now she has two cats- one with OCD and one with the same behaviors, just learned.
  13. So where should I start watching? Like what is a good youtube channel to start?
  14. https://www.yahoo.com/news/unsolved-murdaugh-murders-expose-years-115046708.html This is a NYT article but on yahoo so no paywall. Now I had heard about the death of the teen on the road that was never solved, the death of the young woman who fell from a boat driven by a drunken Murtaugh kid who was going to stand trial but then in June, both him and his mom were shot and killed in their home. Then I also heard that Murtaugh the lawyer dad was shot in August and that turned out to be an insurance scam (Murtaugh the lawyer had a large insurance policy and wanted it to go to his surviving son, Buster) and I had heard about that too. But the new twist is also that the housekeeper died a few years ago by supposedly falling down the stairs of the Murtaugh's house and there was a settlement for the sons. But a new lawyer is under charges for having stolen that money- he was at another firm. And they still don't know who killed Mrs Murtaugh or their son, Paul, in June.
  15. Happy Birthday, The Reader. Hey are you having to prepare for flooding?? I got an alert about Hurricane Pamela which is hitting the Pacific side of Mexico but is expected to cause flooding in parts of Texas as it moves through as not a Hurricane but as a massive rain event.
  16. In July, I think, I saw this video of a former Medevac helicopter pilot who got his first Moderna shot in Jan but got COVID, a few days later. He believes he was already infected. This man who was in his later 40s looked like he was in his mid 60s or older. He couldn't walk, he was so thin, and I have no idea if he will ever be able to be a pilot again. He was urging people to get the vaccine to not turn out like him.
  17. Also, if you have a lot of so-called UTI's, get them investigated. About 7 years or so ago, I was getting what I thought and doctor thought were lots of UTIs. They weren't. After ultrasound (checking for kidney stones), etc, I was referred to a urologist. What I had was autoimmune interstitial cystitis, which feels like a UTI but is not an infection at all. Fortunately, as I have gotten my other autoimmune diseases in better control, that interstitial cystitis got in much better control. Oh and the symptoms of it are frequent urination of little amounts, lower pain, and sometimes even a little bleeding.
  18. Good morning! Today I have to call to reschedule my surgery for the following week. That is because I didn't realize that I have a football game I am going to on that Saturday and I would not be allowed to travel so far, or go to it or anything. Also, take meds call coumadin clinic after I reschedule surgery to schedule appt for managing coumadin and Arixtra and everything with the surgery Pack presents not sure what else right now
  19. I has esophageal spasms and they apparently feel just like heart attacks. And the treatment is the same as for angina- nitroglycerin pills. I got the esophageal spasms after about 12-13 years of prescription NSAID use.
  20. This is what I told people- it wasn't death that I feared as much as further disability. I have seen videos of people coming out of the hospital after COVID and so many look so very sick.
  21. I have this issue- though not because of stress but because of nerve issues and I keep Dmannose pills to take when i have had this issue. Since I started doing that. I have no UTI. I also always urinate after tea,
  22. Delware doesn't surprise me. A boy I knew in college came from Deleware and had a southern accent.
  23. That is stupid. Southern Appalachia is definitely the south. The mountain folks in Al are southerners, just like the mountain folks in Tn, Ga, Nc, VA, etc. I consider Arkansas to be the south for sure. Grow cotton, SEC and not new additions, southern accent, southern culture, etc
  24. We are back in town. We had a great time at the Bird Festival in southern AL. First up, were 2 MRIs - one of my neck where at least one of my discs is slipping out of place and the second of my lower back where my L5 is totally out of alignment. Now waiting for second appointment w orthopedist. I brought dh in to wait w me since I want him to understand what are the things wrong w me Later not sure now
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