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  1. The only thing I can do is write to my state rep, state senator and Gov and ask that our state stop following the dumb rule that makes hospitals ask Mother May I to the state regarding expansion or the building of new hospitals. The states that have gotten rid of that idiotic rule are doing better than the states that still have that rule. But otherwise, that is the only thing I could do and I am not the
  2. Most people don't have an allergic reaction to anything the first or even the second time. And yes to epipen or even better Auvi Q as you are sn adult and may hang out more w adults who aren't experienced with epi-pens. That is why I have an Auvi Q because when I am not home, I tend to be around older people who may not be familiar with anaphylactic reactions.
  3. I am here. I hardly slept at last night and did watch a short series about a true life one family cult that lived in a single household that committed suicide a few years ago. That was early this morning and I am not interested in watching anything else. I am listening to my AS dance playlist snd getting some exercise. I have 2 hours before I am going to hear a lecture on comets. I just about never get bored except at someplace like a doctor's office after I perused the posters But I have a lot to do and just deciding if I will do it- wrapping presents znd ordering more presents for Christmas.
  4. Yes but aren't all things labeled for under 3 supposed to be choke free anyway? I thought that was the difference between blocks, for example, that are okay for 2 or 18 month olds and blocks thst specifically say 3+
  5. I would be all for this. My point isn't to turn away nurses who have AA degrees but that should not be the end point. And just to point out, I have met stupid doctors too- usually ones who didn't know enough and were arrogant to boot. But that is what I am talking about with nurses too- ones who are ignorant and then also arrogant. So I guess it isn't necessarily about education though I have met only good nurse practioners who are nurses who have Master's degrees or maybe even more education and who often know more than doctors. Like the idiot doctor who I saw in the hospital about six or seven years ago who insisted that the only people who get vasculitis are (and here my memory fails me ) but it was either cancer patients or children- one of those. When vasculitis is also a common enough feature in a number of autoimmune diseases too. Or the moronic rheumatologist who actually recommended something that if I had listened to him, would have meant I could sue him for malpractice- he had looked at my large amount of medical information I brought, ordered tests from a completely unreliable lab, and then when my tests came back negative, told me to stop all my medications---which included a small dose of steroid and I am steroid dependent and stopping that suddenly can lead to deadly consequences.
  6. Over here, the problem isn't nurses as much as we don't have enough doctors, hospital space or any type of health care workers. As someone said, we need to have more medical schools, more educational benefits to add healthcare workers and help supplement the education of so many of the ones who are already in place, and in my state and apparently about 30 others, we need to get rid of the stupid rule that says we have to go through a Mother, may I process to expand or open new hospitals. My city is growing by leaps and bounds- we need more hospital space. And for all the so-called in and out surgery clinics, there are a lot of people like me. I am having a spinal surgery next month and I will have to spend the night at the hospital versus many of his other patients- it is because I am a much higher risk patient.
  7. The B and B owner of the B and B we stayed at over the Labor Day weekend was saying that her daughter, who is a nurse in Atlanta, was working in the ER and the hospital was going to lower her wage. This was while they were paying traveling nurses much higher wages. She quit, became a traveling nurse and is back working in the same hospital. It is an insane hiring structure.
  8. My dh doesn't understand why I am not so comfortable in my church anymore. Too much of the church is old time members who know everyone else and I don't. Furthermore, I have a really hard time remembering who is related to whom. I am already thinking how I am going to invite a couple I like to dinner- they are both the kind of people who are also excluded- in a year or so when their son leaves for college. I also need to invite another couple who also are sort of outcasts at church and we have a lot in common with them too. I need to be making inroads with new groups of people. One thing I noticed a lot of times, I do better a lot of times totally ignoring how old someone is. When I was a teen, I did things with adults- I took American Film Institute classes, I went birding and soon after dh and I met, I got him into it too and now we are both big birders.
  9. I don't know what is going to happen. Apparently half of Chicago police are not vaccinated and refuse. I can't see firing half of the police force in a city where so many innocents are dying every week.
  10. I want all nurses to have BSN degrees or more. I have met good nurses and I have met completely ignorant nurses. It just doesn't seem to me that you can get enough education to be a nurse with just an AA degree.
  11. It isn't a good kind of inflation. There is no good kind of inflation. And this bozo doesn't seem to understand that even though people are getting raises, etc it still isn't keeping up. And what is driving the inflation is bad energy policy (we are getting a 14% rise in gas prices and we have TVA and that is one of the smallest gas increases happening). The huge increases in food costs, gas and natural gas costs, and all sorts of other costs are not because of people being flush with cash. And the people who suffer most are the poorer workers who do not get any type of government aid.
  12. I do so much better on online groups, it seems. And with various random people- like I was very friendly with some nurses who unfortunately were fired last year and I really miss them. I am an INTJ too and there aren't too many females who are. I tend to often get along better with guys because more of them seem very analytical. Because I am so analytical, people often think I don't have emotions- I do very much but can see things very analytically too. I have had a very hard time here because I have increasingly become disabled and that really limits you. And then it doesn't really help when one of the people you really did become friends with becomes involved in all sorts of conspiracy theories and another dear friend died. ( Neither of them lived near me now but I used to know them in person).
  13. Thank you so much for these site recommendations. Now for the new question- I know that 3 and up stuff is often a safety hazard for a younger child but are the under 3 recommendations based on anything other than when an average child walks, sits up, etc? I haven't talked enough with my ddil to tell anything about her but my son is super gifted and all my kids were doing all sorts of things way before the average. So is there any harm to giving toys that he may not be able to use as a newborn-- he will most likely be born sometime in the second half of November- but would be able to use by later spring? As it is, the two of them will have to keep a close eye on him just like I had to keep a close eye on my 2 youngers because by the time my second was born, ds was already 4.5 and had legos, et They all used toys, books, and learning material way before they were supposedly old enough.
  14. Our entire family has this behavior even if it has nothing to do w our profession. Dh (physicist) dsil1 (industrial engineer), dd2 (computer science znd physics minor) snd dsil2 ( electrical engineer) all x8ment in buildings, electrical stuff, etc. Etc. Ds and I comment on medical gaebage plus I comment on a lot of legal mistakes, plant mistakes, snumal mistakes, history mistakes, and on snd on. Dh also comments on idiotic things like commercials that tout plant immunity to help yours ( maybr you don't want get wilt or mosaic virus). Dd2 also notices lots of errors. Now we haven't watched enough things or been enough ddil to know if she will contribute- she is probably the quietest member of the family now. All of our children married or about to marry much quieter people but I noticed that they all adapt to our much livelier household and learn to become more assertive.
  15. No one in my family was involved w dams but I have had a fascination for them since I was very little. I always like seeing dams to this day.
  16. Well I am glad you had a much better visit than we did in 2001. I think the main thing all mine remember is that when we were leaving, we saw a group of teens hit another teen on the head and blood started pouring out while I was calling 911.
  17. So Amazon was a complete fail. I remember I used to get good toys from some company called Timber-- something. It isn't Timberlake😀 cause I already tried that. Like I remember I had this hand held activity that I think I got from them. I know I got cool wood toys from them too. Back then, I think I used a catalog. But anything you could recommend for good basic toys--not Marvel, Disney, etc. I have three children I have to buy things for- a 12 year old who will mostly be getting art supplies so I don't have such a problem for her, a 4 yo and a newborn. Now newborn won't have a birthday until Nov 2022 so I don't know if I should buy some stuff for a six month old or not or just buy those later for him. But again I don't want junk/
  18. Well that is a fail. Will ask for help on the chat page
  19. Have to do the Amazon toy buying too.
  20. When we were living in Space Coast about 12 years ago, we were moving to the DC area in late Dec ( a few days before Christmas). We couldn't find any coats locally that were adequate. I ordered Lands End for both girls, and myself. Dh had already been living there so I think he already had a warm coat.
  21. You both seem to be agreeing. Yes, healthcare workers should protect their patients and yes, we should continue to live our lives. And yes, vaccines are wonderful. And I agree with all of the above.
  22. They are trying to get Emergency Authorization. I have heard from two seperate doctors that this really should be available- one is the man from Johns Hopkins who is a public health doctor and the other is local infectious disease doctor. Now the infectious disease doctor said that for the immunocompromised, we should still do monoclonal antibodies as a first choice. But for most people, this medication stops the disease to the extent that hospitalizations don't occur. Considering that the main issue to all of us vaccinated people is the issue of hospitals and hospital and EMT staffs being overworked, this needs to be approved pronto. It is a similar drug to the kinds that are used for the flu--- dd2 got the flu a few years ago and she stopped being sick after one and a half days with the flu medicine. That is the kind of response we need. If that becomes standard, we won't have a COVID issue anymore. Because even if people aren't vaccinated, they could still get over COVID in two days and for most people,, that is soon enough. But I am totally not believing just about anything coming out of the government nowadays. I see that my state keeps lowering how many people got COvid vaccines even though we had record vaccinations starting in August. I see garbage about how the IRS needs to monitor everyone's bank account that has $600 dollars in it or has that amount ever in a year in order to catch the 1% of the population in income or wealth who cheat which makes zero sense at all. I see the WH chief of staff retweeting a tweet of a so-called economist from Harvard that inflation is a "high class problem" when anybody who knows anything about economics knows that lower income spend more of their income on food and utilities and gas for cars. As a higher income person, we have much less proportion of our income spent on food, utilities and gas. And about that gas, guess which income level people are more likely to work from home- it isn't the lower incomes.
  23. I decided fairly early on in this pandemic that although I am disabled, have lots of chronic illnesses, I just can't live with this level of suspicion. Which is why I go to restaurants, went to a concert last month, etc. And so far, so good. I am not willing to live in my house anymore than I already do. I was living in my house for a number of years before the pandemic due to my disabilities and it is not good for my health. So while I agree with wearing masks in most health care places- I didn't when I was in the hospital in my own room- because that is the place where the most vulnerable people still go, I do not see a need to stop living my life.
  24. First of all, I change recipes all the time---either because I can't have it so spicy (hot spicy- I love spices but because of my Sjogren's, I can't tolerate heat at all) or to accommodate someone's allergy. ( I have so many food allergies in my family though none that are very basic like egg or flour. Mostly fruits and there I substitute vinegar and another fruit or sometimes just another fruit---the issue is that dd2 is allergic to all citrus so if lemon juice or orange juice is used, I have to substitute if she is here). But I also have made mistakes some times and mostly it hasn't mattered and I was super surprised because the ones that happened most recently was a baking and it came out absolutely fine. But I also made some mistake recently with pizza dough and had to add more water and remix- I have no idea if I used the wrong measuring spoon or if I accidently added to much flour or what. It ended up okay.
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