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  1. On 10/26/2021 at 4:15 PM, Dmmetler said:

    30 hours over could be really restrictive if they count college classes completed in high school. It wouldn't be hard to exceed that with some extra classes taken to meet high school check boxes, plus maybe a major change. 

    Yeah- 39 hours is only 10 classes.  Have several college classes as a high schooler, and decide to change majors even pretty early on and you will 

  2. Before I called IRS, I checked again if my refund was coming.  Still being processed is the answer.  Also, they changed the refund status page which you first see when you go to Where's My Refund to now say 90-120 days.  Which means I need to call if we don't get it by Dec 2.

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  3. 1 hour ago, EKS said:

    My father has taken several statins.  All of them caused severe memory issues (which the doctor denied was linked to the medication and which resolved when he went off them each time) and at least one caused some sort of muscle problem.  He refuses to take them now. 

    These are the issues of why I will never take them.  Plus, my triglycerides are always on the quite low side and my good cholesterol is always high and my bad is always normal or lower.

  4. 16 hours ago, melmichigan said:

    The newer ADA goals include statins based on risk factors, not on levels. https://www.acc.org/latest-in-cardiology/articles/2017/05/22/11/00/new-2017-american-diabetes-statement-on-standards-of-medical-care-in-diabetes  My doctor and I discussed it back when it first came out and before he retired.  We opted to wait because my numbers are super low.  At the same time I did a trial of Lisinipril, per the guidelines.  I couldn't tolerate it but was eventually put on Losartan by cardiology specifically for the kidney protection.  We haven't revisited statins with my new PCP or cardiology.

    My DH has been on statins for a long time with a history of familial hyperlipidemia. His triglycerides were high from the time he hit his 30's.

    WHat issue did you have with lisinipril?  I am on that but am also on so many other daily drugs and have strange problems that may be related to drugs I take or to my underlying most all autoimmune conditions.

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  5. Yes, Prolia builds bone.  The other osteoporosis drugs prevent bone loss. Strontium is not approved by the FDA in this country and probably because the type of strontium sold OTC here is not what is approved by the Europeans.  It has not been shown to be effective.

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  6. Amy, I hope your husband's finger is not broken and heals quickly/  ScoutTN, I hope your son doesn't have a COVID.  The Reader- A quilt festival sounds really fun!  I love quilts and would love to actually finish the quilt I started making in a quilt shop that closed or moved.  I made sure when dh and I went on our long anniversary trip last year to ND,SD, NE in particular but also saw lots of other places along the way to make sure we stopped in Paducah to visit the National Quilt Museum.  We both really liked it.

    My Enbrel came yesterday and maybe it is already working--it is raining and I am not in terrific pain and haven't taken any more steroids, any pain meds, etc.  I can really hope it helps

    Cleaners are here so I need to be moving around when they  come to the office.

    Have to deal with medication refills, reminders, etc

    Fax EOB and claim form to Supplemental insurance ( I made a correct decision to start a fax subscription)

    finish Death on the Nile==have less than 40 pages left

    figure out how to make dinner

    call to IRS

    watch Parasite- another try today- yesterday, Dh didn\t want to watch because his energy was too low



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  7. Turns out that my surgeon decided to do the appt and told me to throw away the papers about what to do after the surgery.  He said that he was a resident in Denver and one of the hospitals he worked at was Denver General.  They got a lot of homeless coming in.  If they needed spinal surgery, that was his specialty.  They were discharged to the curb=these were homeless that did not want to live inside.  They were told to come back in a month and they would actually return in a few months- like 3 or 4.  They would come back with filthy original bandages still on.  And when the doctors would remove the bandages, they were healed just fine.  He told me to listen to my body and don't worry about stuff about whether I am lifting 1/2 a pound or whatever.  His query is had anyone done any studies to prove that you should carry x lbs at this point or other or you have to sleep on a firm mattress= I don't sleep on a mattresses that sinks down but I do have a soft mattress topper on top of a firm mattress to lessen the pain of my joints so I can sleep.  He did give me the advice I needed that I should wear the back brace for 6 to 8 hours a day maximum. 

    Quarantine book club was great

    Getting my new perm was not as fun since it stunk but I do like the perm and should be so much easier to manage my hair with the surgery.

    Then I did calling=had a very unpleasant conversation with a nurse who is an idiotic stickler for rules and procedures. I had called needing to get a new prescription for blood thinning shots I would need before my surgery and afterwards because my current supply is expiring this month.  I can't use the more commonly used shots because I am allergic to them.  She wants me to wait to get that prescription until my appt there which is three days before I am supposed to start using them.  Well with the shipping issues all over the country and the fact that the one pharmacy in town that does sometimes have them but usually not a full box of 10, and has to order some for me, plus my dh is driving me around to enough medical appts that I would like to combine a trip to that pharmacy to when he is nearby for another reason.  I hung up after telling her I would have my concierge primary care put in the prescription.  He is back on Monday.

    And then I had the fun of finding out the hospital has never billed the secondary insurance for the 1500.  I found out from the supplemental that I can file the claim myself and I will fax it tomorrow.

    Finally in the bureaucratic garbage, the Home Health Agency said that they were following new guidelines by Medicare in how they billed Tricare and I explained that the claims person I spoke to who did sound completely reasonable said that they need to bill everything at once- not the way they thought which is to bill only the first day and the last day which sounds moronic to me and I can\t believe that Medicare would do that because how would they get paid for all the other visits???

    My husband made a tasty stir fry and I ate in while attending Chronic Illness Support Group

    Now to watch Parasite with dh

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  8. 4 hours ago, Ann.without.an.e said:

    I'm not the most anything. I'm very quiet. Tired all the time. 

    You sound fun 🙂 

    Then you may have ADHD without the hyperness. That is also common.  In fact, in women, usually more common.  Both my oldest and I have ADHD with the hyper.  Oh and one affect that people often don't know about ADHD, is hyperfocusing.  That is how I got through higher education/ 

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  9. 4 hours ago, PeterPan said:

    Actually, the worst part for me is what the psych politely described as "your energy level is offputting." Rough! Literally, I go somewhere and I might be the MOST in the room, the most loud, the most enthused, the most whatever. And that's a self awareness thing to tone it down, ramp it down. But to me, that's fun, that's normal, and it's not like I want to be someone else. Sometimes people like that and in some situations it's like WOW. Catch22, can't win, sigh. 

    I think you can sort through yourself honestly like that, what your biggest issues are and what you are looking to improve. You could look at the l-tyrosine, because it's has studies to back it up. It's crazy cheap too.


    We would get along great/  This is me before my chronic illnesses really made me slow down to some degree. But yes, I am loud, enthused, etc.  I was supposed to see my spinal surgeon\s PA this morning before my surgery in several weeks.  He had asked me to come in and he would answer my questions. Well lo and behold, the surgeon came in.  I really like him--he is meX3 or 4.   He now works only 70 hours a week- he used to work 120.  He has so many degrees too.  I don't have that many degrees but besides my actual education, I have attained and keep attaining so much learning that people think I have degrees I do not have.

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  10. 5 hours ago, Terabith said:

    My husband has ADHD that he manages with precise amounts of coffee.  And in pre-covid times, lots of heavy physical exercise. But honestly, I have a couple friends who have ADHD and anxiety and never treated the ADHD because they thought the anxiety was the real issue, but when they tried ADHD meds, the anxiety dissipated almost entirely.  

    My anxiety issues are almost always related to my problems due to both ADHD and executive function issues.  I basically panic over losing things, forgetting things, etc.

    I am on a pretty low dose of Adderall and it helps but only works for 2- 4 hour periods basically and I am much more likely to panic outside of that time.

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  11. I don't have any cholesterol issue.  I have much more good cholesterol than normal and lower bad than normal too.  But there is almost chance I would take statins.  Because of the whole muscle problem to start out with and also, I do not have any heart issue.  I have labile blood pressure but that is due to my dysautonomia and while I do take bp meds, I will not take statins.


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  12. I see it in lots of places.  Hotels are not raising prices, but have cut service-like you have to request service so most don't and less workers.  Restaurants. grocery stores, gas stations, etc.  Uber and Lyft prices have risen a lot.  Same with almost every service you hire- from cleaning to plumbing to painting(I haven't had painting but dd2 and dsil2 have just two weeks ago). 

    How do we deal with it- with frustration.  We would not be doing badly but two out of three kids and their spouses or spouses and children are suffering a lot from the inflation.  We are going to be getting at least part of our income increased some- though not enough to make up for inflation.  Both dh's military pension and his VA disability payments will increase 5.9% in Jan.  And he works at a employee owned company and he will be getting a bonus plus an increase in salary plus if he gets the new part-time position at the company- his total salary will increase.  And what I love is that he still won't be working more than 40 hours a week.  But helping all three kids is very costly==we are almost done paying off student loans that dd1 made/

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  13. 2 hours ago, Katy said:


    Also, he may need instructions on “cleaning your room” broken down more clearly.  I use a checklist like this for several of my kids, and only give one instruction at a time:  I need them actually as a near 60yo but with ADHD, normal executive function issues, then much worse executive function issues because of my autoimmune diseases affecting my brain with bad brain fog

    1) Make your bed

    2) Put all the clothes that are clean but on the floor on the bed

    3) Put away your clean clothes

    4) Put all the dirty clothes in the hamper

    5) Put all the trash in the trash can

    6) Put all the legos away

    7) Put all the books on the bookshelf 

    Do you have any other breakdown lists or know of websites or books that would be helpful?



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  14. I did find that ddil is eligible for Legal Aid and yes, she will get priority w the slum lord.  Put that took some time, as did the messup of both computers not working so I didn't get to hospital bill problem nor could I do the music appreciation class. 

    We did go to Dune in an IMAX theater.  We really liked it and I understood this movie versus the previous one that made no sense.

    Then we ate at Nothing But Noodles.

    FedEx still tells me I am getting my cold Enbrel tonight.  It is somewhere between Memphis and here.  It is after 9 and no medicine yet.


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  15. Had too much sleep and dh woke me up less than an hour before we had to leave for my pre-physical= where nurse draws blood, I have a urine test, eye test, EKG, and check bp in arm versus in both legs.  I go back on Nov 16th for actual physical.

    Also, got both necessary OTC drugs and candy at CVS

    Did Speech therapy session online for Aphasia

    dealt with Amazon orders that came

    bought tickets for Dune in IMAX for today at 3:25

    had lunch and watched news

    I am supposed to be having a Music Appreciation Class at 1:30 but probably will either not attend or just attend part since I have so much to do

    Have to call renter's help because neither ds or dsil are doing anything about the illegal things her landlord is doing- which includes requiring them to notify in person that she is moving and then do 60 more days of rent.  She has been trying to do this for at least a month and a half.   And we are helping by paying rent and we don't want to keep doing this to a slumlord\

    call tricare supplement and find out if the hospital has actually submitted EOB and claim for payment

    call hospital, if they haven't and if I have time

    one load of laundry, maybe

    get in contact with hair stylist- I don't want color, I want perm

    Decide where we want to eat dinner or look up slow cooker or pressure cooker for fajita strips=I don't eat fajitas but appreciate the size of the strips which are then easy to slice to smaller for something like stir fry

    My quick rant--- both my desktop and laptop decided to update at the same time--- and not quickly either







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  16. I have been on Amazon Prime since it started.  We order so much through Amazon.  I mean we have Amazon packages coming so often, along with other packages.  I can;t drive most of the time right now due to the great deal of pain I am having or brain fog or stiffness where I can hardly get into the car, let alone drive.  Plus we use Prime Video a lot-PBS series we missed, The Expanse, and sometimes movies that are not on Netflix or HBOMAX or... any other service we have.  Plus discounts at Whole Foods too.  We have a new Amazon facility that is opening here but it may be not actually help us get anything faster since it may be something to do with his space program.

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  17. 6 hours ago, Arcadia said:

    Some parts of the local freeways were flooded so people would have to commute by alternative routes this morning. One of the flooded freeway is passable to traffic again according to Caltrans.

    A reminder from Caltrans



    I am so happy I read this thread.  I have an 06 Subaru and the 12v cigarette lighter where we put chargers into for our phones started burning recently so of course we unplugged.  We are going on a weekend trip to a cupcake Alabama game in mid Nov and I have to put this on my to do list for tomorrow.  My car needs to be fixed before we go since flooding or tornados or giant car crashes where you are stuck on a highway could be happening/  When we were returning from the birding festival in South Alabama we attended in early March, it was only because I was actually using Google Maps/directions that I avoided sitting in a two hour traffic jam.  Also we ended up going to parts of Alabama we have never been to which was super nice.  I need that phone charger.

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  18. 6 hours ago, KrissiK said:

    We’ve got the rain now. No flooding here in Central San Joaquin Valley, though they did evacuate in the mountains where the fires were last year. It is so nice to get this rain. It has been so dry for so long.

    Were you living there between 1995-1999?  I do not remember exactly which two years had 100 year floods.  We were living in northern Sacremento County because dh was stationed at McClellan AFB.  Anyway, the parts of Sacremento that didn't flood, became an island both years. We were mostly paying attention to the nearby North since levees were being breached, people were being rescued with helicopters, etc.  There were rice fields then in Sacramento County- not sure if any remain, but that greatly lessened the impact of levee breaches in my county.  I was living in Base Housing which was separate from the base but our small area of officer housing had the senior officer\s wife organize a clothing drive for those people who just lost everything.  I do know that the Central Valley turned into a giant lake.

    I haven't been on this thread, nor on any started for the tornado hit areas and more that will be happening weather-wise this week in US.  

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  19. 6 hours ago, TravelingChris said:


    Talked with dh about lighting in Bathroom- two lights were out, two out of three lights were not functioning in the main lights for the bathroom- the other two are small lights that are kept on in the night so I don't have to put on the main lights  He has to buy new lightbulbs

    To do

    Most importantly- take more steroids

    More laundry Tomorrow, didn't get to it today and dh is doing it since he didn't have chance on his Sunday laundry day

    Call Tricare Express nurse   Did this and this took about an hour but did get a question answered by pharmacist too

    go on tricare Portal and find out if changes are being made to prior claims  No and have to check later in week

    (Call home health care agency business office and explain how to file the claims

    Call Tricare supplement and find out if they have received EOB from the Hospital I was in in March

    IF not, Call hospital business office

    Call University of Al stadium people-  they have a see through bag policy and I don't want to be showing the whole world my medical problems )All these maybe tomorrow

    More laundry maybe repeat

    Order clothes maybe

    Pack some XMAs PRESENTS

    Christmas cards- start

    help dh make dinner-doing

    dinner with ds and ddil

    Totally forgot- learning session on How to Prevent Conflict at noon- not very helpful but also didn't watch most

    NIetzche for our time class - 1:30 to 3:3:00





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  20. I had a nickname that my parents used for my name- it was a made up name- not one in any language- just a combo of part of my first and a nickname of my first middle, and I used that name in school, etc.  But my first name and first middle name were exactly as my mother's and it became a problem as I grew older.  When I was about 14, my mother received a gift of about 10 or 15K from a rich lady who had taken her in during or right after WWII and had paid for her to finish high school, and maybe go to university too. It was wired to our bank where we both had accounts.  It got placed in my account by mistake and they had to transfer it to my moms/  I decided because we were moving to a nearby county and I would be changing schools that I would change the spelling of the first name and then change my middle name and use it.  I used X.  Christina (not X actually) from the time I was a teen to a few years after I moved to AL.  With the Star ID, you have to have the same name everywhere and also, I hated that AL required that I have my first name spelled out on DL, not continue to use X. Middle Name Last Name.  So I applied to change my name for the second time and the probate judge decided my first name was X Christina.  But I didn\t even know that until about 3 or 4 years after the name change-- I thought my first name was M and middle, as always was Christina.  So technically I am not using my middle, I am using the second part of my first name.

  21. Great news= finally the PA called and he suggested an appt where we will go over xrays, and dh can see them and go over all my special needs that no one has addressed=specifically, the post op instructions are not good enough for me- I want how many pounds or kilograms at beginning and after a few weeks.  I want to know if I can do a ballet move, instead of squatting, because my neuropathy and possibly autoimmune muscle issues- my rheumatologist will be testing for those specific muscle antibodies next week-make squatting impossible.  I want to know if my form of dancing-  which is basically shuffling my feet, moving my arms,  in the bathtub while warm water flows over me-  and then when i am dressing, etc.  is the form of exercise not allowed---it isn't the kind of thing people normally think of as a sport but dancing is my main activity other than plain walking- and I have problems doing that unless I am on more steroids than I should be.

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  22. SKL< About my autoimmune diseases and effects from them-which includes depression at times- which was reversed with increased steroids-not mind altering drugs, and anxiety-- often related to medical issues like medical personal treating you badly, billing people billing you incorrectly or not filing bills with your insurance hassles- I talk to anybody who wants to hear about it.  Not saying everyone should be forced to do that at all.  

    And specifically with mental health, substance abuse and victims of molestation, no, I do not think it is appropriate at all-unless that is something the participants want to do.  

    Like I hate most HIPPA garbage== why can't I just say- talk to my health insurances, my family, and my doctors one time- not new forms, not listening to the same messages on the phone over and over about how I can get Privacy statements, and on and on.

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  23. Good morning! Not doing too well today because it is rainy.  


    Credit card hassle-making sure they are sending me paper copies- DH needs to see paper copies so he can pay them

    Betterhelp Counseling Session

    Left message at Sportsmed  center = I think I may have not been leaving messages last week because you have to wait for a long time and then press 1 after 4 or 5 minutes

    Talked with dh about lighting in Bathroom- two lights were out, two out of three lights were not functioning in the main lights for the bathroom- the other two are small lights that are kept on in the night so I don't have to put on the main lights

    To do

    Most importantly- take more steroids

    More laundry

    Call Tricare Express nurse

    go on tricare Portal and find out if changes are being made to prior claims

    Call home health care agency business offfice and explain how to file the claims

    Call Tricare supplement and find out if they have received EOB from the Hospital I was in in March

    IF not, Call hospital business office

    Call University of Al stadium people-  they have a see through bag policy and I don't want to be showing the whole world my medical problems

    More laundry maybe

    Order clothes maybe

    Pack some XMAs PRESENTS

    Christmas cards- start

    help dh make dinner

    dinner with ds and ddil

    Totally forgot- learning session on How to Prevent Conflict at noon

    NIetze for our time class - 1:30 to 3:30




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