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  1. Quill added me back in. My address and board name is still the same as 3 years ago but I remember exchanging cards with you and am very happy that Quilll added me back since you have moved since I last sent you one.
  2. It will be dd1 and her husband to dinner and the Bond movie because the other two are going to a Jason Isbell concert tonight. We did say that we would get together for a meal and Dune sometime else this weekend. Very annoyed that counseling session isn't happening as it should. We were messaging yesterday about openings yesterday and I told her that I had scheduled for 9am this morning and it was on the betterhelp scheduling. She left me a message at 7:47 about do I still want 9? I didn't answer until 8:47 yes, and then I went on there at 9 spent a few messages with the last being contact me when the session will actually start. I have a new giant problem-- Google fiber gave us really bad new remotes- it makes it better, you know. I didn't like them because they were too small and also because you were supposed to do almost everything on screen. Well I had been wondering why my bedroom tv wasn\t working and what happened to the control there. Today, as we are eating breakfast, the remote stops working almost completely. We can turn the tv on and off but only can use the idiotic Google Assistant who wouldn't play our recorded tv news from last night. We can;t control anything on the screen because the remote stopped being able to move in 3 out of 4 directions. Then I found out that dh had to swap the bedroom remote to the living room last month because the living room one had overheated and actually could have caused a fire. Since my counselor isn't messaging, I will now call Google Fiber and demand they give us better remotes. Oh and the connector device in the living room also cuts out at times either just the sound or gives us a black screen for a few seconds.
  3. Well since I didn't see this post until today, I will just mail cards to whoever I mailed them back in the first Christmas Card exchange.
  4. I have no idea how many times I have encountered mentions of Among Us. I know I read that article but I was interested in the censorship and didn't care about video games so did not keep it in my conscious memory. I have never spelled either suss or sus but have used in conversation and have heard it for years.
  5. Good morning! I decided to take a shower with the AS dance music turned down low. I then got dressed, etc and dh still a bit asleep. He is taking a shower and will be saying "Fireball" all day because I have now turned the music up. Breakfast, rest of meds Betterhelp counseling session schedule dh's 3rd COVID shot call Roy Sleep Medicine and find out when dentist comes in so dh can get the new appliance that is like 2 or 3 years overdue Find out who is coming for dinner= I need 2 more people- have invited dd1 and dsil1 but if not her will try dd2 and dsil2 and see if they want to have dinner. Plan is dinner and then go see the new Bond movie. I told my dh that I am all for seeing the new Dune movie but Bond comes first. Live and Let Die was the first one I ever saw and I have been a huge fan ever since. Call non Tricare Health Advocate. This is one that my dh's work gives us as a free benefit. Figure out if I am too late to lower house taxes this year, otherwise do the work of writing a document about how I am disabled. Continue with clothes swap
  6. I have a number of autoimmune rheumatologic diseases and lots of muscle pain in association w them. Here are all the things I do to relieve them. Muscle relaxant- I have been using tizanidine in the last 7 or so years but used Skelaxin for about 10 years before it became inaffective. Also was wondering prescribed Flexeril before that and it worked but made me very sleepy- that was sometime in 99-03. Before that, I had a few times That was prescribed Valium for it- that was the most effective one and if ever I gave the level of spasm I had when and I got that, I hope they give me it again. That was about 23-24 years ago when my youngest was born and between carrying her and twisting and bending to get her into the car seat in a minivan, I developed a spasm so bad I couldn't move my head almost at all. Other measures, dancing in a hot shower which I will be doing shortly. I do it to both relieve muscle spasms and get the stiffness in my back gone (I get extremely stiff back as to being unable to get of the bed w/out help) and I even have an AS dance playlist. Also heating pads, lidocaine patches, lidocaine rolling sticks, Diclofenac gel are some other non prescription helps.
  7. Bought a very nice red shirt at a boutique I like to patronize. I went in their once last Fall and found out the woman running it immigrated to the US from Poland when she was 8. I was born here but had 2 Polish parents. Anyway, boutiques have been doing very badly in my city since so many companies and most of the fed govt is still working at home. Then dh and I went shopping at Fresh Market where we got a Roast Chicken for 5, and a very complete dinner kit with shrimp, pasta, veggies, sauce, bread crumbs and bread for 4 (actually stuff like the bread crumbs lasts longer- especially since if you chose the chicken- you may have used breadcrumbs but with shrimp?? Plus a few other items but dh wanted to get out early to evade the pounding rain but we didn\t make it. Set up our HBO and also recorded a number of movies on our FUBO. adjusted tip of Instacart-which arrived after dinner and I put it away NOw off to watch the final episode of Expanse and then?????
  8. Heart Center billing situation completed=--- turns out I owe even less than I thought=30 v 90 Dh is home from an interview that went really well= it is just for a part time position with his current employer while continuing to work most of the time at current place Now a bit of a rest then the rest of my list. ..
  9. No nap here. I was watching the local news at lunch and today a better study came out on risks for cognitive decline -turns out the sweet spot of sleeping is what I normally do- 4.5 to 6.5 hours of actual sleep because they used EEGS. That is just like what Fitbit measures though it is not as accurate- but it does show that people awake during the night even if they do not remember and doesn't count those times. And since I have foggy states not correlated with sleep amounts, I think I will keep trying to hit that spot of sleeping. And my kids never slept as much as experts claimed babies needed- and I know I didn't either -can't remember as a baby but do remember that I had to be very imaginative at night and would try to do things like play very quietly, or look at books - read them when I was older. Just did an instacart order. Now am going to call the Heart Center billing.
  10. Lunch done Betterhelp scheduled NOw a bit of bird watching on my porch then Instacart order from Publix
  11. So the nurse advocate was very minimally helpful== the only thing she was able to do was explain to me the procedure to get home health aid. She couldn't/wouldn't help with getting explanation of surgery, wouldn't help with my whole billing issue w/the heart center ( they have just increased the amounts on one of the bills by almost 50 dollars and sent the other two bills with the same amount and I only owe them the amount of one of the bills but not any others) Nor could she help with bad claim response by Tricare either. When I was fretting about whiting out procedure codes, dh pointed out by looking at the bill that 2 procedures aren't charged and there is only a charge for medication management while the other two are free. So I called Tricare Humana claims (and the procedure to get a human in claims is very annoying) and got a second very competent person this week who did understand the issue and is waiting for higher ups to resolve the wrong denial of claim, plus they got my name wrong on their form letter to me too.
  12. Really slow start but did at least return message to my counselor and wrote a great review about her on Betterhelp. I will be getting a session today or tomorrow. Great news is that my rheumatologist is fantastic and she got my prior authorization done very fast. And Express Scripts called me last night to schedule and I will be getting Enbrel on Tuesday. Yeah! Awaiting call back from Surgery nurse regarding pre-op testing appt at the hospital and the first appt after the surgery which will be on the 29th of November. Done- just spent 20 minutes with dh picking pants and shirt to go with his new jacket and even assuring him that maroon wingtips go well with what we picked. And I need to make sure I remove the shirts that do not fit which he insisted on putting back. It turned out that one of his favorite shirts that was too small was the same as the shirt that we finally chose and he refuses to believe that the fact that he puts everything on high heat in the dryer ruins clothes and shrinks clothes. I showed him the skirt that I am wearing that he had washed and dried at some point- it ruined the waist band that has elastic in it. It is now all lumpy in areas and it is that way with several of my skirts.
  13. Good morning! It is foggy here and looks great. Breakfast and more meds Shower Got up too late- Couldn't do it since I am super foggy and everything is taking too long. Put out compost bin and deal with cleaning the little one Calling health advocate Calling many other insurance/health/etc people Still doing this termite inspection here today get to Fresh Market somehow and that outside shopping center and do the shopping I wanted to do- and the wandering eat the dinner we will get from Fresh Market watch final episode of the Expanse with dh much more but need to wake up more for that
  14. It was my great desire to be a CAJA after homeschooling. I couldn't because my disabilities chose that time to greatly increase and prevent me from even doing almost all volunteer work. In most of my state, including the neighboring counties to the west, it is called CASA. But in my county, it is called CAJA, because CASA was already in existence in my county but it was and is a volunteer organization that helps the 60 and over and the homebound disabled (like I have been and now will be again due to upcoming surgery), with transportation, installation of things like grab bars, building wheelchair ramps, growing vegetables and then delivering them, etc.
  15. Congratulations! I am going to be a much older first time grandmother in mid to late Nov- many of my friends that I had over the years on Facebook who are my age have been grandmothers for years. Unfortunately, I will not be able to pick baby up until maybe right before Christmas or maybe in January, since I am having spinal surgery exactly a week before Thanksgiving. It should be really fun to be a grandmother - I have been having fun buying books, toys and clothes. So will you.
  16. MOstly done Maybe have dh and I go to brand new library branch which he wanted to visit and I have a hold I didn't have much time to look around but there is a nice cafe, Makers room- where 3D printers and other such stuff are located, lots of nice areas for reading including a garden area. Looking forward to actually going there and seeing it better Go to eyeglass place and get the eyeglass nose took inly about 5 minutes including waiting for the person to come to the dask MOre shopping in person- did a quick partial look around toy store a few doors down and I noticed their prices are less than a lot of Amazon. Bought a cool Playmobile construction truck and female worker and other things for 1.5years and up and it was made in Malta-not China- which I much prefer-- hate all those recalls for toxic paint, parts too small, falling apart and becoming choking hazards, et Turns out we had to go to giant shopping mall about 15 minutes away for dh to pick up suit jacket he ordered so we ordered from an Eastern European/Western Asian restaurant-- took a long time because order was cancelled incorrectly, than we ordered again and it took 15 minutes for main cook to realize that the item he thought they had was gone from the frig- just a main cook plus asst cook for entire restaurant and he was also dealing with all takeout and delivery orders Finally got dinner about an hour after we ordered (it was to go) but it was super delicious grab dinner to go from shopping center Chronic Illness support group meeting online Amazon order Read/watch
  17. I feel a lot better now. No more issues happened and really enjoyed Quarantine Book Club Done Scheduled mammogram left message to surgeon\s nurse to change pre-op day and then left another one later to change post-op visit (I thought I could just call the reception desk and change that one but no, I can't) found the phone number of one of the potential nurse advocates and called and the person told me she would be calling back (I didn't like the new one they gave me and they are trying to have me work with her again but she had a bad attitude and we will see--- Found out that my Enbrel prescription is processing but I want to get it very fast so will check on it again later communicated with our yard care person and got him to come out and do just the leaves today because although I want more bush trimming and weed removal in side yard, that can wait. He hadn't checked the weather and said he would be coming later today or tomorrow- we are having rain throughout tomorrow- possibly heavy and possibly thunderstorms made myself a tasty lunch and ate that figured out that Humana Tricare East claims person made a mistake on a claim from last year that we only received notice about in a group of EOBs that was sent in late Sept. Called Humana Tricare and spoke with a very competent claims person who did understand that it was a mistake and sent it back for processing. The problem was that we met our catastrophic limit in July 2020 and this was a claim from Oct 2020 and it claimed that we hadn't met our deductible so it had us paying a co-pay. She also very helpfully explained that the Home Health Agency I used in March/April did not send in the claims correctly- they need to send all the dates of service as one claim- not to it daily like they told me they had to do. To do Maybe have dh and I go to brand new library branch which he wanted to visit and I have a hold Go to eyeglass place and get the eyeglass nose MOre shopping in person grab dinner to go from shopping center Chronic Illness support group meeting online Amazon order Read/watch
  18. Prayers for him. I am sure I will have to get this surgery and I have Sjogren's so super dry eyes and yes, my AS makes it very painful to lie on my back without softness and being able to move, and something, probably dysautonomia, is causing bladder and gastro issues, and on and on and on. I really hope it goes well for him and would appreciate you telling us or PM me about how it went and any difficulties he encountered.
  19. Good morning everyone! I was having a good morning, ate breakfast, took some meds but not all,vsaving some for after I got home. We went to pick up dh's truck which was ready last night but I couldn't help doing it last night. Then when I was driving home, I wanted to go to get my eyeglasses fixed since the little rubber piece on the nose part fell off on one side and they opened at 9 am. But after parking, I knew I had to go home to prevent a disaster in the store. I got home, and gastro disaster happened-- Cleaning me and everything up wore me out. Plus I am now out one underwear, one pair of pants, and one pair of flip flops. Can I say I hate my autoimmune diseases? At least I guess I am lucky- I have only had this level of disaster about 4 times since the first time around 2007. Oh and his is not bacterial or viral in origin either because I have had those kinds and they make your abdomen hurt, it keeps happening over and over and over. This really doesn't=== I figure it is from my dysautonomia. Take more meds including ones that reduce chances for this to happen but have to check which interact with coumadin Log onto Quarantine Book Club Zoom meeting More later
  20. My dinner was good. Not scanning anything tonight cause I will make a mistake. Setting aside which presents to put in gift bags (and doing that) and which to wrap. Then I probably will watch Belgian mystery show I started.
  21. Other done items free Aphasia clinic online at 10 that I forgot to list got coumadin dosage schedule until Nov 9th when I have a new appt. Tried to get mammography appt w no luck so far and then tried pre-op appt line and it is wrong on the paper- or since this is the same hospital system, maybe all phones off- will do again soon Do tomorrow left message for nurse at primary care to call and schedule pre-physical-she will be calling me on Thursday since she is down to 2 days a week. I actually like the new nurse who is his nurse 3 days a week better. scheduled termite appt Music Appreciation class- though the music was Eleanor Rigby and that is one of my Beatles songs I am not very fond of To Do or Doing Zoom Lupus support group=Rheumatologist talking about Skin and Mucous membrane involvement in Lupus - Attending Scan post-operation instructions and send to kids watch something
  22. Hi all, woke up again to bad back pain but fortunately I got 5 hours of sleep so pretty good. (and I am so fortunate to be like Donald Trump in this way- we are some of the very weird people who can function well with less sleep than most- I have had that blessing ever since I was a very small child-but my personality is certainly not the same😁) Done Coffee and oatmeal prep put old cereals in compost bin in kitchen TO DO shower first make breakfast Redo paratransit application and fax to my doctor. Apparently it never got to my physician. I think I may have left it with another receptionist and it was never turned over to my doctor. re-message rheumatologist about changing to Enbrel, upcoming surgery Call health advocate nurses figure out if my Subaru electric system is whacked or is it a problem of wrong chargers (on our birding trip, we had smoke start coming out of the cigarette lighter- which is how we have to charge things since we have an 06) See if car is ready and pick it up-- if not ready till afternoon- have Toyota dealer van pick him up figure out dinner- I have chicken breasts and want to do something very easy in Instapot equivalent continue work on putting away summer clothes and organizing fall/winter clothes- can't put away all summer clothes because of where I live More later
  23. I am very sorry for your loss. And I am also very sorry about how she passed. I only hope it helps any other relatives of her who aren't vaccinated and didn't have Covid in the last 3 months, to get vaccinated.
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