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  1. We use SWB's History History the World series as a spine for our high school history curriculum, then add Great Books and Great Courses. However, the series ends with the Renaissance book, requiring us to find a spine for modern history. What are you using?
  2. My student is finishing Singapore 6B and MUS Zeta. What should I move to next? Can I skip MUS pre-algebra and go directly to MUS Algebra? I would probably continue the MUS/Singapore combo and use NEM as well. Your thoughts?
  3. Currently looking for a new reading program. Please give me your opinion of: Reading Strands, Jacobs Ladder and Great Books. Thank you.
  4. Currently looking for a new writing program. Please give me your opinion of: IEW, Writing Strands and William and Mary Language Arts. Thank you.
  5. I have a second grader and 2 kinders. My older and two youngers will learn all their states and capitals during first grade.
  6. Thank you everyone. I'm glad to know that it's not just me. I really am not trying to brag about my kids. I have nothing against public schooling and if my kids fit into their scope and sequence they would be there, but they don't. When the question is posed to me, I have found that homeschool moms are looking for me to bash the school system and public school mom's just think that I am ruining my children's lives. In the end, I really don't care what they think I just find it interesting that being academically advanced makes others so uncomfortable.
  7. Funny my daughter has the same reaction, but we've been able to work through it. She is in level E and went through 4 - 5 lists before missing a word. When she did misspell a word the first time she was devastated. I had to talk her through it and tell her that no one in the world knows how to spell every word, even brought out the 'ol Websters dictionary to show her how many words are in the English language. That comforted her and we are progressing in Spelling Power.
  8. We have just begun homeschooling and have looked into a couple of homeschool co-ops. The "problem" is when either my public school friends or my homeschool friends ask Why are you homeschooling, I get eyerolling and a you think your kids are so special sigh.... Thing is I just tell them the truth. I have cut down my response to: My daughter is 6 years old but is working at least 3 grade levels ahead in all subjects. I don't feel the public school system can meet her needs. I don't go into great detail, I am just trying to answer their question. Have you guys found the same level of misunderstanding?
  9. I do not understand the difficulty others have with supporting what we as gifted parents are going through. My eldest daughter just completed 1st grade at a public school this year. She is the youngest in her class and therefore is pegged as "immature". However, she is reading at a 6th grade level and will be starting 3rd grade math this fall. My friends all say how wonderful it is that I don't have to worry about her academically, but then I explain that she is just as special needs as the students that are below grade level, but worse, does not have any legal rights to receive specialized services. She does not receive special tutoring, a resource or speech teacher and is not eligible for an Individualized Educational Program. She has a mind that must sit idle until everyone else catches up. I must fight for EVERYTHING. Thus, this year we will be homeschooling.
  10. Funny Kalah - I have a friend who homeschool's and they call their pajamas their "school uniform".
  11. As a non-certificated parent in California, I have to create a private school in my home to legally homeschool. When I file my application, I have to name my school. I'm stumped...Can you inspire me with the name of your homeschool?
  12. What are all of your abbreviations? MFW FSOT LHTH CLE HOD
  13. What have you loved and what have you ditched in K-4 curriculum?
  14. Please give me your pros and cons of early elementary math programs. I am considering homeschooling my daughter this year after she completes 2nd grade math at a public school. I am leaning towards Horizon math (due to spiraling and use of manipulatives) and supplementing with Singapore. Thank you.
  15. Try growing with grammar. Very easy directions listed on each page with easy and to the point exercises. First and Second graders could do them on their own with minimal instruction.
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