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  1. Ahhh thank you ALL so much!!!! These are WONDERFUL suggestions and I'm looking into each and every one! Huge shoutout for this curriculum - math mammoth $180 of a complete math program for grades 1st all the way to 7th!? that's a deal! High quality and homeschool resource, not to mention it looks like it also includes all teacher manuals with the student handbooks. If anyone else looking for a complete math curriculum, this might be a good one to look into - http://www.educents.com/math-mammoth-light-blue-series-cd.html THANK YOU AGAIN. Keep the thread going for other math suggestions. I'd love for EVERYONE to benefit from this thread, not just me :) I'm sure other parents out there could use the advice too!
  2. Help! My youngest has started school a month ago and is already struggling (!!!) Some parents worst nightmare. I need more resources and BETTER quality resources. I hear Life of Fred is amazing but I haven't had time to do the research. Has anyone else used it? Plus, (now here's the kicker) i'm on a major budget. Anything that is deeply discounted would be the most helpful. Thank you everyone!
  3. I'm new to homeschooling and would love any and all recommendations for other homeschoolers/parents/unschoolers/etc. It's helpful to get advice from others who have gone through it before ya know? Here are a few resources I found on one site that popped up on my Facebook page from the similar site. getting started homeschooling guide looks promising but who knows! this 7 styles of learning activities looks like a great list of resources that i may consider but still need to do some research on them (has anyone used these before?) 10 most important things to know about homeschooling - simple, direct, easy enough here. As you can see my list is limited. Still need to do more research. I cannot believe how long it takes to prep for the homeschool year!
  4. This is fantastic! My accountability week is full of everything I have read here "Homeschool Guide: 7 Styles of Learning & Activities" We have very different learners in our household so I can't wait to get started here.
  5. I don't think you should stress at all. Sounds like you're right on track (and beyond!) When I found myself in a similar situation I gave my DD fun educational books to read on Math that helped excel her even further while having fun and coming at a full-rounded approach. You should see if the Life of Fred books would be a good fit for yours too! Here's the best sale I found when I did my research at the beginning of summer. http://www.educents.com/life-of-fred-sale Best of luck to you!
  6. It's all around incredible - a free resource that touches on reading, coloring, tracing, spelling and writing. Once i received a notice in my email with this item, I immediately printed it for my younger kiddos. They loved this: http://www.educents.com/sight-word-practice-worksheets.html If anyone has recommendations for other free practice worksheets I'd love to hear them! My kiddos range between K-5th. Thank you all in advance!
  7. I wouldn't worry too much. My now 10 year old also struggled when he was 6. Since it was also noticeable to me I did some research and discovered hundreds of free printable practice worksheets that I would download instantly and give him to do in the evenings. To be honest, it turned into a game (bonus points for me!) Here's two free printable that might help you: http://www.educents.com/sight-word-practice-worksheets.html, http://www.educents.com/handwriting-alphabet-worksheets-with-zoo-animals.html.Good luck!
  8. Hi Christina - I've had a similar question at the beginning of summer. After tons of research and incredible recommendations I came across a few that you may enjoy: My family LOVES Alpha Omega Publishing - this incredible series offers all subject matter: http://www.educents.com/artists-of-the-world-home-enrichment-kit-free-shipping.html OR if you are looking for something more affordable, I've thoroughly enjoyed this ultimate bundle (again, all subjects and grade levels to keep everything consistent and the kiddos engaged): http://www.educents.com/complete-curriculum-homeschool-program-the-ultimate-kindergarten-through-fifth-grade-deal.html I hope this helps! Best of luck for the back to school season!
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