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  1. Hi OKBud, I apologize for this. That sounds really frustrating. Could you tell me a little bit more about your experience: what browser and phone type are you using? Have you done anything like clearing cookies or restarting your phone? This will help us narrow down the issue and address it quickly. I'll make sure we correct this right away. Thank you, Mel
  2. Melissa Moore

    Trouble pulling up my old topic

    Hi Innisfree, I'm sorry to say that the topic thread looks like it is well and truly gone. No searching through even the admin side of the site turns anything up. Can you share the link you clicked on when your received the error message you mentioned? We may be able to have our hosting company retrieve it based on that, but I don't want to get your hopes up!
  3. Melissa Moore

    New forum log in problem....

    Hi Phoebe, It looks like the username "Phoebe" has been duplicated during the merge, and the forums require unique user names. I've updated you to "Phoebe1" and will investigate how to get you your original username back!
  4. Melissa Moore

    THE NEW FORUMS ARE LIVE!! But be aware...

    Support page: I can also update usernames as needed.
  5. Melissa Moore

    New forum log in problem....

    I am currently able to update usernames. Please reply with your username and I'll correct them right away!
  6. Melissa Moore

    New forum log in problem....

    WrightFamily1, I updated your username temporarily. "Lynn" was already in use. You can either reply to this thread with the username you want and I will update it for you, or you can follow the instructions on the support page to update it at your leisure.
  7. Melissa Moore

    New forum log in problem....

    For the original poster (I don't want to identify you by your email address), I am changing your username to "Lynn" for now. I will be able to change it again as soon as you let me know what you'd like it to be, but I want to get personal information off of your username ASAP!
  8. Melissa Moore

    New forum log in problem....

    Jilly, I'm correcting yours right now. We apologize for this! We're also posting on the support page how to change the user name.
  9. Melissa Moore

    New forum log in problem....

    Absolutely! What is your username?
  10. Just a note that search also affects the tabs at the top of the Forums. Clicking on Activity, Classifieds, and so on may not return results for several days. Thank you all for your patience!
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