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  1. Does anyone have a link to online video explanations for the different calculations that are in Chemistry? We are part of a study group for Chem. and I would love to be able to send the kids a video link for when they get stuck at home and the book just doesn't make sense. We are using Apologia Chem. and are just starting out. I would love something like the Saxon DIVE math cd that takes them step by step. I've looked but haven't found anything that is too helpful. Thank you
  2. Thanks for the links. Still hope someone has the link i'm looking for
  3. Does anyone here have a link for a weekly schedule for Spielvogel Western Civ. that includes links for online lectures? A friend told me about a link but we can't find it. I guess it is an excellent resource/syllabus for the Western Civ. CLEP. Thankyou!
  4. Hi There! Just doing all kinds of research on the CLEP and am thinking of having my ds take the CLEP for non-math majors and Western Civ. I. Other than the study guides I wondering what curriculum anyone would recommend we use at home? I'm planning on spending the year having him study these subjects anyway but not sure what to use? I was thinking of using Stream of Civ. I + an Art History class. I read somewhere that Speivogel (sp?) is a good text for the West.Civ. CLEP. but I have no idea on a math text. Any help would be great! Thank you Ruth
  5. If you're interested in the Hake book I happen to have mine for sale Hake level 8, brand new. I ordered and then found I would be doubling up my dc's work for next year, so I don't need it. It has lots of review just like a Saxon math book is set up. I paid $45 + shipping and tax. I would like $40 Please email me privately Thanks ruth w b l at yahoo dot com
  6. Dc will be 9th and 10th next year. We have a great comp. class we take through a co-op, but I need an easy, independent english/grammar class for at home. I'd love a work book that doesn't need much input from me, but includes plenty of explanation. I've considered R&S omitting the writing portions but I'm not sure where to place them. They made it most of the way through r&s 5 a couple of years ago and we have been using Easy Grammar since. Should I add Daily Grams to the Easy Grammar and continue into next year? Or does anyone else have a better idea? Thanks!!
  7. Thanks to you all. It helped me get some clarity on how to tackle highschool and a very busy activity. jjhat, sounds like your in the Twin Cities? I'm in the north metro :) Thanks again!
  8. I'm considering schooling year round for dc who wants to continue with a very rigorious performing arts path. Does anyone else do this? having a regular school year (sept-june) and a very heavy perf. arts schedule is near impossible, so I was thinking of tackling some subjects over the summer and then having a lighter load durning performance time. Any advice for me? Thankyou
  9. does anyone have a study guide suggestion for Uncle Tom's Cabin? a freebie online would be the best. Thanks
  10. I need to complete 1/2 credit of history/literature for my 9th grader. I'm looking for the must reads from this era, don't want to miss the goodies. I've been looking over the Veritas Press catalog and Sonlight, I also have Biblioplan and TruthQuest for this time period but just having a hard time pulling out a plan for the rest of the year. I'm thinking of : Uncle Tom's Cabin, Pride & Prejudice, Old Man & the Sea, 1984 (or should I wait on this one?). We've done Animal Farm and will be reading Frankenstein & Dr. Jekyll later in the year. thanks
  11. I've had the same problem. I've told dc that they need to be dressed, showered if need be and in the kitchen by 8am or no breakfast and no food until lunch , so far no one has missed a meal
  12. My 9th grade dc seems to do poorly in every different approach we have tried with math. I'm sure my "trying different programs" is part of the trouble but I can't change any of that now. I truly don't know what to do, and I am a terrible math student so I'm not much help, which is fine to dc they don't want my help anyway. How can I redeem dc's highschool math years? Help help!! Do I get a tutor? Dc did try the Aleks Math sample today but I'm not sure about this approach either, I have making math meaningful Algebra waiting on the shelf. I thought this book would really help to explain the reasoning behind algebra? I wish I had a friend to call who could give me some advice, I don't know what to do and I don't want to keep shortchanging dc for the next few years. Thanks
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