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  1. "View New Content" not working for me : (. Anyone else experiencing this?

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    2. OtherJohn


      This should be up again.

    3. Carolina Wren

      Carolina Wren

      It's all better now! :)

    4. WTMCassandra


      Thank you so much! I have come to rely on it.


  2. PSA: When you study something intensely, you are "poring" over it, not "pouring" over it. That is all.

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    2. kiana


      my tears are pouring over it

    3. Carolina Wren
    4. Jean in Newcastle

      Jean in Newcastle

      If it is expensive are you pooring over it?


  3. Would you think you would have to remind a 17yo and a 15yo to put PERIODS at the end of their SENTENCES consistently? No, me neither *heavy sigh.*

  4. Looking forward to debate camp next week! Love this way to close out August--ensures that I don't feel guilty waiting until September to start school!

  5. I seem to be the only occupant of my house that has the door/cabinet-closing gene. Sigh.

  6. How many times can two young people bicker in one day? Mine seem to be trying for a new record . . . Sigh.

  7. I ruined a favorite piece of clothing today. Totally my own fault. But I'm sad about it.

  8. Sure, we can talk here. As for the homeschool email groups, they are Tri-Cities specific, so I don't think they would do you any good. Perhaps some of the western folks can tell you what lists are in your new area. Here is a list from the inclusive state HS group: http://www.washhomeschool.org/whoRegions.html


    I'm sorry the countdown for the move is the worst part. I hope you get a good carrier this time (that lowest bidder phenomenon is so scary, isn't it?).


    We just loved CW and still really miss it. My son's favorite is the printer's shop. He can watch them and ask question for hours. My daughter's favorite is the mantua maker's shop. My favorite is the Wythe house, although the children really like the eccentic old weaver there who's worked at CW for MANY years. I like the Governor's mansion, while the children are only lukewarm about it, although they really like the kitchen. We all liked going to the Randolph house when they used to have characters there, and we made friends with the lady who played Mrs. Randolph (she now plays someone else in the Revolutionary City). She wrote my daughter a few letters with quill pen, sealed with wax, and mailed from the CW post office, which was really cool.


    I hope you can connect with some of the western folks. They are a really nice bunch. I'm not sure why things have been so quiet on the WA WTMers group for a few weeks. They can be a big help. It's just so completely different on my side of the state that I can't really help guide you too much.

  9. Hi, Tammyla, thanks for asking for me to join your friends list. In case you're wondering why it took me so long to reply, I tried to accept about four times throughout the day and it didn't "take" until just recently. I'm not sure why.

  10. So many papers to grade! I hate this part of homeschooling high school.

  11. But thanks anyway! It's still fun to hear!

  12. Never dreamed that I would have to constantly remind 16yos and 14yos to end a sentence with a PERIOD!

  13. Thanks for the compliment, lovemyboys! The Chesterton quote is one of my favorites.

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