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  1. "View New Content" not working for me : (. Anyone else experiencing this?

    1. WTMCassandra


      Thank you so much! I have come to rely on it.


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  2. "classical in the fall, charlotte mason in the winter, unschooling in the spring"--that seems to be the gist of it.

  3. Upon smelling the automatic "clean" cycle on the oven, dd remarks, "Smells like you are shoving despair down our throats."

  4. There is a social group for practically everything except one for people who are not in a social group.

  5. 14 yr old boys are so annoying....

    1. WTMCassandra


      Amen, Shanvan. I have one of those 14-yo annoyance machines. And it's been quite a day.

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  6. THe inscription on the grave stone of my father's GM and GF (he fought for the North in the Civil War): They dared to know the right, and knowing, dared to do it. I googled these phrases and found "He knew his duty, and knowing dared to do it" in a speech to the Senate regarding the death (in a duel with a pro-slavery judge) of David Broderick, about 1860. I'm sure the inscription is a reference to GGF's Civil War involvement.

  7. Do I have to interact with my children today too? It's Saturday.

    1. WTMCassandra


      I feel your pain.

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