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  1. Yep, that's exactly how we had to do it last year. It left me feeling uneasy as well, but the endorser we chose knew how stressful the whole thing is and got it submitted in plenty of time, Just choose wisely and keep the lines of communication open. Congratulations to your daughter!
  2. Where: The University of Central Florida (Orlando) Why: Full ride scholarship for National Merit Finalists (with enough left over for a Disney annual pass!) Major: Mathematics Other: The Burnett Honors College is small and has a good reputation; the math department is excellent; the dorms for Honors students are beautiful and she'll have her own room in a quad. It's three hours away from us as we're in South Florida (the school provides a bus back and forth on weekends). UCF was not even on our radar until late November when they sent an invitation to an NMSF dinner. They pulled out all the stops and dealt with all our reservations. The presentation impressed DD and her dad...I was the last one on board but now we are all thrilled with the decision. Go Knights!
  3. I've been slack on posting on any acceptances so far so here goes...DD has been accepted to: Millsaps College (Presidential Scholarship) University of Alabama-Huntsville (Charger Distinction Scholarship) University of South Carolina-Honors College! UChicago - deferred Waiting on 3 more in the new year! Congrats everyone! Mindy
  4. From the UChicago's website: The University of Chicago does not charge an application fee for students applying for need-based financial aid. For students not applying for need-based financial aid, our application fee is $75 and can be submitted through the Coalition or Common Application. That's why I was wondering if this sort of thing was commonplace. :-)
  5. Okay, thanks for the input! It bothers me that if you put yes to that question, sometimes they waive the application fee. Makes me feel guilty. :crying:
  6. So I'm just trying to get this straight...Even though I don't think I qualify for need-based financial aid, we are filling out the FAFSA, because that seems to be the conventional wisdom. So here's my question...on the applications, the colleges ask if I am applying for need-based aid. Is the answer "Yes" because we filled out the FAFSA? (even though I'm pretty sure we won't qualify?) Thanks for your help!
  7. Thank you, regentrude! Very helpful perspective on this. :-)
  8. So it seems the Home School Supplement questions have changed slightly from previous years (see below). Question #3 used to say "if not listed on the transcript", but they've removed that part. So I'm wondering if they really mean I should list all courses taken outside of the home (with all the details), even if it's on the transcript and I've included course descriptions? I'll admit my course descriptions do not go into the level of detail they are asking for here (i.e frequency of interactions with other students, for one). What did you guys do? Thanks in advance! Home School Supplement Please provide any information about the applicant’s home school experience and environment that you believe would be helpful to the reader (e.g. educational philosophy, motivation for home schooling, instruction setting, etc.). Please provide the grading scale or other methods of evaluation. If the student has taken courses from a distance learning program, traditional secondary school, or institution of higher education please list the course title and content, sponsoring institution, instruction setting and schedule, and frequency of interactions with instructors and fellow students (once per day, week, etc.). In addition, if the student has taken any standardized testing other than those listed on Page 2 of the Common Application please describe below.
  9. Thanks for all your input! Based on these answers, I will just rely on my transcript and send official FLVS if specifically requested. I love the collective wisdom of this board. :)
  10. I have uploaded my DD's transcript to the Common App and it includes the courses she took at FLVS. Should I order an FLVS Official Transcript as well? I couldn't upload it directly to the Common App. It would be sent to the school electronically through Parchment. I'm just wondering if this is redundant or a good confirmation of my transcript grades... Thanks!
  11. I also think there could be a credibility issue. If I am awarding 1 full credit for Government, but the public schooled applicant's transcript only awards .5 for the same dual-enrolled class, I wonder if the Admissions department assumes we're trying to pad the GPA, which might make the whole transcript suspect. Just a thought...
  12. I found this. I hope it's helpful.
  13. Where did you put the National Latin Exam scores?
  14. As application season is upon us, I wondered when they say "Official Transcript", what they actually mean? Of course I am sending my official transcript which includes classes from outside sources, most of which do not have transcripts of their own (Lukeion, for example). I know I have to request official transcripts from any dual-enrolled classes (FAU, for example). What about Florida Virtual School (FLVS)? Do I have to request an official transcript from them? If so, when? At the end of senior year, or when we first apply? Any help would be appreciated, as I feel the colleges are going to be bombarded with transcripts for this one student! Thanks! Mindy
  15. Thanks for the input! A question... On the Course Descriptions, do you include the non-academic courses? For example, my daughter is a ballerina and danced 15 hours a week, so it was her PE credit. Do I need a course description for ballet?
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