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  1. Both my girls were/are 17 - with late November and early August birthdays. I was 17 as well (September birthday). Here in NYC, seniors graduate at 18 if they have birthdays between January and June or 17 if they have birthdays from June to December 31 after senior year (very late cutoff here). Ds will be 18 since he has a March birthday.
  2. We've been to the NYC one many times. My younger daughter was obsessed with it. The store is wonderful. The top floor is all the historical dolls. The first floor has a ton of other dolls and a ton of books and accessories. There's another big section of bitty babies and their accessories (and the old Hopscotch Hill collection which they discontinued). The salon and hospital are in the middle somewhere. The restaurant is amazing. It was such a great outing for us that I was sad when she outgrew it all.
  3. We're going to continue 7th grade and meld into 8th grade over the summer. During the summer we spend 2-3 days a week on academics (4 during the school year). We do of field trips (and starting our new restaurant adventure) on the off days. I have so much curriculum on hand from ds and his 2 older sisters that I probably won't buy anything this year at all (well, maybe 1 or 2 things). Mostly everything I have can't really be used past 8th grade. I pulled everything out and will utilize some of everything and see what fits best with ds. I don't really schedule, we prefer the "open and go" method like you mentioned. I do minor prep work for science experiments and field trips. Our main curriculum will be Life of Fred Beginning Algebra, Apologia Physical Science (or Holt), K12 Human Odyssey 1 & 2, Runkle's Geography, Getting Started with Spanish, various novels and poetry, and a hodgepodge of language arts workbooks.
  4. Since I've never heard of "gentle parenting" I just googled and copied the first thing I found. I figure it was just a basic guide to base my opinion on. I'm no expert and maybe this isn't even a chart gentle parents actually use. So don't base your opinion on what I posted. :001_unsure: :leaving:
  5. Ugh you poor country folk. Actually we had a summer house in the country for many years and I will NEVER forget the barefoot slug squish I experienced one wet night. I still skeeve whenever I think if it. And I did a barefoot frog squish once when I was about 4 as I chased a frog all around my country backyard - he stopped, I didn't. That was bad. I remember getting my foot hosed off. :ack2: :ack2: :ack2:
  6. I don't see your examples as disrespectful. When I said I expect my kids to respect me and all adults I would never think that means to be seen and not heard, to never question, or to not have input. I meant saying things like please and thank you, doing what is expected of you (chores, schoolwork, etc) or nicely asked by other adult (within reason) without argument, and refraining from excessive whining or unpleasant sarcasm. I encourage my kids to question, be confident, assertive, outgoing, and have input into many parts of our lives. But allowing kids to be disrespectful, purposefully immature, and just plain annoying will never create a leader.
  7. I love my cozy 750 square foot NYC apartment. We also have a large unfinished basement/laundry room with plenty of storage, plus a garage, backyard, and front patio. The neighborhood we live in and its close proximity to absolutely everything imaginable makes it feel huge. We also have one car :) Anything smaller than this would be tough. I've got this down to a science. I never want to move - and the kids think we're so lucky to live where we live. One more bedroom would be nice, though.
  8. If you go by this set of rules, then I'm at about 9 or 10 out of 14. I am definitely understanding, empathetic, and respectful towards my kids, but I do praise and reward them when I see fit and I do expect them to treat me and all adults with respect - whether earned or not. And I believe that after a certain age there are deliberate "bad behaviors". Everything else I pretty much agree with.
  9. My dh's main role in our homeschool is to pat me on the back, give me a hug, and tell me what a great job I'm doing. :coolgleamA: I prefer to handle it. When dh has a day off and ds wants him to "do the homeschooling", I make dh a list. Dh feels like a fish out of water with it, but he'll do it. At the very least dh likes being a part of the science experiments. I go over with him what I'm buying and why I like it for ds. Every couple of weeks I tell dh all the progress ds is making and what we covered.
  10. My oldest(20) hasn't stopped working since she was 15 (Pizza place, juice bar, laundromat, Bed Bath & Beyond, and now an ale house). Younger dd(17) has never worked. She was always busy with dance (rehearsals, competitions, performances, etc). And now she still won't work because her conservatory classes are from 8am to 5:30pm. She might want to work one day on the weekend (but I doubt it). Neither drive, although oldest will get her permit next month. Younger dd will be living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan starting this fall, so she definitely does not need a car.
  11. Why did I have to gain 30 pounds after I quit smoking? Why am I such a Type-A planner, but never stick to my plan? Why does my dh wash 2/3 of the dishes and then tell me he's tired from "cleaning the kitchen"?! Why is my dd's last 2 weeks of public high school taking forever?
  12. Don't worry at all. My younger dd (exclusively bf'd) didn't want anything to do with solid food until she was over 9 months. And when she did finally eat, she wouldn't touch baby food (cereal or jarred). She would only eat what dh and/or I were eating - and Cheerios.
  13. I love scrambled (I put about 3 tbsps water in when scrambling and they come out really fluffy), but my favorite way lately is "egg in a cup". I make eggs over easy (fried in butter) then slide them into a coffee cup with some salt and pepper and chop them all up with a spoon. It brings me back to my childhood when my Irish grandparents used to make me this, but using soft-boiled eggs instead. (I fail miserably at making soft boiled eggs).
  14. So, so sorry for your loss. :grouphug: :grouphug:
  15. Various iPhones (4, 4s, 5) for the kids. Samsung 3 for dh and me. Unlimited everything + locator and insurance.
  16. Oldest (20) will continue her cosmetology program throughout the summer, finishing in August, and then start working in a NYC salon by September. Younger dd (17- starting college in the fall) has a week-long dance Nationals in Atlantic City in July, then we'll spend the rest of the summer buying dorm stuff.
  17. I have church choir and a part-time job. I love both. I'm happier and saner with both of those things in my life.
  18. My kids were all over the place. I had one that actually did teach herself to read at 3, one that learned at 4, and my son who didn't really grasp reading until he was about 10. Even at 10 it was choppy. But now, at 13, he is reading better than ever - above grade level and with full comprehension and retention. So don't feel like a failure. Some kids take longer. Believe me, when she's an adult, no one will give a second thought to when she began reading, was potty-trained, or began walking.
  19. My younger daughter (homeschooled from 3rd-8th grades) is graduating from her performing arts high school in a few weeks. She is starting a performing arts college with $15000 worth of scholarships and grants and will be living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (in dorms) starting in October. She is doing 4 semesters in 16 straight months (fall, spring, summer, fall) with the option to continue for a BFA at the Hollywood campus. It's so exciting and she cannot wait.
  20. LOL, not bugging me at all. We went with FIRM. It is pretty firm. See if you can visit a Bob's store and lay on both the firm and the plush and see which you like better. Roll around a lot.
  21. We've had ours a year. There is absolutely NO change from the first day we got it. And the gel is supposed to keep it cooler. Every other mattress I've had (both spring and foam) caused me to wake up with a pain in my back, numb arms & shoulders, and/or stiff hips after a few months. Now I wake up feeling so good and actually wide awake - not tired like I always have.
  22. So sorry. Praying. :grouphug: :grouphug:
  23. I'm so sorry for your loss. I agree with the others, your mom probably had such peace that you were with her. :grouphug: :grouphug:
  24. My ds is a night owl and he does his formal academics from 2-4pm. His extra curricular classes don't start until 6 or 7pm during the week or they're on the weekend.
  25. YES :cursing: :confused1:
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