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  1. Ugh I can't stand people telling me anything they know absolutely nothing about. I cook, clean, chauffer, homeschool 2/3 of my kids (which comes with academics PLUS tons of trips and classes all week), gonna have TWO teenage girls in a month, and I work for the cable company evenings & Saturdays. But how dare my house not look perfect.
  2. I didn't read all the responses, but I believe evolution and faith go hand-in-hand. I believe the Bible contains a lot of symbolism - more of a "why" things happened as opposed to a "how", ykwim? - Especially the Old Testament. I do not believe in a "young earth". We have a foundation in Catholicism and the kids are taught evolution AND learn about the beliefs of many other religions. I want them to believe in what makes sense to them.
  3. I bought the first 4 books to use with my upper elem student. She's ready for algebra, but I want her to have a better, firmer understanding of fractions and percents. I just like the way this guy presents them. It's so different than what we've always done. I plan on zipping through those fairly quickly and spending the most time on the prealg and algebra ones. The books are cheap and nonconsumable, and I can also use them for ds (who loves math and will probably start them in 4th grade).
  4. Here's what we did for 2nd grade (most from AmblesideOnline): Readalouds: Our Island Story (history) Fifty Famous Stories Retold (history) Viking Tales (history) Benjamin Franklin (D'Aulaire) George Washington (D'Aulaire) Buffalo Bill (D'Aulaire) Paddle to the Sea (geography) Herriot's Treasury for Children (science) Burgess Bird Book (science) Handbook of Nature Study (science, bits and pieces) Tales From Shakespeare (Lamb) Parables From Nature (Gatty) The Blue Fairy Book Just So Stories (Kipling) Little House in the Big Woods The Velveteen Rabbit King of the Golden River Independent Reads: The Aesop for Children Now We Are Six (poetry - Milne) When We Were Very Young (poetry - Milne) A Child's Book of Poems (Fujikawa) (ds also read some "twaddly" kid books as well throughout the year)
  5. For 3rd grade my ds will be doing: AmblesideOnline Year2 (incorporates reading, penmanship, language arts, composition, world history, american history, geography, science, & fine arts) Teaching Textbooks Math 5 Outdoor Hour Challenges (nature study using the activities from handbookofnaturestudy.blogspot.com LiveMocha (Social Spanish online with other websites and books) Minimus Pupil's Book (beginner Latin) Cub Scouts, Basketball, Musical Theater
  6. Yep. We say that here in NYC, as in: "Youse-guys over there". Although sometimes it's more pronounced here as "yiz". It's very common to hear this: "So, are both-a-yiz goin', or just one-a-yiz?." :D
  7. I used it as written for Year 1 and will do the same for Year 2. The only tweaking I do is take most of the religious stuff out (no Bible, no Trial & Triumph, etc). We love it. No, really. The readings are interesting and enjoyable and I love that you can get creative with it. We focused on the main subjects at first and slowly added the "extras" like artists, composers, timeline, foreign language (which I think they say is not nec. in early years anyway), and nature study. I think I spent a total of $150 on all the books for Year 2 (bought them all early!). My dh lost his job too, so keeping things inexpensive are a priority for me. As for a relaxing year - this will do it. The curriculum is very gentle, fun, and you're done within 2 hours. HTH!
  8. Ah yes. We called them "rexographs". Why? No idea. Then later on we called them "ditto sheets". I'd recognize that smell anywhere. And I still call it "oak tag" :blushing: . We were using some for a project when dd was in school and she had no idea what I was talking about - neither did the craft store folks. It is called "poster board" now. Hey, I also remember that "conditioner" was called "creme rinse"...
  9. I've been to tons of shows. It's worth it, believe me. I prefer the subway over a taxi. It's cheap, fast, and brings you within a block of your theater. Get there early, walk around, check out the cool shops, grab a snack somewhere.
  10. My dd (12) is a dancer. It's something she's been doing for 9 years, at the competitive level for 6 years, and has recently won a regional title (Miss Junior DanceXplosion 2009). She will be auditioning for performing arts high schools this fall. It's her passion, she willingly spends from 8 to 16 hrs/week at the dance studio - she also is an assistant teacher there. I have no doubt she will go far. We spend a great deal of money, do a good deal of traveling, and put a lot of personal time in (stoning costumes, fundraising, transporting props, etc.). As a family, we have all involved ourselves in one way or another. My 2 other children love the chaotic atmosphere of the comps, the weekend hotel stays, and have many friends from all of it. I've never thought of it as a sacrifice, though. We have learned how to turn it into a family affair - dh, the siblings, and I really have a lot of fun being a part of it with her. We live in NYC, so for the most part, we're where she needs to be. I don't foresee having to move anywhere else for better instructors. If we did, I don't think we'd move. But then again, I'm not the kind of person who would live outside of a city, so it's hard for me to consider something like that. If she's accepted into the high school, she'll have phenomenal teachers and a LOT of opportunites and doors open - for free. Through various dance competitions, she's been selected for THREE different performance teams based on her solos. She's been a semi-finalist for a national title. These kinds of opportunites are in most cities, not just NY. So I would keep on at what we're already doing, follow through with as many opportunites as I could, but utilize my own city to do it in. If a child is *that* good, they'll get noticed and the opportunities will come to them. ~Angela
  11. When I went that route (several years ago), it was around $50 for 4 hours. I usually had her come once a month to do the stuff I just never would get to, such as: dusting (ceiling fans, inside china cabinet, bedroom furniture, window blinds, back of tvs), polishing and oiling the wood furniture, windexing (maybe washing the windows - they pull out, so it's quick), a good mopping (including under stove and fridge), replacing shower curtain liner, wiping down baseboards and doorway moldings, and cleaning the oven.
  12. I'm new! I posted an intro last week. Here's the link: http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=106380
  13. Mine is the first initial of everyone in family and the year my last child was born. :)
  14. I just buy for the year and that's it. (ok, unless I see something I'll use at a later year for an insanely great price, lol). I plan on selling most everything that's in good condition as soon as our year is over. My ds (8) is my last child. We won't be using any of it again. Our curriculum is literature-based, so I'll probably keep some of the really good books, but everything else has to go. I'm a big clutter queen, so I'm learning to toss and feel good doing it! :001_smile:
  15. Melinda, I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm new here, but your post touched me deeply. I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Angela
  16. We did it for 2 years and it was fantastic. Ds wore mainly prefolds and wraps with the occasional AIO, Fuzzibunz, and Stacinator. The homemade detergent (looks like the same recipe) was the best. We did a double rinse with vinegar to soften and dried on high heat. I love the barely-there, clean, fresh smell of the homemade detergent. Ds never had a rash and had very few leaks, btw. Try it!
  17. Hi Robyn, we're in Queens. I spent every summer of my life out in Wading River and my mom lives in Kings Park now. My sister lives in Stonybrook. How about you?
  18. Hi, I'm Angela. Dh and I have 3 kids and we live in NYC. K is 15, J is 12, and W is 8. K is in 10th grade at a jounalism high school, J has been homeschooling since she was 8, and W has been homeschooling since Kindergarten. I'm so happy to see a wonderful forum like this! A little about each of us: J will be in 8th grade in the fall and we plan on using Teaching Textbooks PreAlgebra, Writing Strands, Artistic Pursuits, and a bunch of classic literature. History and science is hands-on at the various and many museums, outside classes, and cultural areas she goes to. She's a competitive dancer and practices up to 16 hrs/week. She also is an assistant teacher there for 7 & 8yo tappers, ballerinas, and hip-hoppers. She's won many top awards for dance - she does about 6 regional competitions (all over NY, NJ, and CT) and 1 nationals (out of state) every year. She's also a regional-title winning singer as well (as of last month - Woot!). She is in her last year at Sunday Catholic catechism classes and will be making her Confirmation in November. She plans on auditioning for several performing arts high schools this winter. W will be in 3rd grade in the fall. We'll be using Ambleside Online Year 2, (which incorporates reading, penmanship, language arts, writing, world history, american history, geography, science, & fine arts), nature study using the Outdoor Hour Challenges at handbookofnaturestudy.blogspot.com, Teaching Textbooks Math 3, social Spanish with LiveMocha (free online) along with other websites and books, Artistic Pursuits, and a couple of "The Complete Book of..."s for Grammar and Geography - maybe math too, if TT3 isn't out yet. He also enjoys lots of homeschool group trips, classes, and tours, and he loves visiting the many museums, gardens, zoos, and the science center in our area. He's a Tiger cub scout and takes musical theater class at J's studio. He loves basketball and tackle football (he was in both of those last year), but unfortunately those weren't workable this year. We'll see how it goes in the fall. He's also interested in taking some form of martial arts classes. He just made his First Holy Communion in May and will continue the Sunday religion classes throughout 3rd grade. K, my oldest, will be in 11th grade (yikes!) in the fall. She homeschooled for 8th grade (to get away from a horrible middle school) but had every intention of starting fresh at high school the following fall. She got in without issue and likes it there. She's an amazing writer and this journalism high school was a perfect fit for her. She loves singing and playing guitar and is usually in the school talent shows. She also just got her first job - at a pizzeria - and is having a blast there (and I love all the free pizza!!). I was a SAHM for 12 years and 3 years ago took a part-time job evenings and Saturday afternoons. It works great since I have all day to be with the kids. Dh is in the advertising field and does the regular 9-5 thing in Manhattan. He's also the lead singer in a rock band and they play all over lower Manhattan. It's just a hobby they've been doing together for over 20 years. We met doing community theater and have been married 16 years.
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