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  1. Never had any limits on TV here. When something's on we want to watch, we watch it. TV is such a small part of their lives. Dh on the other hand...
  2. My top 3 were: Montessori 19 Unschooling 16 Unit Studies 11 For Classical I got a -3
  3. My 14 y/o is my youngest. We have 200-300 mbps internet speed (I work for the cable company). He has his own gaming laptop and gaming desktop. No limits. He does not take advantage of the freedom. He has been more than responsible.
  4. We don't have zoned schools anymore in my area, but the high school nearest to my home has a 4-year grad rate of 65%. The high schools my girls went to have 4-year grad rates of 95% and 99%.
  5. We are sticking with Saxon as well. Ds used Algebra 1/2 in 6th-7th grade, and Algebra 1 in 7th-8th grade. We'll probably stretch Algebra 1 a little bit into 9th grade and then start Algebra 2 (3rd editions). I keep trying to see if ds would like other things (Math U See, TT Math 7 and Algebra 1, Life of Fred Fractions to Beginning Algebra, and various inexpensive workbooks) but ds always asks to go back to Saxon. We do math together using a white board. I don't prep, we just move on to the next lesson. I haven't used many of the tests that come with the program, but I may start next year (9th grade). For the high school years we plan on using: Saxon Algebra 2 - 9th grade Saxon Advanced Math (1st 1/2) - 10th grade Saxon Advanced Math (2nd 1/2) - 11th grade Saxon Calculus - 12th grade
  6. Both dds read before Kindergarten (ages 4 and 2.5 respectively). It was fine for older dd. She did wonderfully in school. Younger dd was "way beyond" the phonics and reading books the class used and she was moved to the back of the room to do book reports during phonics time. I get that the teacher was trying to diversify for her, but it led to dd hating reading. In first grade she was bored, fidgety, and chatty and was kicked out of the advanced reading group. Needless to say, dd hated reading even more now. We started homeschooling in 3rd grade, but her love of reading never returned.
  7. Saxon is what we love. We're using Algebra 1 now (8th grade) and will be starting Algebra 2 in 9th grade.
  8. Ds started Algebra 1 half-way through 7th grade and we'll finish by the end of 8th (this June). Here in NY, homeschooled 9th-12th graders must take a standardized test every year. The 9th grade test lines up with Algebra 1. Should I stretch Algebra 1 into fall of 9th grade so it's fresher in his mind by test time? Advice?
  9. We're planning on using Short Lessons in US History and supplement with field trips, documentaries, & biographies. We prefer something quick and to the point to use as a springboard.
  10. My ds will be using: Lee Binz' Reluctant Readers High School Book List (4 or 5 selections) The Write Stuff or Writing with Skill Level 1 Easy Grammar Grade 9 Saxon Algebra 2 (3rd edition) Apologia Biology (I can't find anything else I like as far as layout and labs) Short Lessons in World History (4th edition) or History of the Ancient World Easy Spanish Step-By-Step PSAT prep book Informal stuff: phys ed, health, art, music, technology, volunteering, internship, field trips, outside classes
  11. I work outside the home 25 hrs a week. Evenings work best so I have all day for academics, field trips, and outside classes with ds. I work 4:30pm to 9:30pm (1:45pm-6:45pm Sundays) and I'm off Wednesdays and Thursdays (and I can take days off whenever I need to). Dh is home by 6 and he cooks dinner.
  12. I would suggest driving into Manhattan and using a parking garage. It shouldn't be more than $50 for the several hours they're there. There's no point getting there early to avoid traffic - nothing is open. I suggest arriving after 10am and leaving by 3pm. It will be fine and it will save them the aggravation of the car being far away and finding other means of transportation. (I drive in Manhattan all the time. The garages are so convenient and they're everywhere).
  13. For 9th grade I'll probably have ds do the CAT (Level 19) and I plan on ordering it in late May/early June next year. And from what I see, 9th and 10th grades take the same CAT.
  14. This year for 8th grade ds is doing: English: Short stories and poetry by Shel Silverstein Math: Saxon Algebra 1 Science: Holt Physical Science (Science & Technology Series) Social Studies: Informal study of 20th century American history Plus: Tons of field trips and homeschool group classes (5-7 per month), computer self-study (programs, applications, coding, and creating tutorial videos), nutrition & fitness research, and Confirmation classes.
  15. I wanted to start yoga too. I've been following this video to get used to it. I'll get something else or join a class down the road, but I enjoy this gentle introduction video for now.
  16. In my last blog post I talked about what our groups are doing lately for the older kids. And here are posts (labeled: "Trips") of all the trips we've done. Hopefully you can get some ideas. :)
  17. Also, keep in mind that you don't have to test the kids until they're in 5th grade. You can write a short narrative for grades 1-4. Of course, if you prefer to test the kids every year as your annual assessment, you can. I test in 5th and 7th grades (and I will for grades 9-12) using the CAT-E that I purchase for $25 from the Seton website (although I think the newer ones in the younger grades are a bit more). Oh, and if you plan on your kids attending a NYC public high school, they should take the ELA and Math tests at a public school in 7th grade. This is so there are DOE test records that administrators can pull up on the computer.
  18. Tentative 9th Grade plan: English: Grammar (Easy Grammar Grade 9) and selections from Lee Binz’ Reluctant Readers High School Book List Math: Algebra II (Saxon Algebra 2 - 3rd edition) or Life of Fred Advanced Algebra into LoF Geometry Science: Biology (Holt-McDougal Biology Interactive Online Edition) Apologia Biology w/microscope and labs Social Studies: World History (Short Lessons in World History, 4th edition) History of the Ancient World into History of the Medieval World Foreign Language: Spanish - not sure yet Easy Spanish Step-by-Step Various extras/electives/etc: PSAT prep, Parkour, Weight training, Science apprenticeship, Computer applications & networking, Art & music appreciation, Logic, and a whole lotta field trips and homeschool group classes. Edited on 3/15/15. Probably will change things again before the summer. :001_unsure:
  19. We're required to test here in NY. Most NY'ers do the testing in 5th, 7th, and 9th-12th grades. The most popular tests here are the PASS test (made for homeschoolers and goes up to 8th grade) and the CAT-E (which goes up to 12th grade). I prefer the CAT-E. There are 6 sections: 4 in language arts/reading and 2 in math. It costs about $25, we administer it ourselves (some districts in NY require a certified teacher to admin the test), and we get the results back within 2 weeks.
  20. Here is a list of topics from the worldbook typical-course-of-study for 4th grade: Health and Safety Personal and mental hygiene Dental health The body and its functions Skeletal and muscular systems Care and proper use of the body Principles of digestion Basic food groups Good nutrition habits Diseases Safety Substance abuse
  21. First off, my kids are older and I can get more done. But my schedule has been pretty similar for years. I have a simple morning routine: start laundry, put away dishes, wipe down bathroom, finish laundry. And a simple evening routine: do dishes, wipe stove and kitchen counters, sweep & swiffer kitchen, 10 minute pick up. Then on the 2 days I have off from work (Wed & Thu) I pick one room per day and spend an hour or so doing 10 things (I wrote out the 10 things for each room because I like having a checklist). The 10 things are different for each room but include things like: attacking clutter piles, organizing shelves and drawers, dusting, sweeping, and mopping. I try and maintain the clean throughout the day - picking up clutter, washing dishes, and making sure the kids keep up with their rooms. Formal subjects with ds take less than 2 hours a day and we go out somewhere at least once a week (parkour class, field trip, homeschool class, restaurant adventure, etc). I work evenings from 4:30pm to 9:30pm about 15 minutes away from home. Oh, and I don't cook dinner, dh does. :) And working is what keeps me sane, lol.
  22. I find that the older ds gets, the better the field trips. When he was young (ages 5-8) he would have tours of supermarkets, craft classes at the botanical garden or the zoo, and several quickie classes and tours of various museums. These were more just fun getting-out-of-the-house things to do. In the middle school years (ages 9-12) his field trips and classes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History, The NY Hall of Science, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, The Ground Zero Memorial, The Federal Reserve, Grant's Tomb, etc., were more educational and interesting and hands-on. Now, as a teenager, this year so far he's gone to Washington DC, had an amazing 5-hour class and presentation at the Dept of Homeland Security, and will have a class and presentation at the National Weather Service in a couple of weeks. Plus we will revisit a lot of the museums and places we've already gone to since he's older now and has a different perspective. We usually go with a bunch of other homeschoolers his age, which he really enjoys. Field trips have always been a major part of ds's education. He learns so much, his world opens up in so many ways, and he usually does further research on his own afterward. I love anything that can spark an interest.
  23. We live in a high COL area and have 3 kids. Dh works full-time for a media company and I work part-time evenings for a cable company. We've always lived in a cozy apartment and both prefer it that way - and we're in a situation where the rent is low and will never go up. We shop at several discount grocery stores to get the best prices. Dh and oldest dd take public transportation to work. Younger dd lives in a dorm in Manhattan - mainly because her $15K scholarship covers it. Ds gets a free Metrocard and I have a corporate membership to almost every museum and cultural place in NYC. I also get free cable, internet, and home phone (I love my job, lol). We don't take vacations - we prefer day trips or overnights and long weekends. We have some debt, but our 5-year plan to be debt-free is down to 2 years (woohoo). We buy new cars, but cheap models, and use them until they die. We have always been a 1-car family. Thankfully, the area I live in has so much for us to do, for very little money. I'm not a big shopper and I think homemade anything is usually better (food, cleaners, toys, etc). That's how we do it.
  24. I was a SAHM for 12 years before venturing back out into the work world. in 2006 my youngest was 5 and I felt ready. I googled how to write a resume and cover letter, applied for something online that my dh happen to find, got called in for 2 interviews over 2 weeks, and got the job. It was for retention, collection, and sales in a call center for a large cable/internet company. LOVED the job and was there for 7 years working evenings - 6pm-10pm (until they laid everyone off and moved to another state last year). The part-time evening hours were perfect - I still had all day for homeschooling, field trips, and classes. Then dh came home and took over (cooking, driving, etc). One thing I remember from the 2nd interview was that the supervisor was actually impressed about my being a SAHM mom for 12 years, especially after I mentioned how it taught me to be super organized and how to micromanage and multitask. p.s. After 6 months of unemployment and starting and quitting a real crappy department store job, my old supervisor called me to see if I would work for him again (they were finally hiring part-timers). I'm happy to say I'm now back with the cable company working evenings (25hrs/week) in their retail store. I've been there for 2 months now and love it better than the call center.
  25. My resolutions are to: Organize my home (I'm also going to try the 52 week challenge) Organize my finances Be more of a minimalist Walk more Eat less Eat better Learn to meditate Finally go to the doctor Go on more field trips
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