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  1. Educational physics app containing notes, problems, and solutions on 30 subjects Ideal Physics is the perfect "study buddy" app for any physics or engineering university student. This app gives you the tools you need to expand your understanding of the physical sciences. Its simple navigation allows you to quickly find and delve into a particular subject area, ranging from astrophysics to quantum mechanics. Each subject area contains key equations, notes, illustrative images, practice problems with answers, and step-by-step solutions. These practice problems will provide the foundation for exceling at homework and upcoming exams. Features: - 30 specific subject areas containing notes, equations, and descriptive images - Over 65 practice problems with answers and step-by-step solutions - Easy navigation - Additional "Useful Tools" section covering physical constants, unit conversions, and mathematics Subjects: - Astrophysics - Observations - Celestial Mechanics - The Solar System - Electricity & Magnetism - Electrostatics - Direct-Current Circuits - Magnetism - Alternating-Current Circuits - Electrodynamics - Mechanics - Motion - Forces - Work and Energy - Momentum - Modern Physics - Relativity - Light Quantization - Matter Waves - Optics and Waves - Oscillations - Waves - Light Waves - Geometric Optics - Interference - Diffraction - Quantum Mechanics - The Wave Function - Schrodinger's Equation - Angular Momentum & Spin - The Hydrogen Atom - Thermodynamics - Ideal Gas - Heat - The Second Law - Thermodynamic Processes Find the app for Android at:
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