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  1. I have been immersing myself in all the posted topics regarding Language Arts for high school on the High School boards and have reviewed the WTM (not 4th edition because I don't own it) as well as my copy of Teaching the Trivium for guidelines about what to do as I plan my oldest DS's 4 yrs of high school. And yes, I've read Ruth's epic post . . . . My head is swimming. Please offer help if you can wade through my post! I'm most thankful for anyone to jump in here and give advice! I hate to be a "needy" mom on here, but I need some shoulders to lean on from those of you who have gone
  2. Yes, I agree -- and I'm hoping by bumping this, she might see it and come back to us :) Also, I'll add my own inquiry. I have a 6th grade avid writer (who, yes, baulks at times to "engineering writing assignments," but who nevertheless is a diligent writer as well as a creative one) has completed IEW's SWI-A plus the followup Geo-Based, KG SC for El., MCT's Island & Town, and has faithfully worked through the skills in WWE1-4 and part of WWS1. His younger sister is going to feather in some W&R I and II this year with her WWE3/4 work+KG. I'm on the fence as to whether to place th
  3. We are RS devotees. :) But I am also willing to recognize the value of other programs like MEP, BA, Hands on Equations, etc, as supplements to the very solid grounding that RS provides children. For my oldest, BA didn't exist when he was going through RS C and D. But during RS D year, I feathered in HoE and MEP to slow down his pace and undergird him with having several other presentations of math challenges. It worked like a charm. We did level E and then moved to Art of Problem Solving Pre-A feathered with another round of MEP and that was great. He's still mid-AoPS/MEP7 right now.
  4. thank you. reading through those two threads was really helpful. i had searched and couldn't find anyone who had asked a question similar to mine, but i figured it was likely someone had :)
  5. teaching the classics is a great course for parents to use for open ended socratic discussion with children about literature. IEW sells it on their site as well
  6. adding my $.02 FWIW i've read on the RFWP forums about other moms who skip voyage and do a hybrid. we just finished our second yr of MCT, having done the complete package for both levels except we didn't do poetry for town. i am straddling DS1 being extremely GT/linguistic and DD2 being just barely GT (although i definitely think MCT has helped her be even more so than if she hadn't been working in MCT). So i don't want to push her too hard by letting him set the pace. i've previously heard moms say that skipping from Town to the following combo could work well. ML+CEII+Poetry&H
  7. just following along, and hoping to give you a bump, too. appreciate all the posts so far
  8. can anyone speak to how these two writing programs worked out in their homes? i'm specifically interested in anyone who has used WWE plus IEW as a foundation and whose child is still young enough (4th/5th grade) to really benefit from an entirely different approach such as the progymnasmata offers.
  9. is the approach of LL the same as FF and SF? somewhere i remember someone making a comparison of whether certain Latin programs approached things for more of a grammatical standpoint or more from a translational standpoint, beyond just the parts-to-whole and whole-to-parts paradigm. the reason i ask is because i'm currently on the fence about whether to do FF, LL1 or visual latin. i have a list of pros and cons for each. i'm interested in you transitioning from LL to the FF (or Third Form as it were) since i think that would be a better fit for my younger child of the two who will be do
  10. there are several on rainbow resources site here : http://www.rainbowresource.com/prodlist.php?subject=7&category=1818 also, we have one written by Ellen Hajek called Diagramming the key to understanding grammar. simple and usable enough -- but i think it's OOP, so you'll have to get it used someplace.
  11. I thought I'd throw in what we did. When DS was 9.5, he finished up RS-E, about 1/2 way through 4thgrade. So we transitioned to using a combination of things -- a) 2 days a week we used Hands On Equations. he completed the verbal word problems and used the 3 levels of the ipad apps, over the course of about 6 months. b) 2 days a week he worked in MEP. I used both MEP yr 4 for a while and MEP yr 7 (it's a review year or something to that effect and doesn't require the same kind of teaching time that the lower grades of MEP require). i just set a timer for him and he worked a bit in each
  12. just wanted to say thank you all for the helpful discussion thread. i logged on tonight to see if i could figure out what in the world to do about DS10 struggling so much with chapter 2 in Aops Pre-Alg. sooo thankful that i have some new ideas for tomorrow's lessons :) glad to not be alone. most of all, i'm glad he'll feel encouraged that *he* is not the only one struggling
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