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  1. Greetings everyone! We are excited to roll out a new feature on our website! Have you ever wanted to send your family The Story of the World, but don't want to buy it and ship it there yourself? Have you ever wanted to surprise a homeschooling friend with a new textbook they didn't even know was out yet? With the new gifting feature on, you can do just that! But, of course, the real question when asking about gifts is: what kinds of gifts would you like to get? A coffee mug? A hat? A widget? A lump of coal? A fancy kilt? Tell us what kind of gift you would most like to receive from the Well-Trained Mind store! Vote below in the pool and be entered to win a brand-new gift from us: the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Companion Reader bundle! Vote for as many products as you like and comment to let us know you voted!
  2. It's nice to receive such a warm welcome. I do reserve the right to troll those who walk over my bridge, however.
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