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What's with the ads?


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  1. Blorp! Blorp! Blorp!

  2. WTF is this? Lalalalalaaaaa

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    2. radiobrain


      where did this show up for you to comment? LOL


    3. melmichigan


      It shows up on the side of the main screen or if you click on recent status updates.

    4. Juniper


      To funny! This could get me in a lot of trouble. Does anyone know if status updates are moderated?

  3. I just saw this in your sig ...

    Prisencolinensinainciusol Oll Raight!!


    That is such an awesome song. Just wanted you to know that. Rare to find anyone who knws it, much less here. :)

  4. Happy new year to you as well!


    My husband is not here to make sure my Italian is correct, LOL. So, I had to go with my sad, sad English. :)


    Tanti auguri? Buon Natale? Ugh... so embarrassing.

  5. I still don't get it, as you can see, someone else thought of you as well. I think it is goofy and if that is something that some people think is a good use of their time.... I also totally misunderstood what you were supposed to do. As it is STUPID. Anyway, hope all is well in your little corner of the world. :)

  6. I enjoy a random smiley. Gratzie mille!

  7. I swear, i need a like button for all your posts!

  8. Hello! From Korin in Cincinnati!

  9. Hope today went well! umm... sorry! Wrong week! next week! :)

  10. YAY I finally have a friend! :)

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