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  1. Anti-snoring mouthpieces, called knowing too mandibular advancement devices in recent years have become a popular relief for snorers. These devices are usually designed by dentists so that the nozzle fits exactly. Studies have shown that such a nozzle is only effective in 51% of the cases when it comes to sleep apnea patients. However, if the cause of your snoring is not slaapapnue, then an anti-snoring mouth site well worth considering. How does an anti-snoring mouthpiece Anti-snoring mouthpieces help prevent a blockage of the airway by stabilizing the jaw and pushing the tongue down. If the jaw is pushed a little to the front than the airways to be opened which causes the soft palate remains in place. The nozzle also ensures that the tongue does not roll to the back of the mouth, which can cause snoring. Side Effects When doctors talk about side effects of anti-snoring mouthpieces there are really no serious complications. The first weeks the patient will experience some mild discomfort. The mouth can produce extra saliva but will leave this discomfort after a while. There are also advised to regularly go to the dentist to make sure the nozzle will not damage the teeth. Anti-snoring mouthpiece currently on the market Moustache Mate - works in 80% of allevgevallen is recommended by dentists since 1999. Free mustache - they claim to be the original patented anti-snoring mouthpiece. SnoreMeds - known from the commercials on TV. This nozzle claims to work in 85% of the cases. Zquiet - 90% of all users of Zquiet is satisfied. Pure Sleep - one of the best-selling mouthpieces worldwide. Top 4 Review Sites for Best Anti-Snoring Devices visit :
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