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  1. This is the only place I could think of to get REAL answers for my problem... We have used Sonlight and or Mystery of History almost all the way through our Homeschooling career. Lit based or spine programs...We have used some workbook things and even have experience with SOS (for HS Health) and Teaching Textbooks for Math. So, now that we are HERE - 12th grade (AH!) MOH doesn't have the 4th book out and we don't want to use Sonlight as it's too Lit. intense for that Core. We JUST want to get the credit for Am Gov & Econ and be done (KWIM?). My son is headed into the Military as a Firefighter so just needs the info and the credits. I have looked at SOS's 1 year program and Notgrass 1/2 semester each, Amanda Benett's Unit Study on Gov....and a few other things like Economics in a Box. Is there ANYTHING else out there I should check out before making my final decision? I would love something more Video driven or on the computer, but doesn't have to be, of course. HELP! ;)
  2. We are moving to that area in a few months- interested in getting info from someone in the area. Please e-mail me directly: probablytracy at ymail dot com Thanks!
  3. Just stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas! :)

  4. what we have used of Spanish-Rosetta Stone. Plan on going more into in the next 2 years. Also did "Hey, Andrew Teach Me Some Greek!" Loved it!
  5. She is awesome and something for us all to keep our minds on...instead on impending move and selling!!!
  6. My kids used them all but the 1/2's. Not for spelling though! We used Spelling Workout....now just words from their readers and ones they mispell!
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