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  1. :001_smile: I have received a phone call for my friend in Corpus Christi! Paul from Bayshore Bible Church in Corpus Christi answered an email that I sent out last night at midnight! He lives about 1 mile from where my friend is moving and is currently making last minute phone calls to his friends and church family to help. Thank you so much. It will be such a blessing to Karylene and Randy to have someone welcome them to Corpus Christi with such a great gesture of service. This road trip across the country has been long and hard. They had no help, left late, and 2 flat tires! I am so happy to
  2. Susan will be speaking in Houston, June 2011. For more information visit http://www.sethsa.org/conferences.htm
  3. Wow! The 2011 conference season begins in 5 weeks for us. Susan Bauer, Jessie Wise, and Peter Enns are featured speaker at the MidSouth (Memphis) Homeschool Convention on March 3-5. I know that it has snuck up on me. I wanted to send out a reminder to “all†of you to get registered and finish up with those final travel arrangements if you haven’t done so all ready. As Susan has been discussing with yaâ€ll, she will be presenting some new workshops in 2011. For more information about the first convention of the 2011 season in Memphis, please visit the convention website http://
  4. I would love to attend the NE conference, but I am no longer homeschooling as of 2 weeks ago after homeschooling my 2 dc for 11+ yrs. I'm sad that this wasn't available when I did homeschool. But TWTM just came out when I began homeschooling along with TWTM boards, and I am EXTREMELY greatful for those resources all these years.


    Keep up the good work!




  5. I know this is going to be hard to believe because you have seen how large this convention has been in the past, however, the convention is actually going to be larger. The entire facility has been rented so that there will be more vendors and much bigger isles! I can't wait to see it. I was already stunned by the size last year. I think these convention managers saw the problem and solved it!
  6. I'm currently at work on conferences in the west. If all goes well Susan, Jessie and Jim Weiss will be holding a small conference your way. I wish I could give you more details, but no details have been completed yet. I'm working on it!
  7. You will not be disappointed. These conventions offer it all! Homeschooling is the focus.
  8. I can tell you Susan will not be in Atlanta in 2011. She was recently there in Feb. 2010.
  9. Yes, Susan is speaking in Greenville. She is a featured speaker. Jessie is speaking too!
  10. The 2010 conference season is over for Susan, Jessie and me. This is generally the time of year that I am exhausted from traveling, but still have to pursue avenues for next year’s conferences. This year, however, I am excited to announce to you (WTM followers) a fantastic 2011 conference season. There are four (4) "Great Homeschool Conventions" in 2011 that WTM readers may wish to make a note of as they prominently feature Susan Wise Bauer. You can find out more about these regional conventions by following the "Speaking Engagements" menu button found on the http:www.WellTrainedMind
  11. Welcome to 40! It is GREAT! Lost Women of the Bible, by Carolyn Custis James
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